Mayans MC 1x06 "Gato/Mis" Review

Mayans MC 1x06 "Gato/Mis" Review

Last episode left a lot to be desired for me. The final scene made me so angry that it distorted my entire recollection of the episode. This episode, everything is a bit more back on track. I’m still not pleased with Miguel and Emily and their relationship. Those characters will continue to be tainted for me. Domestic abuse isn’t sexy.  



Episode 6 starts with Angel, Coco, and EZ on their way to meet with Adelita to deliver money to Los Olvidados. After last week’s episode, Angel is more determined than ever to know more of the grand plan than what Adelita gives him on a need-to-know basis. I can’t say that I don’t agree with him. If Angel is going to constantly be risking not only his life, but the MC’s as well, he’s going to need a bit more information from Adelita. She starts with her name; it’s actually Luisa Espina. Also? The rebels have larger numbers than they let on. Not hundreds, but thousands. Holy hell. What did you get yourself into, Angel?

Felipe and Jimenez share an emotional morning of drinking and reminiscing. Jimenez (who is a federal agent) had taken some time off and showed up on Felipe’s doorstep. He’s completely distraught over Felipe’s threat of harming his family. They delve a bit further into Felipe’s past. The photos from the last episode were very much real and were very much a part of his life that he was trying to leave behind in order to start a family with his wife, who was pregnant with their first child (and the love of my life) Angel. Making any threats between the two of them were wrong and that’s something they agree on.  

Jimenez’s bosses are being pressured by the US District Attorney for more information on the Galindo cartel. He’s feeling the pressure, so that’s why he’s putting more pressure on EZ and that’s why Felipe’s telling him to back off a bit.  

Meanwhile, Emily is becoming more engrossed in her husband’ Dita isn’t so thrilled about this. She didn’t want this life for Miguel, so why would she want her daughter-in-law to be involved too? There is finally movement on the return of Cristobal. Adelita actually contacts Miguel and says they can have him back for 7 million pesos in cryptocurrency. I guess that’s one good thing of having posted Adelita’s face all around the Mexican towns surrounding the border. Pressure to give in or just really do anything. We know Emily is desperate for her son back. Miguel is just as desperate. As soon as they know where to meet Adelita and have Cristobal back, the cartel will slaughter every single person involved.  

Los Olvidados, however, have a plan. It’s briefly mentioned in the first scene of the episode, actually. Every tiny detail is planned and it has me on the edge of my seat waiting for something to happen. Galindo’s little mole in the Los Olvidados operation has to be the most obvious undercover person. Perhaps it is because he is a child, but I was just waiting for someone to catch on and I’m surprised something didn’t happen sooner. Coordinates are placed in plain view of the child, who relays the location to the cartel. Turns out, it was a trap for that mole. Los Olvidados take no prisoners. They will do anything in order to take down the Galindo cartel and that includes murdering a child. In fact, they have another child push that child off a roof and into broken glass windows. Absolutely brutal.  

Miguel is very briefly reunited with his baby boy and after a few moments, is arrested on the Mexican side of the border. His son is taken away from him again. Actually makes me feel just a small bit for him. After his actions at the end of the last episode, he was firmly at the very bottom of my character preference list. Him and Emily.  

EZ and Leticia.jpg

Coco’s darling daughter, Leticia, makes a reappearance at the Mayans junkyard. Last time we saw her, she was hitchhiking away from Coco and her grandmother, promising to give the driver sexual favors. Coco was chasing after her. Since Coco has club business to attend to, EZ takes it upon himself to babysit. He discovers Coco’s daughter is bruised and she has a dead body in the trunk of a car; the very man she hitched a ride with. The plan is to make it seem like someone tried to jack the driver and to rid all traces of Leticia ever being with him. She offers EZ a chance to fuck her if he wants, but he makes it clear that he just wants to help her. Thank god. He doesn’t need any more crazy on his plate.  

We are treated to another flashback! It feels a bit randomly placed in the episode, if I’m being honest, but I’ll always accept more flashbacks! The memory is triggered by a Wildcats sticker on a car window. It goes back to the day EZ found his mother’s body in his family’s butcher shop. He’d seen a car with a Wildcats sticker in its back window making a getaway.  

Anyways, part of the plan is to put the dead guy back in his truck. When EZ goes to move the truck, since it’s broad daylight and people would notice two people moving a dead body, he is stopped by two men who know that that truck doesn’t belong to him. They believe he’s stealing it and a fight ensues. EZ manages to knock one guy out, but Leticia sneaks up on the second and stabs him in the back with a screwdriver. She just does it as if that’s something she does every day! If she’s anything like her father, she’s probably just a bit unhinged. She’s a marvel wrapped in a mystery and she can only be there to cause trouble for the club, including EZ and her own father, Coco.  

Bishop believes Coco could be the rat, so he’s going to obviously keep him close to keep an eye on him. It’s understandable, but we know that Coco isn’t the real rat. It’s Angel. Coco knows the bare minimum and I’m just wondering how long it’s going to take for the rest of the club to find out about Angel and his relationship with Adelita and Los Olvidados.  

A car chase ensues once a police cruiser spots EZ in the car Leticia arrived in. (Leticia is riding behind the car on the back of Angel’s motorcycle.) Turns out, the girl stole the car from her grandmother, so the cops have been looking for that car. This leads into another flashback for our dear EZ. EZ was after the man that killed his mother. He chases a car and causes a small collision. Back to the present, the chase gets a bit more complicated when another cruiser joins the chase. EZ ditches the car in a field and fills it water to destroy any evidence left behind and he just runs and hides.  

The end of this episode shows us that these people would do absolutely anything for the people they care about. Miguel will go to the ends of the earth for his son. Adelita and the rebels will protect what and who is theirs. EZ and Angel will help, not only each other, but also help out the loose canon of a daughter of their friend and “brother”. While Jimenez and Felipe are at odds, they are still family and Felipe will look out for him. These bonds they show us are strong and that was always one thing I did enjoy seeing from a Kurt Sutter-produced show.  

lincoln potter.jpeg

The biggest reveal of the episode was the return of Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon). For those familiar with Son of Anarchy, you’ll remember ADA Lincoln Potter. He was one of the show’s most morally grey characters in Season 4. He brought a world of hurt to Juice and it makes me wonder who he’s going to turn upside down in the Mayans MC. The last time we saw him on Sons, he was trying to take down the Galindo Cartel, but two members of the cartel turned out to be undercover CIA agents, forcing him off the case. This character’s return is mysterious, but it opens so many doors. Who else could Kurt Sutter possibly bring back?

Some thoughts:

  • Angel is such a good big brother. EZ immediately calls him to help him out once Leticia stabs one of the witnesses and he does without a question.  

  • Leticia is a compelling character and I’m down for seeing more of her.  

  • I can’t even believe Sutter brought Lincoln Potter back. His character wasn’t even a thought in my mind. Genius. He hasn’t changed a bit.

  • So far two children have been brutally murdered on this show. On both sides of the equation. How many more are going to die before the season ends?  

  • No love triangle action this episode so that’s a major win in my book!

Mayans MC airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on FX.

Sarah’s episode rating: 🐝🐝🐝

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