Charmed 1x04 “Exorcise Your Demons” Review

Charmed 1x04 “Exorcise Your Demons” Review

Episode 4 finally has us meeting an Elder! I wasn’t too crazy about the original series’ Elders because they were all uptight and had a “holier than thou” attitude. If Charity is completely different from those old Elders, one would assume the others are, too.  

The episode begins with a flashback of Mel and Marisol sitting down with Angela Wu, encouraging her to move forward with her sexual assault claims against Professor Thaine. This is something we come to learn that Mel has immense guilt over. If she hadn’t encouraged her to tell someone, Angela wouldn’t have wound up in her coma and wouldn’t have been susceptible to the Harbinger’s possession.  

Meanwhile, the Harbinger is still chained up in the girls’ attic and the whole team is wondering why it’s taking the Elders so long to arrive with a plan to take the Harbinger out of the house. Tensions are high. Harry is confused. One would assume it doesn’t usually take them this long. The sisters are wondering where the Elders are when Niko and her partner, Trip, pay them a visit. They’re looking into the disappearance of Angela Wu. Turns out, her mother put in a missing person’s report after she didn’t return home from the Halloween party at the Vera house. All three women are beyond obviously nervous. We already knew that Mel had a hard time lying to Niko as just her girlfriend. When Niko’s on duty, it’s practically worse.  

Right when the Harbinger starts banging around in the attic, which causes Niko and Trip to want to investigate, that’s when Charity makes her an interior designer. Making some excuse over moving furniture and whatnot, the sisters are able to dissuade Trip and Niko from investigating the scary noises. Charity’s physical appearance is a rebranding of the Elders everyone knows and, well, not loves, but expects for sure. We’re used to long white robes and here Charity is in her smart, white power suit. She has an amazing energy and she also run an investment fund for women who are starting businesses in developing countries. I don’t know of any Elders that actually have a day job, but this might just be one of the new things this series has going for them.  

Anyway, Charity brings news that the sisters have to kill the Harbinger by the end of the full moon the following night. That means that they’d be killing Angela, too. Charity and the Elders are convinced that Angela’s gone, but Mel knows she’s still in there. It’s a gut feeling the Charmed ones are known for having, no matter which series it is. Also, turns out Marisol was an Elder? Harry said he told them in his opening speech to them, but Macy says he called her a high witch and Harry basically said it was the same thing and that kind of disappoints me a little bit. Elders in the original series were men and women who lived their lives as good people and, in death, became guardian angels to witches. That doesn’t seem to be the case with this series and honestly, that’s kind of a major downfall for me, next to Harry’s “orbing”. (To summarize: I’m not upset with the witch aspect of the show. I’m upset with the whitelighter/elder aspect.)

Niko trip.png

Back to the story! Trip knows the girls aren’t being truthful, but Niko isn’t convinced that Mel would lie to her about Angela’s disappearance. There is also some concern about all the other murders around Halloween being the sisters’ faults. Trip has his doubts and, for the moment, he keeps it to himself. Niko’s not listening to it, anyway.  

While there is a literal demon in their attic, we’re reminded of the sisters having actual lives. Macy’s romance with Galvin is nonexistent. In fact, it looks like Galvin’s backing off after Macy rejects a date in favor of spending time with her sisters (because they’re killing a demon that night.) I just want Macy to blow off the demon murder and spend more time with Galvin outside of work. I know Macy is introverted when it comes to her romantic life, but this story is moving just so slow and not in a good “slowburn” way. It’s like Galvin’s just thrown into a scene as an afterthought. There’s no real movement between these characters and it’s making a bit ticked off.  

Maggie is also having her own troubles. She’s failing one of her classes. Turns out she does have the occasional class at college. It’s not all sorority activity. Lucy is determined for Maggie to pass the class midterm, so she offers up her boyfriend, Parker, to help Maggie study. Well, Maggie and Parker met in the last episode and sparks were flying. You can see where this is going a mile away and I’m not here for it. I hate love triangles and I hate cheating storylines. I’m already annoyed.  

