Mayans MC 1x10 “Cuervo/Tz'ikb'uul” Review

Mayans MC 1x10 “Cuervo/Tz'ikb'uul” Review

The first season finale of Mayans MC had me reeling. What an intense season! We met all these new characters and went on these emotional journeys with them. Kurt Sutter has another hit on his hands and one can only hope this series goes on for seven seasons, too!

In episode 9, Lincoln Potter told Angel and EZ to kill Jimenez before Jimenez can rat Potter out to higher ups and EZ’s record would be expunged and the club wouldn’t find out he made a deal with the DEA. Angel told EZ that they do this for Potter and EZ gets himself out. Out of the club.  Out of Santo Padre. Angel was so hurt and betrayed that he says he doesn’t care what happens to him, but you know that’s a bold-faced lie. These Reyes men love deep and hard. Things are hard between the brothers and even Felipe, since he took EZ’s side in all of this, but at the end of the day, they’re family and they love each other.

However, despite Felipe pleading with his sons to not murder Jimenez, Angel means to take on the burden himself and leave EZ out of it so he can just move past the club life. However, EZ feels he has to. They both end up at Jimenez’s house at roughly the same time. Angel was the first to arrive and right as he’s about to shoot him, Jimenez’s colleague, Larry Bowen, walks in. Angel gets into a scuffle with Jimenez and that’s when EZ arrives and shoots Larry. Angel ends up shooting Jimenez. Two dead DEA agents, instead of one. It’s messy, but Potter says he’s got it covered. Angel and EZ just have to dispose of the bodies.


While the Reyes brothers are sorting their issues out, Miguel Galindo is working on things on his end. Dita is wondering where Devante had gone and Miguel informs her that he knew she lied to him about his brother’s death. He understands her thought process. Miguel isn’t his father. He couldn’t make the kind of decisions Papa Galindo had made. However, it cost Devante his life and now there’s a notable strain between Miguel and Dita. They still love each other, but Miguel is furious. Emily tells Dita that she made her choice and then she goes to Miguel’s side because they are a united front. They have their son and they have each other and that’s all they need.

After having Devante taken out (by Adelita’s hand), Miguel moves forward with clearing house. It’s probably best once you make some internal big changes in an illegal organization, or just any kind of organization. Miguel is a brand new leader and no longer under someone’s thumb. In the last episode, Miguel tells the Mayans that they will be brought into his new business as advisors. At the very end of the episode, we see a very influential member of the club put down his leather and go to meet with Galindo. (We’ll get back to this in a bit.)

Adelita, or I guess she’s actually Louisa now, is settling into a new house with all her Los Olvidados children. They’re safe now. One of the young girls is still scared because she’s never lived a safe life before. She doesn’t know what to do. Louisa’s at ease, though, and a calm Louisa is a good Louisa to have. She killed the man who killed her family, has a house for her new “found family”, and now she just needs to get the guy.

Angel shows up at the house in the middle of the night, as everyone is settling in. Louisa asks him if he wants to stay the night. He really does, but it’s almost like he doesn’t think he deserves it right now. He leaves after giving Louisa a kiss on the forehead. These two are going to be absolute dynamite next season. They should be. They deserve it.


To celebrate the huge deal between Los Olvidados, Galindo, and the Mayans, the Mayans are throwing a party in their junkyard. This is when a blast from the past arrives in the junkyard. None other than Happy from Samcro (David Labrava) arrives on the scene. Samcro and Mayans have business and they might as well party while they’re at it. Alvarez swore to never break his promise to Jax Teller and he’s not going to do so after his death. The Mayans and Sons work better when they’re working together, after all.

