The 100 5x04 "Pandora's Box" Review

The 100 5x04 "Pandora's Box" Review

Wow, guys. That episode was a lot to take in huh?! Like, what was that? I am still yelling about it with people. Let’s dive into this week’s reunion-heavy, plot-propelling episode!

Inside the bunker:

We open the episode to a full on gladiator battle going on in the bunker between Kane and other bunker “criminals” in the fighting pit while Octavia looks over them like a post-apocalyptic Roman Emperor. She was ready to let Kane die for protecting Abby from punishment for her now known (to us) drug addiction.

Kane is so over Blodreina and her cult that he would actually be okay with dying before he continues to live in the world Octavia has created, which doesn’t bode well for him as a character this season. But we shall see since of course, as the show would have it, Octavia is ready to run Kane through with a sword herself before she is interrupted by an explosion and a wild!Bellamy rappelling down a rope like a big damn hero to come save his sister and the rest of her people. Bellamy Blake has had a wild twelve hours, but we’ll get back to him in just a minute.


Up on the ring:

Raven and Murphy are on the ring awaiting instructions to possibly murder 300 people in their (cryo)sleep. They argue, snark, and play a cute mini game of space soccer! I love the friendship they have and the fact that Murphy volunteers to “pull the plug” on the 300 so Raven doesn’t have to do it. You can tell Murphy is struggling with himself and how he deeply wants to matter and to be a hero. Raven struggles with the thought of taking 300 lives and takes her stress out a bit on Murphy exasperated with their situation. Raven also finds herself in a cyber game of battleship with Shaw using computer code to lock each other out of Eligius controls. It is the meetcute worthy of both these tech savvy geniuses.

And finally, my favorite Raven and Murphy scene is when they are both shocked and overjoyed when Bellamy radios them to let them know they made it to the ground and that Clarke is alive, as he says “Someone wants to say hi” and then they hear her voice come over the coms for the first time in over six years.


On the ground:

And now let’s talk about that reunion! Bellamy negotiating so calmly with Diyoza and then opening the door to free Clarke in a scene shot suspiciously like the Star Wars Episode IV “Princess Leia rescue” (except we definitely know Clarke and Bellamy aren’t secretly separated twins lol), seriously go watch that scene now and tell me I’m wrong.

“You’re really here.” Clarke really thought she hallucinated Bellamy coming to save her last episode. Bellamy hugging her and reassuring her that Madi is away and safe, and that he has a plan in place. In that 2 minutes he’s already shown her that he is using his head and his heart together to be a leader she’d be proud of. They are just so happy to be in the same room with each other and that is enough to warm even the coldest of hearts. Bless Charmaine DeGraté and Dean White for that beautiful moody sci-fi reunion. Like that zoom out of them holding each other in the holding cell is a work of art. Also, shoutout to Tree Adams for that beautiful new piece of music played in the reunion scene.

Now on to a very different reunion scene for both Bellamy with Octavia and Clarke with Abby.

Bellamy and Clarke are definitely not prepared for the bunker cult and Bellamy even takes Octavia to the side to chat about her “leadership” in the bunker the past six years...he doesn’t seem pleased. Eligius is also super creeped out by the bunker people and their scary red queen. So much so they want to wipe them out ASAP, also leading Diyoza and crew to use threats as a way to keep bunker crew away from Eden. They even head back to the the mothership last minute to save their 300 soldiers and capture Raven and Murphy after they wake up the soldiers to prevent Shaw from deoxygenating the ship and killing them. Clarke reuniting with Abby was also a bit sad just because Clarke is in the dark about Abby’s drug addiction and I think this is going to definitely be Abby’s biggest fight this season. There was so much propelling the plot forward in this episode I can’t believe it was only Episode 4 of the season!


Final thoughts:

  • I don’t know about you but I need to know more about this “Dark year” Octavia and Kane spoke about

  • We now know Eligius needs a doctor….now we need to know why

  • “And then we kill the hostage taker and his girlfriend” I’m not saying Diyoza is shipping Bellarke already...but she is.

  • Zeke (now known as Miles?) Shaw is an angel and I need him to meet Raven Reyes in person and save her and then fight her and then kiss her lol it

  • Why didn’t Bellamy or Clarke remember Harper? Like really?

  • I’m worried about Kane. And Abby...but mostly Kane.

  • Indra is tired™️ of the cult life, huh?

  • So are we gonna find out what kinda alien cooties Eligius has next episode?

  • That guy exploding in front of Octavia was something to see…

  • Bellamy Blake is like one step away from being Indiana Jones or Han Solo. Honestly both. Both is good.

  • I love sweet little Clarke Griffin and her happy tears knowing all the people she loves are still alive.

  • We are already ⅓ of the way through this season guys.

The 100 airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on the CW.

Gina’s episode rating: 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

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