The 100 5x03 "Sleeping Giants" Review

The 100 5x03 "Sleeping Giants" Review

WOO!  What an episode!  I cannot believe I am writing to you all from the afterlife.  Technology is truly amazing!

“Sleeping Giants”, written by Aaron Ginsburg and Wade McIntyre and directed by Tim Scanlan, has everything I love about The 100 in it.  Bellamy, Clarke, the space squad, and reunions all surrounded in suspense! I am not kidding when I tell you that I am writing from the grave.  Of the first three episodes, this one has reminded me the most why I love this show and these characters so much.

The episode begins with the Eligius crew looking for the reason their people have been killed (i.e. Clarke and Madi). Clarke is hurt while trying to get Madi away from the newcomers, and while she succeeds in hiding her, Clarke ends up captured in the arms of McCreary and Diyoza. The only person who doesn’t seem so thrilled about harming Clarke is your new favorite character, Zeke Shaw. He seems like the only nonviolent person in the whole bunch.  

The parallels between this meeting and the meeting with Anya and torture scene of Lincoln in Season 1 are dizzying. It’s a perfect hybrid mix, if I do say so. Diyoza takes on Clarke’s role, initially willing to work towards peace in that small green valley. Clarke takes on the stoic Lincoln, refusing to speak to give any information regarding Madi’s location away. She only breaks when Diyoza tells McCreary to go for the kill when they find someone. Clarke is willing to spill everything for this child who has become so important to her over the last six years — Clarke has turned into such a heart.


Meanwhile, Bellamy Blake has been leading the space squad for the past six years with both his head and his heart.  It’s in the way he encourages Emori in her rocket science lessons with Raven. You can also see it in the way he navigates and plans a way to get down to Earth with his friends, especially when life-threatening countermeasures take place.  

While onboard the abandoned Eligius 4, Monty, Murphy, and Echo stumble upon a room filled with nearly 300 people in cryosleep.  After one wakes up, Raven discovers that he was awoken by someone on earth, remotely. It was discovered earlier over the communication system that (who they assumed was) someone from the bunker was being hunted by the Eligius crew.  They knew they had to get down and help because there was no telling what these people were capable of. The soldier awoken from cryosleep stumbles upon them in the control room and it takes the combined efforts of Raven, Echo, and Bellamy to take him down.  

It is debated between the group on what to do with this sleeping army. Should they kill them right away? No. They are going to use them as leverage to help their people. Raven, the beautiful genius that she is, tries to figure out a way to kill them all remotely from earth. Since Diyoza and company can control the sleep chambers from earth, Raven was able to block the signal. Unfortunately, that block would also block their own signal to kill the army: somebody needs to stay behind. These people are dangerous and their friends (and family) need them. Raven convinces Bellamy to let her stay behind and Murphy decides to stay behind with Raven, as her back up.  This is actually pretty great of Murphy, considering he spent the last 6 years not being a team player on The Ring. Using hydrazine from the ship, Bellamy, Emori, Monty, Harper, and Echo finally have their way back down to the ground.


While Clarke is telling Diyoza and Zeke about the two nuclear apocalypses, the space squad lands back on earth and is found by a few of the Eligius crew. While Bellamy tries to negotiate a peaceful surrender, things quickly turn south. That is when Madi appears! She quickly shoots the threat. Bellamy, the pseudo father-figure that he is (Best Dad in the Universe mug, hello!), is in shock that this child has a gun and literally just murdered people, saving them.  

This is where it gets good. This is where I started to lose my breath and my sanity. Madi immediately calls out to Bellamy and tells him that Clarke knew he would come. Bellamy, who talked about a deceased Clarke and her sacrifice twice earlier in the episode, is obviously in shock.  His “She’s alive?” nearly killed me. In such a short, small scene, the disbelief in his eyes and his voice had me sobbing. Yes, Bellamy! Your girl is alive! However, there is no time to dawdle. Clarke needs saving. Madi drives Bellamy to the little village that housed her and Clarke the past six years, where the Eligius crew took over.  

Speaking of, since the Eligius crew found the five additional foreigners and had radioed back to Diyoza, they decide to punish Clarke for lying. They put a shock collar around her throat and use it three times. While Diyoza comes to believe that Clarke was telling the truth that she didn’t know these new five people, she still lets McCreary punish her.  It’s after the last shock that the rover containing Madi and Bellamy arrives. Bellamy tells Madi to take the rover and leave; that he promises to not let anything bad happen to Clarke.

When Bellamy exits the rover, the light is behind him, making him look angelic and heroic. Clarke knows Madi has the rover. She is in complete disbelief when she hears Bellamy’s voice for the first time in six years. (Girl was clearly holding back sobs of relief and same, to be honest.) Bellamy gives Diyoza an ultimatum: Let Clarke go or 283 of her people will die. Thus came my favorite interaction. Diyoza to Bellamy: “ 283 lives for one. She must be pretty important to you.” With his eyes locked on Clarke for the first time during the interaction and for the first time in six years he says, “She is.”  

Then I died and here I am, writing this from the grave.  

This episode was nonstop suspense. From interviews the cast conducted during the hiatus, we knew that the reunion would happen relatively soon in the season. The whole episode was just building and building and building to something epic and it was! Bellamy finding out Clarke was alive, Madi knowing who Bellamy was, Clarke and Bellamy seeing each other for the first time in 6 years: It left me breathless. This was the shining moment of the episode!  

That’s not to say there weren’t other amazing moments.  

HUN503A_0006b (1).jpg

Raven doing her genius thing and sacrificing herself to ensure her friends are safe on the ground was a beyond touching moment. I will never not love Raven Reyes. She is constantly working her ass off and it pays off. She even was instructing Emori to take after her. Emori, a grounder who had nothing and no one to her name, found a family and a purpose in space. Raven took her under her wing and she learn to fly!  

Zeke Shaw, in a group of murderous criminals (literally, they are all murderers), seems far too soft, yet he’s a lieutenant in this group. When Diyoza and McCreary want to hurt Clarke, Zeke seems to only want to talk. He starts to tell her a little about himself. He grew up in Michigan and was an altar boy. He had this bike that he loved so much. Zeke is precious and I won’t listen to a bad word against him.  

I’ll never be over this episode. I’ll never be over this show, which is a good thing because The 100 was renewed for a sixth season just yesterday! More The 100 to come and we’re only three episodes into Season 5!  

The 100 airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

Sarah’s episode rating: 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝


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