iZombie 4x12 "You've Got to Hide Your Liv Away" Review

iZombie 4x12 "You've Got to Hide Your Liv Away" Review

Still reeling from the death of Isobel, Liv and Ravi receive another dose of bad news from Levon: Fillmore Graves will execute the coyote Curtis Lim unless Renegade turns herself in. Ravi and Levon make Liv promise she won’t turn herself in (the way Ravi said “You are too valuable to me, to the city, and to the people who love you” was an unexpectedly sweet moment) but it’s Major who, after hearing the news from a Fillmore Graves soldier, understands that Liv won’t be able to not turn herself in.

He shows up outside her apartment as she’s sneaking out after a romantic night spent with Levon, saying that he only wants them to part on good terms. But as they hug, he tranquilizes her and takes her to a Fillmore Graves safe house in Oregon.

It was a bittersweet reminder of how well Liv and Major know each other, that they were planning on spending their lives together before ending up on opposite sides of this conflict. My feelings towards Major are confusing at the best of times, but it’s clear that he does still love Liv and wants to keep her safe, and part of him still yearns for the future that they were never able to have.

That being said, I was more than a little uncomfortable with Major’s methods this episode — giving himself and Liv brain tubes from an elderly couple who died together so that they can both behave as if they got married and grew old together, with the added benefit of Liv not wanting to escape back to Seattle. When the scene first cut to Liv wearing the dress of a 60s housewife, baking in the kitchen, I thought for sure it was a dream sequence; with every scene that followed I kept expecting a hint from Liv that she was only playing along, and grew more unsettled every time this wasn’t the case.


This is creepy behaviour from Major, guys. This is on the same level as using a love potion on someone (ala Harry Potter) with the small caveat that Major ate the brains as well. It’s clear from Major’s behaviour that he’s aware in some capacity that how he and Liv are acting isn’t exactly real, and that at some point they will have to give up the safe house, but he also makes it clear how much he wishes that weren’t the case.

As for Liv? Her agency in the matter is questionable — until she turns on Major and locks him in the basement. Even this move is as motivated by the brain (we learn from a Fillmore Graves soldier who had also eaten the brain that the old couple didn’t die peacefully together — rather, the woman killed her husband because she grew so irritated with his singing, something Major can’t help but imitate and which we see visibly annoying Liv) as it is by her desire to get back to Seattle and turn herself in.

Although Liv does eventually get back to Seattle, she’s too late to save Curtis — but it doesn’t matter, because Levon has already turned himself in as Renegade, in exchange for Curtis’s freedom. Learning this, Liv races to Fillmore Graves to tell Chase that she’s Renegade and to let Levon go. Originally, Chase listens to her and agrees to this, but Levon is determined not to leave without Liv, and his rash actions (which leave a soldier dead) result in Chase keeping them both captive.

Quite a sticky situation, heading into today’s season finale. No doubt Liv will survive, but I’m extremely worried for Levon — all of Liv’s love interests, save Major, have died in the past, and the show is certainly not above killing the good guys; several of them have died this season already.

With Liv forcibly removed from Seattle, Clive doesn’t have her help in solving the most recent murder, an instagram model who goes by the name of White Girl, who was found dead in the bathroom of the Scratching Post during a “white party” that was being hosted there. Luckily, Ravi is on his “time of the month” and eats the dead girl’s brain, which definitely turns out to be one of my favourite brains this show has ever done. (I don’t know if Rahul Kohli is just brilliant or the fact that we don’t get to see Ravi on brains very often makes them more special but man, does he ever knock it out of the park.)


In between wearing ridiculously low-cut shirts and taking photos for his Instagram, Ravi has a vision of Tim — the zombie Liv made out with at the Scratching Post earlier this season — fighting with White Girl at the Scratching Post during the party. Tim leads them to Brother Love, known for carrying around a hammer identical to the murder weapon and was recorded telling his congregation to kill White Girl.

Clive and Ravi bring Brother Love in for questioning, but a Fillmore Graves detective shows up as well, believing that this crime now falls under their jurisdiction. Before Clive can lock Brother Love up, members of his congregation show up at the precinct and begin singing in the hallway, and then Tucker turns himself in as the murderer. But the Fillmore Graves detective has been listening to Brother Love’s sermons and chooses to release Tucker instead.

Post his breakup with Dale, Clive is still seeing Michelle. He finds out that Dale only broke up with him because she saw the tape where Clive admitted that he had always seen children as a part of his future, and he would never get that with Dale.

She chose to let him go so that he could have the future he’d always wanted, which is what makes Clive realize that the only future he wants is with her. “You are the non-negotiable. There is no version of life without you that I want.” He would become a zombie for her sooner than letting her go, and so he proposes and she accepts. These two have had an extremely bumpy road this season, and in and among all the zombie politics, it’s good to see that love still has the ability to conquer all. In the words of Chase Graves, “Love is a many splendored thing.”


Aside from solving crimes, Ravi is still working on finding a vaccine for zombieism, using Isobel’s brain. But he discovers that the compound Isobel’s brain excretes isn’t a vaccine for zombieism — it’s a cure. With Blaine’s intentions of using his father’s church to turn half the world into zombies (something he makes progress towards this episode, after convincing his father that to release zombies upon the world is the desire of God), a cure is necessary now more than ever.

It seems that the conflict of the season is finally boiling to a close. While Chase Graves doesn’t want to see anyone else turned zombie because of the food shortages that are plaguing the current population, Liv has been turning terminally ill humans into zombies to save their lives — meanwhile, Brother Love and his congregation believe that zombieism is an immortal gift bestowed upon them by God, and Blaine has no investment in the zombie/human conflict outside of monetary benefit to himself, making him, as always, a wildcard. It’s clear there’s dissent in Fillmore Graves’ ranks, and now Captain Hobbs has turned Chase against Major, previously his most trusted soldier.

All of this is setting up for what promises to be an action-packed, emotional, and exciting season finale!

iZombie airs Mondays at 9/8c on The CW.

Sam’s episode rating: 🐝🐝🐝.5

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