10 Burning Questions for Season 2 of 'Black Lightning'

10 Burning Questions for Season 2 of 'Black Lightning'

Now that the return of the CW’s Black Lightning is officially only four days away, I thought that it would be as good a time as any to share with you all my top 10 questions that I hope Season 2 will answer. Read on below and then share the unanswered questions you might have about the show in the comments!

1. What exactly is the ASA?

Towards the end of the season, we learn that Gambi initially found his way to Freeland because he was searching for enhanced children but has a change of heart. The ASA continued to operate and, thanks to an increase in the number of enhanced individuals in the city now, they are becoming a dangerous force. Will we learn more about this organization this season? With Proctor (Greg Henry) dead, will a new leader be introduced?

2. What is in the briefcase?

Speaking of ASA: Tobias Whale (Marvin ‘Krondon’ Jones III) ends the season with an ASA briefcase in his hands, opened with Proctor’s severed hand. We aren’t given an actual look inside the briefcase, but we do see a strange green light emanating from within. Is this substance what gives Tobias his strength and healing abilities? Is it the active ingredient in Green Light (the latest new drug on the street)? Is it a new weapon created for Black Lightning?

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3. Will Lala return?

After being brutally murdered in his jail cell by Tobias towards the beginning of Season 1, Lala (William Catlett) is mysteriously resurrected and seems to have the ability to commune with the dead — or at least his own murder victims. Just as Lala is getting ready to make a move on Tobias, however, we discover that the main man in charge holds some kind of control over him and Lala is forced to act as a bomb on Tobias’ orders. Will he be able to return again? What allowed him to return the first time? Is there a way for Lala to be freed from Tobias’ control?

4. What happened to Grace Choi?

We spend a few episodes getting to know a bit about her early on in the season and there’s a clear flirtation developing between Grace (Chantel Thuy) and Anissa (Nafessa Williams), but as the season delves more into the return of Black Lightning and the rise of Thunder, we lose sight of Grace (which makes sense). Now that Anissa feels a bit more settled as a superhero though, will we see a return of Grace? Will we learn more about her own origins? Will she have some of the same abilities as her comic book counterpart? Why is she in Freeland in the first place?

5. Are all the secrets on the table?

When Season 1 ends, we see the Pierce family (plus Gambi) together in their safe house enjoying a meal together. Now that all of the secrets are apparently out in the open regarding powers and past lives, what can we expect from the family unit moving forward? It seems likely that Gambi hasn’t revealed all he knows about ASA, so is it possible that he could still be swayed to the dark side? Will Anissa be more open about her superhero exploits? Will Jefferson be more open about his quest for revenge against Tobias (something only Gambi knows about at this point)?


6. Will Lightning strike?

Now that Jennifer (China McClain) has come into her powers and has seen that they can be used for good — and even flexed them a bit in the finale — I can’t help but wonder if her desire to be “normal” will fall to the wayside or if that will remain a conflict for her throughout Season 2. Will Gambi be making another special suit soon? Will she perhaps look for ways to rid herself of her powers? Will she use them to help Khalil?

7. Speaking of Khalil (Jordan Calloway), what’s going to happen to him?

Now that Calloway has been promoted to series regular, it’s time to delve into the meatier aspects of his character. Khalil seems to be an adaptation of the Black Lightning comic villain “Painkiller”; will we see more of those comic powers develop? Will Khalil continue his quest for revenge against Black Lightning? Is it possible that his feelings for Jennifer could help him or will he see them as a hindrance and do anything to remove them? Will he continue to work for Tobias or strike out on his own?

8. Will Jefferson ever avenge his father?

A large part of Jefferson’s Season 1 arc was getting revenge against Tobias Whale for his father’s murder. It seemed as if we were building up to a showdown in the finale episode but alas, that did not to come to pass. Now that it seems like all other concerns have been dealt with, will Jefferson continue his quest for vengeance? Does he still believe murdering Tobias is the only way to set things right?


9. How long will they stay in hiding?

After the attack on his family in the finale, Jefferson and Gambi take them to his childhood home, still owned but registered under another’s name. Will we enter the season with the Pierces still in hiding? How will this affect Jefferson’s already tenuous position as principal? Will Lynn be able to continue her work? What will living in much tighter quarters do to the family dynamic?

10. Will a spark become a flame?

Lynn and Jefferson are clearly not done with each other just yet, sharing several moments with one another during this season that tell us that the love they have for one another is not just platonic, but will they be able to overcome their different stances and get back together? Is Lynn right about the powers/drug addiction theory? Now that Jennifer and Anissa are also super-powered (and Anissa is a hero in her own right) will that change how she thinks about what Jefferson does? Is Jefferson able to put down the mantle for good if it means coming back to Lynn?

As you can see, I have a few things that I’d love to see addressed this season. With Black Lightning returning Tuesday, October 9 at 9/8c on the CW, I hope that I can expect answers to at least two or three of these questions. Thanks for reading and see you all next week!

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