Highlights from Season 1 of 'Mayans MC'

Highlights from Season 1 of 'Mayans MC'

Now that we’ve all had time to fully digest the first season of Mayans MC, we’re going to delve into what really made it stand out as one of the best new dramas of 2018. I can’t get over how amazing this first season was. I’m thrilled to be back into the MC life I left behind when Sons of Anarchy ended!   

1. Familiar Faces

friendly faces.jpg

This show is obviously tied in with the Sons of Anarchy world. It takes place 3 years after Jax Teller died. A lot of Sons fans were hoping to see some familiar faces and they weren’t disappointed!

Obviously, you have El Padrino, Marcus Alvarez. He wasn’t a main character this year (because he was doing things behind the scenes, as well as in front of it), but he was a reccurring character and I was so pleased every time he made an appearance. Marcus Alvarez is so smart and Emilio Rivera is fascinating to watch.

Chucky is here! Turns out he works in the Mayans’ junkyard as an office manager. He’s still a weird guy, but he’s such a joy to watch. I’ve appreciated the friendship he’s struck with Leti.

Lincoln Potter has returned! This man is all over the place. He’s crazy and cool and smart. He’s a fantastic adversary and I’m glad Sutter brought him back. You can’t have a show about one side of the law without showing the other side.

2. Family is what you make of it

coco cruz.jpg

Family, conventional and otherwise, is the stronghold of this series. Kurt Sutter’s world of motorcycle clubs shows a world of people who have chosen their family. You have all these different men from all walks of life come together. What they’ve formed is a brotherhood and it’s just as strong as blood. They are willing to fight and die for each other. These guys will cover up the most brutal of murders for each other. This world has shown that they’re even willing to kill to protect what’s theirs.

The more conventional types of family are just as strong and equally disastrous. Every family has their own secrets and this series is no stranger to that. The Galindos run a cartel. They know secrets better than anyone. In some ways, it’s made them stronger as unit. In other ways, it’s like waiting for an explosion to occur. If anyone harms anyone in Miguel’s family, they will cease to exist. Their family drama centered around the kidnapping of Miguel and Emily’s baby son, Cristobal. This also happened to mimic what Miguel’s always been told since his childhood; that his brother, Cristobal’s namesake, was kidnapped by a rival cartel. Dita Galindo lied to her son. Cristobal was sick and died.

Coco’s family has their own…dysfunctions, to say the least. Coco is Leti’s father. He’s always been her father, but she never knew that. She was just being taken care of by Coco’s mom. Coco’s mom and Leti had their problems. She was actually making Leti go out and sell her body. Coco and his mom have their problems. She was a very toxic woman, so it took almost no convincing for Coco to search her out and kill her.

Los Olvidados is their own family unit. The rebels take in Mexican children off the street. Sure, they have them do certain things to further their agenda, but Adelita gives them someplace to sleep and food to eat. They care for and love each other.

The Reyes Family. Struck by tragedy, the family has been through some real shit. EZ found his mother, who had been murdered in cold blood. EZ ended up going to jail for 8 years because he was obsessed with finding his mother’s killer. In a chase with her killer, EZ ended up shooting and killing a cop. If the cop hadn’t been a dirty cop, he probably would’ve been in jail longer. After he’s released from jail, his older brother, Angel, brings him into the Mayan club life. EZ becomes a Prospect. EZ has other motives. As a condition of his release, the feds want EZ to give them intel on the Galindo cartel. Agent Jimenez is in charge of EZ and also happens to be his cousin. By the end of the season, Angel wants nothing to do with EZ because he had no idea he was an FBI informant. EZ, however, decides he doesn’t want Angel to sponsor him anymore, but wants to stay with the club. Angel and EZ end up killing Jimenez and his partner in his home because Lincoln Potter tapped both brothers to be his henchmen, and in return he wouldn’t leak it to the club that EZ was an informant.

3. Twists and Turns

Happy Twist.jpg

This season was filled with all kinds of twists and turns. It starts with EZ actually getting intel about the cartel through the club for the feds. However, EZ’s not the only double agent in the club. Angel, Coco, and Gilly are working with Los Olvidados. They believe the rebels are the future for the club. Oh, and Angel has a bit of a history with Adelita. Marcus and Bishop know that someone is ratting them out to the rebels, and it almost seems that Marcus knows who because he’s so freaking smart!

Coco being Leti’s father is also a bit of a twist, but Leti getting her own grandmother killed is a pretty big and dark turn in this series. Leti is loving her new relationship with her father, Coco.  He’s being very attentive to his daughter. Coco’s mother won’t let that last, though. In order to make money, she’s been having Leti prostitute herself. Leti’s had enough. She starts hurting herself in an effort to make it look like she’s been beat up and then runs to her father. In a fit of rage, Coco confronts his mother and ends up killing her in her own bathtub. Coco was very quick to anger and his actions and attitude have always kind of reminded me of Tig from Sons.

