'The 100' Comes Out On Top in March Madness 2018

'The 100' Comes Out On Top in March Madness 2018

32 of our favourite shows on television faced off against each other in our first March Madness poll, which took place over the last week on our Twitter account. Shows were split into four divisions (sci-fi, comedy, drama, and superhero), which then went head to head in determining which show, by popular vote, is the best.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine took the comedy crown, while Game of Thrones took the throne for drama. That left CW sci-fi drama The 100 and ABC’s Marvel show Agents of SHIELD — both shows with exceedingly dedicated and vocal online fandoms — to face off against each other for the overall title. The final round of voting was particularly bloody, as both shows took the lead multiple times and nearly 3,500 votes were cast en route to The 100 eking out a narrow victory.

The passion that each finalist ignited in their fanbase speaks greatly to their overall quality, although the premises of the two shows couldn’t be much different: one deals with aliens and superheroes and the other with groups of ordinary people who are all equally desperate to survive.

If you haven’t yet taken the time to give either of these shows a shot, here’s why you should check them out!

Agents of SHIELD


Starting shortly after the events of The Avengers, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD gives us a look into the titular agency’s workings behind-the-scenes as alien threats imperil the earth. Led by Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg), who had ostensibly been killed in The Avengers, the team throughout the years has featured members such as an orphaned hacker-turned-superhero, a biologist and engineer who are undeniably soulmates, and a formidable fighter with a steely exterior but a hidden soft side.

As it is owned by the same branch of Marvel that runs the Marvel Cinematic Universe, key events from the films come into play in the show, which adds another layer of depth. Agents of SHIELD also keeps a good balance of levity and darkness, something many shows often struggle to achieve. The show has had its ups and downs, but it seems to have found its stride again with Season 5. It’s hard to say much about the overall plot beyond Season 1 without verging on spoiler territory, but it features some very compelling character arcs and relationships that you’ll fall in love with!

Here is what some fans of the show had to say about it:

Season 5 of Agents of SHIELD is currently airing on ABC. You can catch up on Seasons 1-4 on Netflix in the U.S.

The 100


Beginning 97 years after a nuclear apocalypse destroyed life on Earth, The 100 follows the story of humanity’s last remaining survivors, orbiting the irradiated planet in a space station that is quickly running out of resources. Driven by their desperation to survive, the decision is made to send a hundred juvenile delinquents down to the Earth’s surface to determine whether it is habitable. The delinquents find out that not only is the Earth habitable, it’s inhabited — by a warrior tribe who view the newcomers as threats to their land.

Humanity’s desperation to survive is the driving force behind much of the series, as the heroes make riskier and harder decisions in the name of survival, always at the risk of losing themselves. While the series starts as a teen drama reminiscent of Lord of the Flies, it quickly evolves into something much darker, more complicated, and heavier, where every decision has consequences that often cause a domino effect that echoes throughout the seasons.

It’s the characters and the relationships they forge with each other that are this show’s greatest strength: an artistic teenaged healer who will stop at nothing in the name of saving her people; a self-centred rebel king who comes to seek his own redemption through the protection of his family — both blood and found; a young zero-G mechanic who goes through more loss than anyone and yet contains a steely inner strength that allows her to carry not only herself, but everyone else, as well. 

There is no right or wrong in this show, or good and bad; only the question of what one will do in the name of survival — whether that’s survival of self or survival of the species — and the point at which the scales tip so far that the cost of survival is no longer possible to bear.

But don’t just take our word for it; we asked fans of The 100 what it is about the show that makes it the best in their eyes, and have shared some of our favourite responses below!

Season 5 of The 100 returns on April 24 on The CW. In the meantime, Seasons 1-4 can be watched on Netflix in most countries worldwide.

What is it that you love about these shows? Let us know in the comments below!

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