Mayans MC 1x08 “Rata/Ch’o” Review

Mayans MC 1x08 “Rata/Ch’o” Review

We are just two episodes away from the end of the season and things are continuing to run at an extremely fast pace. This episode had so much going on! People were making deals and revealing truths. The stakes are much higher for some of our characters than they’ve ever been. Let’s get into it!

The Trials and Tribulations of the Cruz Family

coco (1).jpg

In the last episode, Coco brutally murdered his own mother when his daughter, Leti, informed him that she beat the shit out of her. One thing though: Celia did not even touch her. Celia simply told Leti that her father’s affection wouldn’t always be like this and that she had better get back to her prostituting ways to bring money back into the house. Leti, obviously upset, beat the shit out of herself and ran and told her father. Coco broke down Celia’s door, slapped her around, and finally drowned her in her own bathtub. The episode picks up with Coco and his mother’s body on the floor in Celia’s kitchen. He looked like he was trying to clean up the body, making plans to bury her somewhere.  

That’s how EZ finds him once Leti informs him that Coco isn’t taking her calls and she’s worried that he did something drastic. EZ tells her that of course he did something drastic! It’s Coco and you’re his daughter! He goes to Celia’s apartment and discovers that Coco killed her. They share a cigarette over her body, as Coco gets philosophical. He’s reasoned with himself that Celia is finally at peace. She no longer has to sell her body. He believes he’s freed her. Coco plans to bury her in the desert because she’s always hated the desert and that’s a last “fuck you” from son to mother.  

Coco is called back to the clubhouse for a vote. They make plans to move the body once night falls. EZ stays behind and that’s when Leti makes an appearance. Chucky seems to like to drive her places. There’s a friendship forming there and it’s...cute? I don’t know. Chucky’s endearingly weird. EZ hides Celia’s body and doesn’t let Leti into the apartment. He tells Chucky to take Leti back to the junkyard; that’s where her father went. He just...doesn’t tell her anything about Celia being dead or that Coco killed her. It’s a complete mess.  

My Rat, My Son


Angel. Oh, Angel. My son, Angel Reyes, is followed by rats this episode, almost as if to taunt him. In the last episode, in order to take the heat off Coco (or more importantly, himself), Angel revealed to Bishop that Riz had been working an illegal tunnel, one that is a supposed conflict of interest to the club. He clearly feels guilty for ratting on his “brother”, hence why he’s being spooked by rats following him. I love you, Angel, but you continue to dig yourself deeper and it’s making me question whether or not you will survive the season.  

The club calls its members to Temple for a vote on what to do about Riz and his tunnel. Riz mentions that it isn’t a conflict because he doesn’t see a dime of money from smuggling people out of Mexico. The tunnel is there to help reunite families and he’s doing it out of the goodness of his heart. It’s still a gamble and it’s still a threat to the club, especially with their own tunnel operations with the Galindo cartel, so the club votes to take 10% of the profits, even if it isn’t Riz’s money to give. They also strip Riz of his “Secretary” patch, but he can remain a fully patched member with voting rights. Riz has no choice but to accept this.  

Once outside of the meeting, he storms up to Angel, who had been chatting with Coco and Gilly about Angel’s ratting on Riz, and tells him that Angel should’ve gone to him first before going to Bishop. That would’ve been the respectful thing to do. Coco and Gilly, who had just been just as upset with Angel over this as Riz was, take Angel’s side and said it was actually all three of them that made the decision to go to Bishop.  

There’s a bit of bad blood between Angel and Riz for the rest of the episode until they spar in the boxing ring they have set up in the junkyard. They both give as good as they get and it’s a draw by the end and everyone loves each other again. Honestly, that’s such a good way for these club brothers to blow off steam. I’m always on edge when I see Angel getting beat up, but since this was a pretty fair fight and it ended before anybody got seriously hurt, I’m fine now.  

Everybody Wants a Piece of Galindo


Last episode saw Adelita make a deal with Miguel Galindo, which was the one interaction that set my body on fire because it was such an amazing scene. Sparks of SOME kind were flying. The offer of Los Olvidados’ 2,000 person army is just so tempting to someone like Galindo. It was a tad bit unclear of whether or not Miguel was going to take the deal. By the end of this episode, it was very much clear where Miguel’s allied himself.  

It’s not just Adelita that wants a piece of Miguel. Lincoln Potter does too. In fact, for most of the episode, Potter goes back and forth between Miguel and Emily. He also goes back and forth between trying to make a deal with them and threatening them to get what he wants. He wants to work with Miguel to keep the Galindo cartel in power and will take down Los Olvidados to do so. Potter keeps arguing that Los Olvidados is a threat to Galindo, but he doesn’t know about the deal Adelita proposed to Miguel in that last episode.  

This is some good television, folks. I kept saying that Potter has absolutely no idea who he’s messing with. Lincoln Potter is powerful in his own right. He has the law on his side. He, however, does not have the numbers that Los Olvidados does.  

In the middle of his back and forth with Miguel and Emily, Jimenez makes an appearance because he heard that they have Miguel in for questioning. Jimenez believes that with Miguel in custody, that puts EZ in jeopardy and Jimenez is absolutely done doing that. In the middle of the office, he starts a fight with his boss and Potter. By the end of the verbal dispute, it’s been decided that Jimenez is no longer an agent and will no longer be overseeing EZ. One thing that absolutely pisses me off about Jimenez is that he doesn’t take a second to look around and see who could possibly hear these conversations. You have Miguel and Emily right off the hallway in rooms. It’s made clear that you can hear muffled voices from inside Emily’s room. Either one of them could’ve heard that EZ is the rat. While trying to look out for EZ, he’s just putting him further in harm’s way.  

