Charmed 1x03 “Sweet Tooth” Review

Charmed 1x03 “Sweet Tooth” Review

This has been my absolute favorite episode of the first three without a doubt! The series’ first Halloween episode definitely put me in the mood for the upcoming holiday. I thought everything flowed really well in this episode. There were even some pretty hysterical lines thrown in, too!  

This week’s episode starts with the sisters being chased by a demon. Maggie gets distracted by her cell phone because her sorority sisters are looking for her and Macy seems to freeze up when she’s about to use her powers. Mel, who has been taking their powers the most seriously since the beginning, is prepared to send a powerful vanquishing spell in the demon’s direction when Harry stops the simulation. (Yup!  It was just a test!) If Mel had sent that spell in the demon’s direction, it could’ve hit her sisters as well. Mel isn’t necessarily listening to that. If a spell can vanquish a demon, why shouldn’t she use it?

The three sisters continue to work through their own things, while also trying to learn to control their powers. Maggie, trying to get in her sorority sisters’ good graces, hosts a Halloween party at the house. Naturally, she doesn’t tell her sisters, but everyone is invited! To get the house into a festive mood, she casts some glamours. Honestly, the finished product is fantastic and I would 10/10 party at that house. The only downside is that Maggie’s using her powers for personal gain, which is a big no-no! There are consequences.  


Macy and Galvin are getting closer, so naturally Macy starts to freak out and distance herself. She’s new to the area and she works with Galvin, so I can see her reasoning if something between them were to not work out, but sometimes it’s worth taking a shot! Turns out, she’s been putting all this pressure on herself because she’s never actually been in a relationship before. She’s always put her schooling and then her job first and you know what? That’s perfectly fine! Go at your own pace, girl! There’s absolutely no rush and to hell with anyone that wants you to do something you’re not ready to do!  

Mel is having her own troubles. She and Harry butt heads a lot because she’s been using her magic an unnecessary amount. She’ll freeze time whenever it suits her curiosities. At one point, she freezes time when she’s having a conversation with Niko because she knows she can’t tell her the truth. Instead, she tells her the truth when time is frozen and lies to Niko’s face when time resumes. I can definitely see how that might help Mel feel a little bit better, but Harry is a stickler for the rules and isn’t happy about it.   

Last week’s episode ended with the reveal of Angela Wu waking up from her coma. From the get-go, it’s suspicious and that’s mostly because of Harry’s voice-over during that scene. The news of her waking up has spread across campus and Mel is the first sister to reach out. It strikes me as odd that someone who has just woken up from a coma due to traumatic circumstances is back to walking around campus so soon and by herself. I guess that’s just the demon in her. Oh yes. The demon lives off of virgins, so naturally that’s all who starts to go missing around campus.  


It all comes to a head at the Halloween party. Angela shows up in her demon form because she’s on the hunt for virgins. Mel mentions that she loves her costume and Angela says that it felt natural. (I might’ve actually cried.)  The sisters find out that the harbinger feeds off of virgins and that they must seal off the house to protect everyone inside, but they CAN’T because the demon is already in there. To lure the harbinger out, Macy decides to turn herself into bait. She’s a 28-year-old virgin and my current hero. The demon comes out of the house at the smell of her blood. Macy doesn’t freeze when confronted with evil. Maggie isn’t distracted by her sorority sisters. Mel...actually does end up using the powerful vanquishing spell and nearly kills Macy because she didn’t listen to Harry.  

It’s well known that Mel doesn’t like Harry. He’s telling her (and her sisters) to hide who they truly are. Mel is an out and proud lesbian. She has never once had to hide who she was because of the support system she’s had in her family. Harry is telling her to do the opposite and Mel just can’t see herself doing that, even if it could put herself (and all the people she cares about) in harm’s way. Harry used to protect another witch, once upon a time. That witch wasn’t so secretive and it ended up costing her her life. Harry is being overbearing and Mel is being stubborn. They both care too much and, to be honest, I see them kind of being really similar in that regard. I truly admire Mel so much and I admire Harry for having lost a charge and taking steps to from the lessons he’s learned to help others.  

At the end of the episode, Harry has chained the harbinger/Angela Wu hybrid in the attic of the house. Together, they’ll find out if they can save Angela and rid the demon from her body.    


I truly love Halloween episodes of almost any show. I was taking utter delight in the fact that Charmed had a very appropriate holiday episode. Maggie had this gorgeous butterfly princess dress. Mel was a very out and proud witch with her kitty girlfriend, Niko. Macy was an actual goddess. Their bonds are getting stronger. You can definitely see Maggie and Macy’s relationship is progressing. Macy and Mel are really similar to each other. They all have people they care about and will hopefully one day tell them their big secret. Nobody wants to hide a big secret like this in a relationship.  

It finally seems as if the show is finding its footing. The dialogue can still be a bit cheesy at times, but the original Charmed certainly never ran out of cheesy dialogue either. The sisters are bonding and the story is blending nicely. It is just so much fun watching this show every week. Who doesn’t love witchy sisters, their uptight guardian, and their demon of the week?  

Some thoughts:

  • Harry needs to not be so nosy. I like Harry, but he’s driving me up a wall with how much he’s on their cases about their magic usage.  

  • Mel and Harry could be such fantastic friends if they’d just communicate better and LISTEN to each other.

  • My heart hurts for Mel because she has to hide a huge part of herself for the first time in her life.  

  • Can we please get rid of the sorority storyline? Unless the sorority ends up being a big bad by the end of the season, I don’t see why it should take up this much time. It’s not a flattering aspect of Maggie’s life. It makes her seem a bit shallow, when she actually has so much heart.  

  • Mel to Harry, “Please do not take credit for my ideas, white man.” PRETTY SURE THE WHOLE NEIGHBORHOOD HEARD ME LAUGHING.

  • Macy is an actual goddess, so good job with actually making that canon.  

Charmed airs Sundays at 9/8c on The CW.

Sarah’s episode rating: 🐝🐝🐝🐝

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