As soon as there was talk about Samcro earlier in the episode, you just knew someone was going to show up. The cast had been teasing a tie-in all season and it finally culminated in an appearance from Happy Lowman. As happy as I was about Chucky being on the show, it wasn’t enough for me. The Mayans and the Sons have a strong brotherhood because of everything they’ve gone through. Jax Teller literally gave Marcus and the Mayans everything the Sons and Nero were giving up in the final episode of Sons of Anarchy to pursue a better life for the club. We know the bond is strong, but it’s about to get seriously messed up. We’ve been getting flashbacks all season to the reason EZ ended up in all the trouble he did. He had been planning to kill the person who had killed his mother and this whole time you thought it was a kid because the car he used to get away in had a high school mascot sticker on the rear window. The reason EZ had killed that cop was because he had been spooked while chasing…HAPPY.

That’s right. We’re supposed to believe that Happy killed EZ’s mother. This is a Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original member. He was Jax Teller’s Sergeant at Arms. What the hell is the Mayans’ prospect supposed to do with this kind of knowledge? To be honest, I wasn’t even sure if we were going to get closure for that storyline this season. I thought it’d be slugged along through until next season. However, now they can just bring on all this new drama with David Labrava’s addition to the cast (in whatever kind of capacity it may be).


Now for my finale question: WHAT THE HELL, MARCUS ALVAREZ?? YOU SCARED ME. After EZ had told Bishop and Alvarez that he no longer wanted Angel to sponsor him, Alvarez must’ve told Bishop that he would no longer be the head of the Mayans. He left his biker cut behind at the table in Temple. I thought that meant he was leaving the show. Have no fear, Mayans fans! Alvarez showed up at Galindo’s doorstep for some kind of meeting. He’s getting in deeper with Galindo. I want all the best for Alvarez. He’s a really smart man, who has worked so hard for everything he has. Hopefully, it’s time for him to reap some benefits.

All in all, this was a pretty spectacular first season. It was meaty in story and character. Going into this series, I thought it would be all about EZ Reyes, but I’m happy to see it’s more of an ensemble cast. As much as I love EZ, he’s not a strong enough character to carry this show on his own. I much prefer the stories of Angel, Adelita, and Miguel this season, anyways. However, if EZ is indeed the Jax Teller of Mayans MC, they’re going to have to work on it a bit more for Season 2.  

Some thoughts on the season:

  • The first season had some slower storylines than others. We’ll probably be playing catch up with some of them in Season 2. We know Leti is kind of attached to the club now. She’s Coco’s daughter and she has a weird kind of friendship with Chucky. She has no idea that Coco killed his own mother because Leti said she hurt her.

  • I’m going to need the writers to figure out if they’re going to be going with Emily and EZ or Emily and Miguel because I hate love triangles and right when I think Emily’s “ride or die” for Miguel, she’ll say something to EZ like, “Don’t make me choose, EZ.” I hate it. Pick one or have both of them dump her ass and have Miguel and EZ fall in love. What an absolute twist that would be, am I right?

  • Jimenez wasn’t overtly important and I’m glad he’s dead. Not going to lie, at some point in the finale, I thought Felipe would try to kill Jimenez and end up getting killed himself. Glad it was Jimenez, though.

  • I’m going to need someone to line up the Sons of Anarchy timeline with Happy suddenly being the murderer of Mrs. Reyes. I need to know what was going on at that time. Why was Happy in Santo Padre? Was that when he was Nomad?

  • I am all for EZ being his own person, but he had a chance to get out of the MC life. After seeing how it’s treated others on Sons, it’s not something I’d wish on anyone. EZ could’ve been somebody and, since Potter actually did as he said he would and expunged his record, he could still be somebody. EZ is so smart and he has that photographic memory. Those kinds of brains weren’t meant for the MC life and his family knows that, so why doesn’t he?  

  • Emily’s character was all over the place. She wasn’t as vocal a character as I thought she was going to be. It’s almost like as soon as she got baby Cristobal back, she no longer had to speak up about much. Hopefully, Sutter and company decide on an interesting direction to take her next year. (One that preferably ISN’T in a love triangle.)

  • Why was Lincoln Potter so polished and put together in this final episode?  He’s usually pretty casual in his leather jacket, but his hair was combed and he was wearing a suit.  Por que?

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