15 Things We’re Excited For in ‘The 100’ Season 5

15 Things We’re Excited For in ‘The 100’ Season 5

It's been nearly 11 months since the Season 4 finale of The 100 aired, leaving fans of the show waiting in anticipation to see what would happen next. Throughout hiatus, and especially over the last couple of weeks, promotional material has been dropped in the form of conventions, interviews, trailers, promotional images, and screeners, giving us a better idea of what to expect out of the new season. 

With only 5 days remaining until the Season 5 premiere, here are 15 things we're most excited for:

1. Seeing Bellamy Blake as a fully realized leader. Bellamy has always been a leader in his own right but, as the show has exhibited many times, he’s always been a better leader with Clarke by his side — the head to the heart. With Clarke now gone and presumed dead, Bob Morley (who plays Bellamy) has said that Bellamy spent the six years in space leading as he believes Clarke would have wanted him to and keeping everyone alive in her memory. How will this new style of leadership translate once they’re back on the ground? It seems that however it pans out, Season 5 Bellamy is the most Bellamy he’s ever been, and finding out who he is now is undoubtedly one of the things I’m most excited to see.

2. Meeting the members of the Eligius crew. I haven’t been this excited about new character introductions since the people of Mount Weather in Season 2. Each one of the three new characters sounds fascinating in their own right: Charmaine Diyoza (played by Ivana Milicevic), the crew leader who was originally imprisoned for political terrorism and has a ferocious looking scar across her neck; Zeke Shaw (Jordan Bolger), the only one on board the ship who isn’t a criminal and who has been described as “brimming with brains, wit, and bravado”; and Paxton “Graveyard” McCreary, who, according to William Miller, the actor that plays him, is one bad dude. The roles of these three characters in the season is a bit of a mystery, and I’m looking forward to seeing the havoc they cause or help they provide and the relationships they form with our pre-established characters.


3. Seeing the flora and fauna of the new world. The world is just coming back to life after six years of intense radiation, and I can’t wait to see what kind of new plants and creatures we might see this season. Season 1 featured several irradiated plants and animals (the two-headed deer, river snake, and bioluminescent flowers all showed up in the pilot episode) but since then, we haven’t seen much. Tasya Teles (Echo) confirmed at the “Conageddon” fan convention that we would see some new animals this year, and there’s that tentacle thing from the trailer — irradiated plant life, or something else entirely? Additionally, most of the planet is now a burned desert, which lends opportunity for more visual effects than this show has ever used before.

4. Reunions. It’s been eleven months since we last saw our beloved characters on our TV screens but for some of the characters themselves, it’s been more than six years since they last saw each other. The reuniting of some core relationships — Bellamy and Clarke, Bellamy and Octavia, and Clarke and Abby — are sure to be emotional and overwhelming, but I’m also looking forward to the fallout: how will these relationships have changed after six years apart, and how will the characters deal with the inevitable changes?

5. The fast-paced nature of the season. Bob Morley said that Season 5 moves forward at a breakneck pace, and after watching screeners, Seat42f noted that the events for the first four episodes take place in only a couple of hours — different from the show’s standard of each episode taking place over approximately a day. The Season 4 finale took place almost in real time, which was a technique that worked really well for the pacing and emotional beats of the episode, and I’m excited to see if a similar technique is executed here. Having the first four episodes take place nearly in real time would allow the show to focus on the relationships between characters, especially after six years apart, in a way that would be less impactful with a longer timeline.


6. Catching up on everything that happened over the six year time jump. At Wondercon, it was revealed that the first half of Episode 1 focuses solely on Clarke and how she survived on her own after praimfaya. There’s a lot of material to cover over all three storylines (space, bunker, and on Earth) to catch us up to where they are in the present day, but the show needs to be wary of spending too much time in the past and not enough time moving the story forward. It seems that there won’t be too much time spent on flashbacks, so I’m interested in seeing what methods are employed to make the audience believe the character and relationship changes that have come about without showing us every step along the way.

7. Seeing new relationships that have formed. Up on the Ark, especially, where there are only seven people and their relationships to each other prior to the time jump ranged from enemies to lovers, there’s bound to be a shift in alliances. In particular, a friendship between Emori and Raven has been teased that I can’t wait to see; as well as a therapist-type relationship between Echo and Murphy, Murphy considering Bellamy his best friend, and Bellamy and Raven taking up the mantles of first- and second-in-command in Clarke’s absence. On the ground, we have Clarke’s new relationship with Madi, which promises to be a huge part of the season.

