Top 20 Romantic Ships

Top 20 Romantic Ships

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I decided to compile a list of my favorite TV relationships, as well as what about the pairing makes them so special.

In no particular order:

Monica and Chandler (F.R.I.E.N.D.S): Monica and Chandler really were the couple on Friends, guys. The great friends that just one day “flipped the switch” and boom! Instant loving couple who are also BFFs. Ross and Rachel can’t relate.

Cory and Topanga (Boy Meets World): They made me believe in true love at the age of 10. They were also a couple who were just as good friends as they were lovers.

Lizzie and Gordo (Lizzie McGuire): Listen, thirteen-year-old me was ride or die for this ship. I waited until I was like 16 to see it actually happen in the movie, even though I had outgrown the show. BFFs who fall in love are my kryptonite.

Kate and Sawyer (LOST): This breaks the friends-to-lovers trend but I’m also a sucker for enemies to friends to lovers. This is one of the only non-endgame ships I’ve ever shipped but boy, oh boy am I still bitter about it.

Peter and Olivia (Fringe): This was MY™ ship for years. I watched this show live from week to week WAITING for them to stop being dumb and get together. This is one ANGSTY ship, too, if that’s your thing (it’s definitely my thing).


Sydney and Vaughn (Alias): Coworkers who are friends but also secretly love each other? Fight and kill to protect each other? I know what I’m about, son! Also, I love every show JJ Abrams has ever done.

Mary and Matthew (Downton Abbey): Slowburn enemies to friends to lovers. Sassy equals. An actual aesthetic™. (The Season 3 Christmas episode does not exist.)

Shawn and Juliet (Psych): My sweet post-modern, slapstick caper couple. I love them. Rays of sunshine in a dark, angsty TV romance landscape.

Penny and Desmond (LOST): The definition of endgame. Perfect. Waited for each other for nine years. Never gave up hope. Softs™. My only LOST couple to make it to their happily ever after.

Randall and Beth (This is Us): Listen, if I could have a marriage like this I would have been married ten years ago. A strong loving couple, but they will fight for their opinions without letting it affect their relationship. True equals. True love.


Charlie and Claire (LOST): The freaking definition of “Deserved Better”. Soft, sad, loving bbs with big, tender hearts, raising their baby son until the island broke them.

Leslie and Ben (Parks and Recreation): Man, what sweethearts. They’d do anything to help the other succeed. So SOFT. Besties for life.

Andy and April (Parks and Recreation): Honestly, couple goals! They’ve got it all! Slowburn friends to lovers! Angst! Love! Silliness! Ridiculous couple outings. Shared love of Halloween and cosplaying. They’re just a winning team of goofball, guys.

Frank and Karen (The Punisher): Listen, I know Frank is a questionable guy to stan but you know what isn’t questionable? He loves Karen with every sliver of his heart he has left. He would burn the world for her. She knows no matter what he does she will always accept and love him. Healthy? I don’t know.

Jake and Amy (Brooklyn Nine-Nine): From coworkers to kinda friends to lovers. Precious. Such a healthy relationship. Wedding planning goals, tbh. Pure™.


Pacey and Joey (Dawson’s Creek): Heartbreakingly beautiful. That love ran DEEP. They became besties first, and fell in love by trying to emotionally take care of each other. So angsty. Endgame.

Cece and Schmidt (New Girl): Listen, I know Schmidt started out very punchable, but he grew! I love how Cece and Schmidt grew into better people because of each other. He loves her shamelessly, in a way that gets me right in the heart.

Jane and Michael (Jane The Virgin): I know I’m in the minority here (FYI I also LOvE Jane and Rafael). One of my few non-endgame ships that I love. The way they met, the way he waited for her and tried not to pressure her to go further physically, how he loved Mateo like a son. Also, it was just tragic.

The Tenth Doctor and Rose (Doctor Who): Because first of all—do you even have a heart if you don’t ship these two? It was such a beautiful friendship that blossomed into a deep love and protectiveness. I’m in PAiN just thinking about it.

Bellamy and Clarke (The 100): Last and most definitely not least. These two own my soul with their deep bond and enemies to friends to almost-lovers (Season 5 don’t let me down). They are the most beautiful yet-to-have-kissed ship I’ve ever seen. I don’t believe I will ever ship a ship more.


This wraps up my yelling about TV show romances on this Valentine’s Day evening. As the kids say thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

Read Gina's full twitter thread here. What are your favourite TV ships? Let us know in the comments.

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