Onto one of my favorite twists of the season! Adelita isn’t actually Adelita. Her name is Louisa Espina and the Galindo cartel is the reason her entire family is dead. Her father and Felipe Reyes used to work together. She had always believed that it was Felipe that ratted out her father to the cartel, resulting in her being the only surviving member of her family. Nope. It was a priest who had become a good ally to Adelita who had ratted out her father.

One of the things I really admire about Adelita is that she’s not dumb and she’s always a few steps ahead. She understands that if she were to take out the Galindo cartel, a new one would just pop up in its place. What she wants to do is use the cartel to direct assistance back into the poor communities in Mexico. In order to prove just how much power Los Olvidados has, she sets up the return of baby Cristobal just over the border and when Miguel is reunited with his son, he’s arrested. This is when Adelita makes her presence known to Miguel and she offers him a deal. The rebels are thousands-strong. The cartel could use them to get business done and, in return, money and assistance can go back into the community. You can tell Miguel is just thrown by the sudden change of events. He’d be a fool to turn it down.

While thinking on it, Miguel returns home with his son. Lincoln Potter has Miguel and key members of his operation arrested and is threatening to arrest and charge Emily on failure to report a kidnapping. Potter wants to make a deal. He wants to use the cartel to bring down Los Olvidados. It’s like a deal Miguel’s father made with the feds that ultimately led to his death. At this point, Miguel’s made up his mind and has already taken Adelita’s deal. This lead to one of my favorite scenes of the season.

casino meeting.png

Miguel is in business with the Mayans, so it’s only fair that he lets them know that they’ll all be working with Louisa Espina now. He gathers them all at the casino and Angel is absolutely floored. He had no idea that Adelita was, first of all LOUISA, but also going to make a deal with Galindo. Everyone easily accepts Los Olvidados into the fray. I was so thrilled by this move because it meant that, for the time being, Angel wouldn’t be in harm’s way over going behind the club’s back.

The biggest twist came in the season finale. We finally found out who it was that EZ was chasing just before killing that police officer. David Labrava has made his return to Sutter’s world as Happy Lowman…and he killed EZ’s mom? I have so many questions.

Why? How? When was this in the Sons of Anarchy timeline? Happy was Nomad then? Or was he in prison? I’ve seen discussions, but nothing crystal clear.

Hopes for Season 2

Like many other fans, I was beyond thrilled with the renewal halfway through the first season. I have many hopes for next season and also one or two things I hope they can avoid, but we’ll see.

Coco killing his mother because he thought she hurt Leti just kind of fell off towards the end of the season there. I’m hoping they give us more of that relationship. Coco still needs to know that his mother didn’t actually hurt her. She wasn’t fantastic towards her, but she didn’t lay her hands on her that time.

angel and adelita.jpg

I want Angel and Adelita to be the power couple to end all power couples. Towards the end of the season, Adelita was ready to move forward in her relationship with Angel, but he was too self-loathing. He’s not in a good headspace right now. I really hope that these two kids make it. They have a dynamite chemistry.

I want Emily and EZ to stay away from each other. I find them boring, honestly. I know these two characters know each other really well because they used to date and be so close. I wouldn’t be opposed to a solid friendship between these two, but I hope they stay away from a romantic relationship. One thing that annoyed me about the Sons of Anarchy world was all the cheating. That’s the last thing I want Emily to do. While I despised one scene in particular between Miguel and Emily, I don’t want her to make a mistake that could cost her her life, in one way or another. Miguel’s been good to her. They have a family together. They have had happy times together and there will be more…if Emily and EZ just stop.

I’m excited to see Miguel and Adelita team up. Their scenes have been just as electric as the scenes between Angel and Adelita, but a different kind of electric? I could see them being king and queen of the underground, on opposite sides of the border.

I’m hoping we get a better timeline of Happy’s involvement in Mama Reyes’ death. I’m interested in to what capacity Sutter will have Happy in next season. He wasn’t one of my favorite Sons, but he was a staple in the series.

I’m beyond excited to see what Marcus will be doing for Galindo. He took his cut off. He’s no longer El Padrino. I thought that meant that Emilio was done with the series and I am thrilled that is not the case. He’ll either be an advisor to Miguel or his head of security. I think he’d make a great advisor, but I’ll take Marcus in any way Sutter gives him to us.

This season was filled with action and drama. It’s everything that I love from the MC world that Sutter has built. There are a few things I wish would’ve been different, but overall I loved this season and I’m looking forward to many more. I also really enjoyed the fact that it wasn’t just Kurt Sutter. Sutter is a white man. He knows nothing of the struggles depicted from the men in this series, so he had help. This was a series co-created by Elgin James and co-executive produced by Norberto Barba. Another fact was even the actors needed guidance. Emilio Rivera revealed at Rhode Island Comic Con this year (to which I had the pleasure of being in attendance) that all the guys have different backgrounds from Latin America. They’d all give each other tips on pronunciations and such. I loved the fact that half this show was in Spanish because that’s part of what makes this series much more real. These are Spanish-speaking characters and it was fantastic that there were English subtitles.  

Send us some of your thoughts, hopes, and dreams for next season!  What parts of this season did you really enjoy?

Mayans MC will return to FX in 2019.      

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