8. Finding out how the Space Squad gets to Earth. This is one of the big mysteries of the season that we can expect to see revealed in the first handful of episodes. When Bellamy, Raven, and the rest left Earth at the end of the Season 4 finale, it was without knowing how they would get down but knowing they would have five years to find a solution. Now six years have passed and they still haven’t returned — why not? How will they solve the problem of not having enough fuel to get down?

2018-03-14 (47).png

9. Learning more about Shannon Kook’s character. We’re going to have to wait a while for this one; Shannon isn’t slated to appear in the show until the season finale, with the potential for a bigger role should the show be renewed for a Season 6, and lips have been locked tight about what kind of character he might play. This leaves plenty of time for minds to run wild with speculation: is he an alien? Someone from Eligius trapped in cryo sleep until the end of the season? An Arkadian who emerges from the bunker? A nightblood who, like Madi, also happened to survive praimfaya? Whatever the answer is, I can’t wait to find out.

10. The potential for parallels to past seasons. This show loves to follow a circular theme, in which history repeats itself with minor flips and twists, and one major parallel has already made itself evident: the Eligius prisoners are like the delinquents of Season 1, returning to an irradiated planet, and Clarke and Madi are the grounders. Can we expect to see parallels between the people trapped in the bunker and Mount Weather, as well? How will the mining ship prisoners react to returning to an Earth they expected to be inhabited and finding out it’s not? Are we doomed to another season of war between groups who equally want to survive, or will that cycle finally be broken?

11. Learning more about the situation inside the bunker. Everything that’s been teased about how the people inside the bunker managed to survive has been extremely dark, and I am here for all of it. As leader inside the bunker, it’s been made clear that Octavia has taken to using particularly violent tactics when it comes to keeping people in line, and resorting to cannibalism to survive has been all but confirmed. After six years in the dark and claustrophobic bunker, it can be expected that everyone inside will come out changed. Aside from Octavia, how will the six years in darkness have affected Kane? Abby? Indra? Miller?


12. Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship moving forward. Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship has always been at the centre of this series, as they progressed from enemies to uneasy co-leaders to confidants and each other’s rock through the first four seasons. After six years apart, the nature of their relationship will inevitably change, and has been described as “turbulent” by Eliza Taylor, who plays Clarke. I love angst, so I can’t wait to see how Bellamy and Clarke react to finding each other again and the changed nature of their relationship, as well as their journey to discovering what it is they mean to each other in this new world.

13. Finding out the importance of nightblood in the new world. Octavia became commander in the bunker despite not having nightblood; the fact that her blood is red seems to have become an important part of her character’s trajectory, from the “Red Queen” moniker to the red blood on her forehead in the promotional images to her insistence in one of the promotional trailers that “my blood is red and it always will be.” Maybe this wasn’t a problem when there were no nightbloods left on Earth, but now there are: we know Madi is a natural-born nightblood, and everyone on board the Eligius ship will have manufactured nightblood as well. Gaia, the Flamekeeper, has been keeping the Spirit of the Commander safe this whole time — will she want to see a real nightblood crowned commander? Will Octavia want to or be willing to give up the crown? Or have we finished with the nightblood-as-commander tradition altogether?

image_123986672 (2).JPG

14. The potential for mythological references and biblical allegory. The first episode of the season is called “Eden.” The three episodes immediately after (“Red Queen,” “Sleeping Giants,” and “Pandora’s Box”) all bring to mind myths and fairytales. In fact, the sizzle reel, released in July, leaned heavily into the fairytale theme, while one of the promo videos made an ominous reference to serpents in the garden of Eden. This show has made plenty of allegorical references in past (the spaceship upon which the sky people used to live was called “the Ark”), and seems primed to do so again this year, with Clarke and Madi being set up as Adam and Eve, and Octavia and Charmaine possibly acting the serpents. Will we also see a fall from Eden? An exodus? The story of Abel and Cain? With a story that starts with the rebirth of the planet, the possibilities are endless.

15. Seeing our favourite characters on our screens again. It’s been eleven months. I’ve missed them.

Season 5 of The 100 premieres on Tuesday, April 24 at 9/8c on The CW. Let us know what you’re most excited for in the comments below!

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