Mayans MC 1x05 "Uch/Opossum" Review

Mayans MC 1x05 "Uch/Opossum" Review

In case you haven’t heard yet, Mayans MC has been picked up for a second season! The news was announced several hours before the latest episode aired. We are now 5 episodes into the 10-episode season. Can’t believe the season’s already halfway over!  

I’m the type of viewer who can enjoy the majority of an episode, but my overall feelings are decided by the final few scenes. My thoughts for this episode were completely corroded by that final scene. I was aggressively reminded that this was a Kurt Sutter-produced show. I am disappointed that it went there, but when I remembered the kind of shows Sutter has produced before, I am not surprised. One would probably argue that it’s realistic for that particular lifestyle.

What exactly happened, you ask? It’s the end of the episode and it looks like Miguel and Emily are finally going to communicate, which is something I’ve wanted since the pilot. Just open communication. Tensions run high and Miguel starts slapping Emily around. Emily gives as good as she gets. They pause, staring at each other as they try to catch their breath. Then, they go for it.  They start to have sex. I cannot begin to tell you how completely disappointed I was that they did this.

Actually, I’m going to tell you exactly how disappointed I am because, looking back on the episode, it was more than that final scene I had a problem with.  


Earlier in the episode, Emily is in the hospital as a result of what happened in the last episode. (She got trampled in all the chaos that happened in Santa Madre.) She’s a sight; completely covered in bruises. Miguel is in the waiting room, as any doting and caring husband would be. Well, EZ is there too and is practically beside himself with worry. He rushed to the hospital as soon as he heard Emily had been hurt. With Miguel waiting out front, he sneaks in the back where he can have a secret meeting with Emily. EZ, with his insider knowledge, knows the murder of the nun in the last episode doesn’t sound like something the Los Olvidados would do. They aren’t violent, but Emily vehemently disagrees. They took her son. They are monsters in her eyes. Doesn’t matter that they are trying to take down a major crime organization. (You live in the lap of luxury and want for nothing because you’re husband does illegal shit, Emily.)

While EZ is leaving, the head of Miguel’s security sees him and immediately brings that knowledge to Miguel. Miguel says what we all already know: Emily may not be talking to him, but at least she’s talking to somebody, even if it is the prospect. (Side note: I absolutely loathe love triangles, so this entire set up is very obvious and annoying to me.) This leads to a scene where Miguel confronts EZ about that hospital meeting. I think Miguel and EZ could have been friends in another life. They’re both incredibly intelligent. It just stinks that a macho man standoff is happening between them when there are bigger things at stake here, like baby Cristobal’s life.  

During this meeting of a man warning another man to back off of his wife, Miguel informs EZ of his plans to not only turn the cartel legit, but also boost the economy through real estate development. He purchased hundred of acres of land. Shops, schools, homes, etcetera will be build there to welcome more people. He can bring the cartel out of the drug trade. This is sounding more and more like Jax trying to bring the Sons out of the gun trade, so I’m trying not to get my hopes up for Miguel here. We saw how well that worked out for Jax. (Hint: It didn’t.)


A couple of times this episode we have Angel actually tell EZ to steer clear of Emily, as it would only bring whatever they have going on between the club and rebels more trouble. Not to mention, the fact that EZ has known where Cristobal has been this entire time would hurt Emily beyond words. EZ’s stuck in his feelings though. He’s been using his head so far, but his heart is putting up more and more of a fight. You can see the tension between EZ and Emily getting thicker and thicker.  

Angel walks in on another secret meeting between EZ and Emily, interrupting what looked to be an almost kiss. They’re in the Mayans’ junkyard. Emily surprised EZ in his trailer. Nobody knew she was there. EZ seems to be the only person Emily feels like she can talk to. Emily is in physical and emotional pain and it seems to only be getting worse the more involved she gets with Miguel’s cartel dealings, in regards to finding her son at least.  

Part one of my annoyance with this episode is Emily nearly cheating on her husband. Before the series started, I was all for EZ and Emily. I’ll admit that it was mostly because I thought they’d look good together. However, I can’t support a relationship that is on the cusp of becoming real via cheating. Your spouse could be the scummiest person on Earth, but I will not support a relationship that was birthed from an affair. There is absolutely nothing romantic about it. Up until this episode, it seemed like Miguel and Emily had been pretty happy together. Up until Cristobal had been taken from them and Emily got herself involved in her husband’s dealings, they were a solid family unit.  

