Mayans MC 1x09 “Serpiente/Chikchan” Review

Mayans MC 1x09 “Serpiente/Chikchan” Review

Holy cow! What an episode! Everything that I had been waiting for happened in this episode and I can’t believe we still have one more to go before the season ends. There were three things I was hoping to see by the end of this season, especially after episode 7, and this episode delivered!  

My Angel, I Will Protect You

This was one hell of an episode for Angel. His emotions were certainly put through the ringer and all I wanted to do was reach through the screen and give him all the hugs. Clayton Cardenas certainly excelled in this episode. The episode kicks off with our Reyes boys in jail because the cops found Celia’s body in the trunk of the car they were driving. Lincoln Potter introduces himself to the boys, gives away EZ’s informant identity to Angel, and then tells them they’re free to go, but they now both have to be his informants. The betrayal is so real in Angel’s eyes. Angel drives them to an empty lot where he allows himself to work out his agressions with and on EZ. I don’t approve of violence, but that’s the world the show is in. EZ put his brother in an unbelievable amount of danger. If the club finds out, they’re both as good as being six feet under.

After kicking the crap out of EZ, Angel makes his way to his father’s house to confront him. Felipe knew all along and did everything he could to protect EZ in all this. Angel is also feeling pretty betrayed by his father as well. This is an excellent example of when parents “choose” a child over another. Felipe always went above and beyond for EZ because EZ was going places. Papa Reyes told Angel that he already chose the MC life, but EZ was destined for another life. Sometimes you just have to play the hand you’re dealt and this life was the hand that was dealt to Angel. I was near tears watching Angel be this upset. It’s so heartbreaking to see the effects of what happens when a parent favors one child over another. Angel always knew it, but to see it so predominantly displayed like that was tear-inducing. Felipe was definitely regretting everything because, despite what it appears, Felipe loves both his boys. He did not mean to hurt Angel like this. He didn’t tell him about EZ to protect both of them.

reyes brothers.jpg

Regardless of all of this, Angel remains loyal to his family. He loves his club, but he loves his family more and he won’t do anything to jeopardize either of them. Angel’s hurting so much and he can’t seem to find a proper outlet. He flees across the border, in hopes of finding Adelita, but she’s nowhere to be found. The land where Los Olvidado’s camp was is completely empty. So Angel’s family betrayed him and the woman he likes is MIA. He’s looking pretty rough right about now, and when he informs Coco and Gilly about this, they’re called away to a pretty important meeting for the club.

Where is Adelita, you may ask? She went to meet the priest, Rodrigo. He called upon her and she answered. In the last episode, Rodrigo went to Galindo’s men to turn on Adelita and ensure she was possibly killed and he’d get away with having her entire family killed. When she arrived at his office, Galindo’s men weren’t far behind and they whisk her away.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned though, it’s that Los Olvidados are always ten steps ahead. After Adelita is taken, it’s not long before the rebels find their way into Rodrigo’s office and start filling his computer with child pornography and then fake his suicide by strangling him and then hanging him from his ceiling. No love lost there. Good riddance, I say!  

Casino Royale


Miguel Galindo and his family are home together after having been taken into police custody. The feds completely ransacked their huge home and everything is in disarray. Miguel tells Devante to sweep the whole house to check if there’s any listening devices the feds may have planted. Emily has taken to reorganizing papers that have been strewn about in Miguel’s office. Among Miguel’s father’s papers, there are health records belonging to his deceased brother, the original Cristobal. As you’ll remember, Dita and Devante told Miguel that a rival cartel kidnapped Cristobal. Those health records suggest otherwise; he died of pneumonia. They also suggest that Devante and his own mother lied to him. Miguel isn’t a very forgiving man.  

Miguel informs Devante of both the deals he’s received recently and Devante urges him to get rid of Los Olvidados and just work with Potter. Well, Miguel’s father worked with the feds and that put him in an early grave. Miguel is smart and won’t be fooled so easily.  

My favorite part of the episode is everything and everyone coming together at the end at the casino. The Mayans are shown to a room that Galindo and his people are occupying. According to Devante, the meeting is to show the Mayans that the arrests will not hold back their business. Miguel has something different — and amazing — in mind.  

casino royale.jpg

Let me set the scene. The Mayans are spread out over the room, with Miguel pointedly informing Devante that he will not be sitting next to him and to sit across from him. Marcus Alvarez is on one of his sides when Miguel informs the club of his new partnership...with Louisa Espina (Adelita)! Angel (looking relieved), Coco, and Gilly are standing in the back, possibly hoping they won’t be thrown under the bus, but look pleased to see Louisa and Miguel working together. EZ is asked to remain in the room. Everyone is together and Miguel makes it known that, while Potter thinks they will be working together, it’s Los Olvidados who the real alliance is with. The business will be legitimate and the Mayans MC will no longer be drug mules, but advisors. People are introduced and plans are made. Everything is looking up for everyone involved!  

The episode ended with the Reyes brothers, Coco, and Gilly getting tattoos to mark the occasion. They each get a serpent. Angel and EZ are out on a balcony for some privacy when Angel tells EZ that he loves him and he’ll keep his secret about being an informant, but he needs to go to Bishop and the club and tell them he no longer wants to be one of them. Angel’s hurting, but he tells EZ that he doesn’t care where he goes, he just has to leave.   

That plan is put on hold, however, when they both receive messages from Lincoln Potter. He has their first mission: He wants them to kill a cop, but not just any cop. Jimenez. Jimenez must die.  

I can’t even begin to imagine what’s going to happen in the finale. The season has been continuously getting more and more amazing. A super crazy finale is to be expected!

adelita louisa.jpg

Some thoughts:

  • Angel was right! Los Olvidados was the future of the club and now they are all working together.  

  • Clayton Cardenas slayed all of my emotions this week.

  • Got another EZ flashback about life after his mother’s death. This time Angel was in it and EZ met Coco for the first time. I couldn’t find it in myself to care though because so much other stuff was happening this episode.  

  • Angel and Louisa “meeting” was so freaking endearing. Angel is over the moon for her.  

  • I didn’t like Emily interacting with Louisa, but then I remembered that she stole baby Cristobal and I guess the uneasy look was justified.

  • I’m ready for Jimenez to die, if that’s the case. I never really cared for his character.  

Mayans MC airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on FX.

Sarah’s episode rating: 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

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