Mayans MC 1x07 “Cucaracha/K'uruch” Review

Mayans MC 1x07 “Cucaracha/K'uruch” Review

Episode 7 was filled with all kinds of twists and turns that made for some fantastic television! There were several interactions that occurred in this episode that I was pleasantly surprised by and some that I was beyond horrified by. All-in-all it made for a great hour and a half of television. I can narrow it down to two storylines that completely grabbed my attention this episode.  

Adelita: Love of My Life


This was arguably Adelita’s (Carla Baratta) best episode yet! (Or should I say Luisa Espina, since that was revealed as her real name in the last episode? I’ll stick with Adelita for now.) Angel and EZ pick up a freshly smuggled-across-the-border Adelita at the very beginning of the episode. She starts asking the boys about their life growing up; if they have any other siblings or if their father remarried after his wife’s death. You can’t really tell why she’s asking these questions at first. We know she has (had?) an intimate relationship with Angel, so one would think she’s just trying to get to know him better. Angel wanted more open dialogue between them anyway.  

Adelita’s first interesting scene of the episode is when she confronts Felipe Reyes. Angel and EZ dropped her off at their house and Felipe comes home to find Adelita at his table, next to his wife’s urn. In last week’s episode, we learned that Adelita’s father was Felipe’s partner. Her entire family had been murdered by the Galindo Cartel once upon a time. This entire time she had assumed that it was Felipe who had ratted him out. Felipe informs her that he and her father had worked with a priest when they committed heinous acts for the cartel. When he shows her a picture of him, she has a visceral reaction in that she vomits. She knows him. They were together just two episodes ago.


The scene that stole the entire episode for me was when Adelita confronted Miguel. It was a twist I never expected to see. An even bigger twist was what Adelita had planned. This whole time we assumed that Los Olvidados had wanted to bring down the Galindo Cartel, when, in fact, Adelita wanted Galindo to be the only cartel around and to work with rebels to ensure the profits went to the people who really needed it; the everyday people of Mexico. Miguel is thrown by this. The tension between these two sparked a flame. I can’t help it. There was more chemistry between them than there’s been for both Miguel and Emily and EZ and Emily. (Do not be alarmed! I am still wholeheartedly rooting for Angel and Adelita.)

All the videos and acts of rebellion were all to show Miguel how strong Los Olvidados is. Adelita never wanted to take down the Galindo Cartel. If you take down one cartel, another will just pop back up. Adelita and her team of thousands would be the eyes and ears of the Galindo Cartel for a chunk of their profit. Adelita is so freaking smart. I’m in love with her. Every single move she’s made so far has been so calculated and has worked in her favor. She even has the border patrol on her side, if the whole border sting operation is any indication. All just to get Miguel alone so she could proposition him. It’s up to Miguel on whether or not he could work with the people who kidnapped his son just to show they have power. I, for one, think they’d be unstoppable and Miguel would be foolish to turn that away.    

Like Father, Like Daughter

Coco is trying his hardest to be a better father to Leti, but she certainly does not make it easy. She showed up last week with her grandmother’s car (stolen), complete with a dead man inside, whom she killed trying to protect herself. EZ and Angel were trying to help Leti until Coco could get involved. You see, the club (especially Bishop) suspects Coco of being the rat that’s in bed with the rebels, so they are trying to keep him close. Nope! He just has some very complicated family matters that need attending to.  


When he brings Leti back to his mother’s house, there is all kinds of tension between the three of them. The grandmother reported her car stolen to teach Leti a lesson. Coco had previously given money to his mother so she could buy groceries, but what does he find in the refrigerator? Next to nothing and beer. Once Coco leaves, Leti grabs what food she can find and turns to back to her room, but her grandmother has another thing in mind. She tells her not to get used to Coco’s doting attention and that she’d better get back to prostituting, basically. I don’t know about you guys, but Coco’s mother pissed me off. In a fit of teenage hurt and rage, she runs into the bathroom and starts bashing her head against the toilet bowl. She’s trying to beat herself up! That was definitely one of the hardest to watch scenes of the episode.  

The other scene that was pretty brutal to watch? Once Coco saw his bruised and bloodied daughter, Leti informed him that ol’ grandma did it. He ran off to confront her. He busted down the door to her apartment and then into her bedroom. She had previously been taking a bath, when her son interrupted her. He proceeds to beat the crap out of her and then drowns her in her own tub.  This show is no stranger to brutal deaths, but damn! Sons always be killing their mothers. You trying to tell us something, Kurt?

Oh, Potter!

Lincoln Potter is truly back! He’s honestly such an interesting character. I was laughing at nearly everything he said in the meeting room with other officers. If there’s one thing you remember from his time on Sons, it should be that he’s always at least one step ahead. We learn that Jimenez is actually working for him! Anything EZ gives to Jimenez, he delivers forward. Towards the end of the episode, EZ divulges that Miguel had been busted down at the border for heroin laced in baby Cristobal’s blanket. This information is what moves Potter’s task force forward into arresting Miguel and his crew at his home. Miguel had just brought Cristobal home too.  

Just about everything this episode had me experiencing a visceral reaction. We’re into the second half of the season, so we’re starting to see the twists and turns that will lead us into the finale. If the rest of the season is anything like this episode, we’re in for a real treat!  

Some thoughts:

  • Adelita is a queen. It blows my mind how absolutely calculated every single move of theirs was and how it led to something I never even thought of.

  • The scene between Adelita and Miguel was absolutely electric and I hope we get another one soon.

  • I really feel for Leti, but all she’s going to do is put Coco (and possibly Angel and EZ since they’re open to helping her) in even more trouble.

  • I didn’t like Lincoln Potter in Sons of Anarchy, but I actually really do kind of like him. I find him quirky and kind of hilarious.

  • This show is keeping up with the theme of gruesome deaths and I don’t know if I should be impressed by it or not.  

  • I really enjoyed seeing the Galindo family being reunited...before the cops came and arrested them all.

  • Lincoln Potter made sure to point out that Emily wasn’t a Galindo. Is Emily’s marriage to Miguel legit? ARE they actually married? You can call someone your husband/wife these days and not actually be married in a legal sense. Does this mean that Emily can flip on Miguel if she really has to if they AREN’T actually married?

Mayans MC airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on FX.

Sarah’s episode rating: 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

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