Mel and Niko have their own problems, but they also seem to be the most stable relationship on this show at the moment. Good for them, but I can’t forget how their relationship started. In episode 2, Niko made it sound like Mel was the other woman. Remember how she mentioned that she was previously engaged, but just HAD to be with Mel? Well, I’m not a fan of relationships that come from cheating. These sisters are better than that, or they’re at least supposed to be.  

Charity and Harry are trying to get all the sisters back to the manor for killing the Harbinger underneath the full moon, but that was before Mel took Harbinger!Angela and hid her in a vacant building that was housing the college’s homecoming float. Mel performed a spell and it revealed what she knew all along; that Angela Wu was still inside that body. The sisters needed to cast an extremely powerful exorcism spell to rid Angela of the demon.  


Someone starts poking around outside and it’s Parker! Maggie has to go distract him from entering the place and she ends up kissing him. Thankfully, she realizes that was a mistake and that they can’t do that again. In fact, she doesn’t even want his help studying for her midterm anymore. Neither of them seem particularly regretful though and I’m sad all over again. Maggie goes back to help with the exorcism and things get crazy. It’s like there’s a storm inside the building.  

Unknowingly, there is ANOTHER person poking around outside and that person is Trip. He gets inside the building and sees all the calamity going on. He tells everyone to freeze and to put their hands up. He’s holding his gun on the sisters, Harry, Charity, and a possessed Angela Wu and Charity just magics the gun away. I wish all guns could just be magicked away. He’s powerless watching the exorcism. With the power of three and the very strong will of Angela Wu, they are able to exorcise the demon and have Angela remain very much alive.  

However, turns out a pipe was knocked loose with all the wind flying around and ended up killing Trip. The sisters saved one life, while another was put in harm’s way. Mel is feeling the most guilty because it was her fault that they were all at that building to begin with. Trip is also Niko’s partner and she knows her girlfriend will be absolutely devastated. At the very end of the episode, you see Mel comforting her girlfriend and that’s when she finds out that Charity, who had taken care of Trip and the scene of the “crime”, had pinned all the Halloween murders on Trip.  

The sisters are watching over Angela as she recovers from her possession, something she doesn’t even know happened. You’d think that after that harrowing experience, they’d tell her what happened to her, but nope! They pin it all on blackouts. Angela’s been through so much. As much as I want to see more of her, I think it’d be best if the sisters distance themselves from her. If they don’t, I don’t see Angela making it out of the season.  

What happened to the Harbinger, you ask? Charity trapped the demon in a paint can and when she went to bring it with her to the Elders, she was hypnotized by a mysterious stranger in an elevator. They traded paint cans and he was able to walk away with the demon in a can. Who is that guy? Is he going to be this season’s Big Bad? Poor Charity is going to just kick herself when she realizes she lost the demon.  

All-in-all, I was more disappointed with this episode. It wasn’t even the episode as a whole, just elements that, when added up, made me sad. All three of the sisters’ love lives are not the greatest. Maggie is still placing her social life above saving the world. Macy is a hot, single lady and Galvin wants her! Give Galvin more screen time! What the hell already! I really want Mel to just tell Niko the truth. I think that’s where they’re heading this season. I say just get it over with. Mel, and the rest of her sisters, are horrible liars and it’s better to just put them out of their misery.  

Some thoughts:

  • If Maggie is going to focus on one thing while at college, it should be her grades and not her sorority shenanigans. You all know how over the sorority storyline I am.  

  • It’s hilarious how bad all three sisters are at lying. I guess that’s one way you can tell they’re all related.

  • HUGE POINTS to the show for pointing out how POC are uncomfortable around cops and how it’s basically justifiable and understandable. (At least that’s how it came across to me.

Charmed airs Sundays at 9/8c on The CW.

Sarah’s episode rating: 🐝🐝

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