Part two of my annoyance with this episode was that final scene that I had touched on earlier. I was so hoping that Miguel and Emily were going to talk and move forward, but Miguel had to come off as a controlling husband and Emily went into the house not wanting to talk to her own husband. Things started off volatile. This is the first instance we’ve seen things get violent between them. Without flashbacks, we won’t know what their relationship was like before this. To have this spousal abuse transition into a sex scene is beyond disturbing. There was absolutely nothing sexy about it. I was feeling bad for Miguel because his wife was about to cheat on him, but then they started getting violent with each other and now I’m annoyed with them both.  

Also, the sex scene was paralleled with EZ hooking up with a random girl, so that was off-putting, especially because the whole world knows how he feels about Emily. If he had been trying to move on from Emily, I’d normally be all supportive. However, I just don’t see the writers having EZ move on from Emily when we’ve barely seen what they could be like together.  


When the episode trailer for this episode came out last week, I was stoked because it looked like it was going to be a huge Angel episode and it’s been tarnished for me because of all the bullshit I’ve mentioned above. I’ll do my best to discuss how Angel had been making the episode worthwhile for me.  

He was just waking up and venturing into his living room, when he saw someone sitting on his couch. Turns out it was just the head of the woman whose family had been selling prescriptions in the last episode. A man named Cole had snuck into Angel’s house to deliver him the head and to make a deal. He wants to be the new recipient of the rebels’ heroin that Angel’s selling on their behalf.  

Cole also wants Angel to smuggle a man that’s on the no-fly list through the tunnels that connect the states with Mexico. While attempting to retrieve the man, Angel and EZ are ambushed by Mexican police. They hold Angel hostage, while EZ tries to scramble $100,000 together as ransom money. EZ calls Coco for help, who figures the best bet would be to go to Adelita. Adelita and Angel have a connection. She’s help him save his brother. Besides, Angel’s the one that put the MC in an alliance with Los Olvidados. Who knows what could happen if that link disappears?  

Adelita reluctantly uses a brick of heroin as collateral and the Mexican policemen let Angel and EZ go, but decide to keep Adelita. Well, Adelita isn’t dumb. She figured something like that would probably occur, so she had members of Los Olvidados conveniently placed around the neighborhood to take the police out. That plan goes off without a hitch and they’re all free and I love a strong, independent woman that is Adelita.  

So to recap, Angel now has a deal with Cole, which allows for Los Olvidados to move their heroin. Everyone gets paid. I just wouldn’t trust Cole as far as I could throw him. (He’s a BIG dude, too.)

Meanwhile, back with the MC, we have Alvarez narrowing down the list of possible traitors, which makes me worry for the love of my life (Angel). He and Bishop also find out that the head of Los Olvidados is Adelita, which increases my worry for the second love of my life. Gosh, Sutter. Stop putting the people I love in danger, please and thank you! While Coco is having his own family troubles, Chucky unknowingly puts him at risk because he mentions that Coco met with a young woman that maybe could’ve been Adelita. (It wasn’t.  It was his daughter.) Come on, Chucky! They look nothing alike!

So basically, everyone’s odds of making it out of this season alive is decreasing. Despite my overall negative feelings towards this episode, I am looking forward to how all the puzzle pieces fit together by the end of this season. I am also beyond excited that Season 1 won’t be the end for this show. Kurt Sutter has a strong relationship with FX, thanks to Sons of Anarchy, so I’m not really surprised that they got renewed.  

Some thoughts:

  • Emily had such a good episode last week, so I’m incredibly disappointed by her this week.

  • While I adore Felipe, his storyline is the least gripping for me.  

  • I hate love triangles.

  • Angel and Adelita are such a force to be reckoned with, honestly. They are king and queen of my heart.  

  • There really is a huge lack of chemistry between EZ and Emily, who are supposedly going to be the main couple. (Everything points in that direction. I am disappointed.)

  • I hate love triangles.

  • I will no longer be as supportive of Miguel as I have been. I can’t support a man who hits his wife. I also can’t be supportive of a wife who hits her husband. Emily dished it right back.  

  • Can’t believe Chucky put Coco in that position. I will be eternally upset if Alvarez puts Coco in danger.  


Mayans MC airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on FX.

Sarah’s episode rating: 🐝🐝

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