Papa Bear

Felipe Reyes pays Rodrigo a visit. Previously, Felipe revealed to Adelita that Rodrigo (a man she thought she could trust) was responsible for ratting out her father to the cartel and, consequently, the death of her whole family. Felipe informs Rodrigo that he knows it was him and that Adelita is actually Louisa Espina, and she knows now, too.  

(Rodrigo in turn later goes to Devante to flip Adelita to the cartel. So far, Miguel is the only one to know about the deal Adelita proposed.)

Jimenez also pays Felipe a visit after he storms out of the fed office. He informs him that EZ could be in trouble because Potter could be informing Galindo of the inside guy at this very moment. Felipe calls up EZ and tells him to get home before he gets into any kind of danger. Basically, all the info that EZ’s been gathering against the cartel proves to Miguel that he’s been living under a microscope. EZ’s deal is essentially finished and he would be dead before he even made it into a prison cell. If the club finds out that EZ is the mole, Angel could be killed too because he was the one that brought him into the MC. While Angel knows nothing about this deal, they’re brothers and best friends; it would not be impossible for the club to assume that Angel’s known the whole time. Felipe is beyond distressed at the possibility of losing both his sons.  

EZ later informs Felipe that the club doesn’t know what’s going on. Alvarez paid the club a visit and informed them that Miguel was in for questioning. With EZ’s late arrival to the junkyard and the camera flipping back and forth between the meeting and EZ’s arrival, one would think he’s about to be in serious trouble. You hear the club discussing getting a private room at the casino and the last time they did that, a third party was killed for being a rat. It all leads to EZ being asked to work on Marcus’ motorcycle. The club doesn’t know about EZ and everyone can release the breath they were holding. EZ informs his pop that he’s safe for now and Felipe breaks down. You just really feel for this father. He’s doing everything he can to keep his boy(s) safe and it’s taking its toll, for sure.  

emily (1).jpg

The end of the episode is by far my favorite part of the series so far. I can say the same thing for every episode, I guess, but I definitely mean it each and every time. The final few scenes in any episode is supposed to really draw you in and make you excited for the next episode. With the final scenes of this episode, it has me waiting on the edge of my seat for Tuesday.  

Emily appears to be torn in three different directions this episode. She was arrested because she failed to report the kidnapping of Cristobal, which is a federal crime. If she were to turn on Miguel, the charges would be dropped and she can go home with her son. If she doesn’t, she’d be charged and Child Protective Services would keep Cristobal (and in horrendous conditions if it’s anything like the nasty pictures Potter should her). By the end of the episode, she’s given files on inside information. She discovers that it’s EZ that’s been giving the feds information on the cartel. “What are you doing, EZ?” That certainly is the question.  (At least she found out from Potter and Jimenez’s little spat.)

Potter presents Miguel with the above deal and doesn’t give him much time to sit on it. Potter’s informed Miguel that Emily could be going to jail and Cristobal will be taken away if he doesn’t agree to the terms. Danny Pino does such an excellent job of showing Miguel trying to make a very calculated decision. Obviously, he wants his wife and son out of harm’s way, but he also clearly does not want to take the deal with Potter. Miguel knows what Potter doesn’t; Los Olvidados wants the Galindo Cartel to remain in power as much as Potter does, but for different reasons. The question is though, which reasoning is more noble? Los Olvidados wants to distribute funds made from the cartel back into the poor cities of Mexico, while Galindo can also go legit with his money. Potter wants to use the cartel to further his own career, essentially. He wants to take down the enemies of the cartel.  

By the end of the episode, Miguel and Emily are released and are reunited with Cristobal. Miguel went for the deal with Potter. Emily knows that EZ is the rat, but she doesn’t tell Miguel. Miguel informs Emily that while he may have made the deal with Potter, he’s going to show Potter what it’s like to played. He definitely took Adelita’s deal from the last episode. I absolutely cannot WAIT to see how Potter gets played. It’s going to be intense and I’m already screaming over it in excitement!


In case you forgot, Celia’s body still needs to be buried in the desert. Angel and EZ take it upon themselves to do the dumping. They wrap the body up and Angel’s old friends, the rats, make another appearance and it startles him so much that he ends up dropping Celia and you hear glass shatter. The body smashed a taillight. This causes them to get pulled over, but not to worry! It’s just Frankie, a cop that’s “in the know” with the Mayans MC. However, his partner is new and Angel doesn’t get off on the best foot with him. They end up doing a search of the car because of this and he finds the body in the trunk and our favorite Reyes brothers are arrested.  

This was such an intense episode and it showcased all its characters wonderfully. Most shows don’t do too well with a cast this large, but everything is working and flowing nicely. Each character gets a moment to shine in the spotlight. All the twists and turns include every faction of the story being told. I’m constantly blown away by this story and I can’t believe the end of the season is coming up so fast. Thank goodness they’ve already been renewed for a second season.  

Some thoughts:

  • Angel needs to stop causing trouble. He keeps digging himself in deeper and I’m beyond worried he might not make it out of the season alive.  

  • Rodrigo is a punkass bitch.  

  • Sad that there was zero Adelita this week.

  • Miguel Galindo is the most fascinating character this show has. I did not think I’d be this invested in his character when I first started watching, but Danny Pino is the real gem of this series and I can’t wait to see what Miguel does next, especially to Potter.  


Mayans MC airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on FX.

Sarah’s episode rating: 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

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