7 Burning Questions for Season 5 of 'The Flash'

7 Burning Questions for Season 5 of 'The Flash'

Barry Allen may be the fastest man alive, but he’s definitely not fast enough to outrun my curiosity. The Flash returns for its fifth season next week, and the Season 4 finale left us with a lot of questions I’d love to see answered. Without further ado — let’s get to it!

1. Why is Nora West-Allen?

It was pretty obvious from her initial introduction that the mysterious girl (played by Jessica Parker Kennedy) who kept showing up in odd places was likely to be Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris’ (Candice Patton) daughter. The real questions I have regarding her appearance are essentially the “whys”. With Barry as her father, it seems unlikely Nora has never been taught the dangers of time travelling, so why would she risk coming to the past? More — why would she run back so far into the past? What is the “big mistake” that she made? Why didn’t she simply return to the future after helping Barry defeat DeVoe?

2. Are the Tornado Twins a thing?

In the comics, Barry and Iris actually have fraternal twins, Dawn and Don who go by the superhero alias “The Tornado Twins.” Nora has arrived in the future alone and her name’s been changed, so is she perhaps an older or younger sibling? Is the CW taking liberties and simply not going with the twin route (which seems unlikely given that after Barry’s return from the Speed Force he clearly mentions needing more diapers)? Did Nora’s time travel erase her twin (like Flashpoint resulted in Cisco’s brother dying) or did her time travel create the twin? Maybe her middle name is Dawn?


3. Which Wells is Next?

Each season we are treated to a new version of Harry Wells (Tom Cavanaugh) and now that Earth 2’s Wells has unfortunately lost his genius level IQ and returned home we don’t know what to expect of this season’s Wells. Will Earth 2 Wells return to us — having found a way to return his intelligence? Will he be ally or villain? When will he show up? How will the team react to him, considering Earth 2 Wells was the one they were more familiar with? Will he be serious or ridiculous?

4. Is Jenna Marie West a meta human?

In the explosion that gave Wally West (Keinyan Londsdale) and Jesse Quick (Violett Beane) their superspeed, we saw a bit of the Speed Force brush over Wells, Joe West (Jessie L. Martin), Iris and Dr. Henry Allen (John Wesley Shipp). A few seasons later, Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) and Joe are expecting a child. During her pregnancy, Cecile becomes telepathic, something the others believe will pass after the baby is born, but is that what happened?  Was Cecile telepathic because Jenna is? Will Jenna’s possible powers appear immediately, or will they be latent? Will Cecile remain telepathic — perhaps she was affected by the particle accelerator explosion and the pregnancy was the trigger for her powers?

5. How bad is the new Big Bad?

Cicada (Chris Klein) is one of The Flash’s comic classic villains and is a leader of a cult dedicated to murdering every person that the Flash has ever saved and absorbing their life force. He is obsessed with bringing his dead wife back to life and believes that he and the Flash share a special connection. Will his motivations be the same in the show? Nora hints that Team Flash should have already beaten him — why haven’t they? Will the Cicada use his powers against a member of Team Flash (can we expect to lose someone permanently)?

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6. Caitlin and Killer Frost — how?

Caitlin has spent the last few seasons coping with the realization that she has an entirely different persona sharing her body and learning how to control it and so far, she’s been successful. However, in Season 4, it’s revealed that Caitlin has had her meta abilities since childhood, making her the only meta we know of to be born with powers (outside of Nora West Allen and possibly Jenna West — both born after the explosion). Was Caitlin somehow born to a metahuman? Were her powers created? Is that why her mother was able to help her control them? Were her powers simply latent and appeared as she aged? Did her mother always have her powers concealed?

7. Wally West — Gone Forever?

After the announcement that Keiynan Lonsdale will not be returning as a series regular to The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow, that leaves us all wondering if we can expect to see Kid Flash again. What will Wally be doing if he’s not with the Legends? Can we expect to see semi-regular appearances from him on The Flash? Will he be around as a big brother? Will he return for the big showdowns?

Fingers crossed that these and other questions will be answered during Season 5 of The Flash, premiering Tuesday, October 9 at 8/7c on the CW. I’m incredibly excited to see what this season holds for the show and its characters!

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