The 100 5x08 "How We Get to Peace" Review

The 100 5x08 "How We Get to Peace" Review

“How We Get to Peace”, written by Lauren Muir and directed by Antonio Negret, picks up right where “Acceptable Losses” left off: Clarke is making a deal with Diyoza, trying to get safe passage for her friends and Wonkru to Shallow Valley. The only way to ensure it though, is for Octavia and Wonkru to peacefully, unconditionally surrender. All our heroes take steps to try to ensure peace in what they think is in the best way.  

Clarke and Bellamy's Plan for Peace


The episode opens with Diyoza telling Clarke that the only way for them to reach peace is if Octavia surrenders. Octavia must either do so willingly, or Clarke or Diyoza will kill her. Bellamy is obviously against any harm coming to his sister, and he’s mad that Clarke went against the plan of just leaving and going to Shallow Valley themselves. 

Monty, however, offers up algae as a solution. “Make Algae, Not War.” He kept a sample of algae that he made on the Ring during those six years in space, and explains that he has plans to show Cooper, who is very much Team Wonkru, what algae can do, in terms of their survival. He wants to feed the algae to the plants: make farming a possibility, so they don’t have to rely on the one patch of green this Earth has to offer. This man no longer wants anything to do with killing. He’s always had a hand in Clarke and Bellamy’s plans. Killing people was always a last resort for this group, after all other options have been exhausted.

Unfortunately, that kind of happens a lot on this show.  

Octavia quickly learns that Monty has taken out Eligius’ eye in the sky and they can march on the valley, with the worms that they plan to release there to “soften the battlefield.” War is here.  

Bellamy and Clarke end up meeting with Indra and try to formulate a plan to stop Octavia’s march against the valley with worms that could seriously harm not just the people, but also the vegetation. Indra knows Octavia would never willingly surrender, and she knows that what Octavia is doing is dangerous to their whole way of life, but what Octavia does isn’t up to her; Indra is Octavia’s adviser, and yet Octavia just seems to not take her advice. While Clarke is willing to take Octavia out completely, Bellamy offers up a different solution.

This trio plans to take the worms out of the equation. They're hoping that by destroying Octavia's only advantage she'll agree to surrender, thus avoiding a war entirely. Indra points out that if this were to happen, Octavia would know it was Bellamy and he’d be thrown into the pit (because Octavia doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Bellamy. That’s something she’s shown over and over and over again).

However, Clarke has a brilliant idea to pin it on Cooper, in the form of an accident. Cooper dies by the worms. The worms die by the failsafe gas in the chamber they’re being kept in. The worms don’t make it to the valley. The valley remains intact. They work towards a peaceful surrender with no vicious, scary worms. (I love ONE smart Slytherin, honestly.) Indra would be the one to discover Cooper’s accident and pushes the failsafe button. Cooper’s death is how they believe they will get peace. Octavia wouldn’t suspect her trusted adviser of sabotage, right?  


The Plan™ falls into motion while Cooper and Monty are having their little meeting about the algae. (It should be noted that this is the second time this episode that it is brought up that if you were to taste that strain of algae that Monty has brought from the Ring, you will be put into a coma. The first time it was brought up was in the first scene, when Harper mentioned that Murphy had been down and out for the count for the first week in space because of that algae.)  Monty tries to convince Cooper that Wonkru doesn’t have to leave to ascend on the valley, the algae will give them all they need. There is no need to kill anymore. No need for war.

This is when Bellamy uses chloroform to knock Cooper out. Monty is beside himself, the poor guy; he knows they’re going to kill Cooper, and once again are going to ask for his help in taking a life. Bellamy mentions that they’re killing one life to save hundreds and Monty throws it back in his face by saying if it’s just one life, then why not just kill Octavia? Good point, Monty, I say let’s do that. (That’s too easy, though.) Regardless, Monty helps them get Cooper into the room with the worms, but he’s not happy about it.

When Cooper eventually wakes up, she finds herself in the room with the worms with a broken glove. She sees Bellamy and Clarke watching The Plan™ unfold, as the worms start attacking her from inside. (I seriously need a puke bucket any time the worms show up.) Cooper is thrashing in pain and fear while Bellamy and Clarke watch from outside the chamber and, by the expressions on their faces, they are filled with so much guilt. They never want to kill anyone, but they believe this must be done in order to save the many. They are trying to save what’s left of the world. Again.  

So far, The Plan™ is working; the worms have killed Cooper, and Indra “discovered” Cooper’s body and pressed the failsafe button, thus destroying all the worms they captured. Octavia storms in to see what had happened and Indra told her that since the worms are no longer of use, the cost of the upcoming battle will be too high and that maybe they shouldn’t engage.  Octavia informs Indra that there was absolutely no reason for Cooper to be in the worm chamber because they were never going to use the worms. They were going to use the worms’ eggs. (Gross!) Octavia knows Clarke and Bellamy were behind this and orders that they be found.

Bellamy and Clarke wait in a tent to hear from Indra whether the plan worked. Clarke is clearly emotional about having to kill again. She’s already killed this season, but this kill was “how we get to peace”. She apologizes to Bellamy about wanting to kill Octavia and Bellamy says that if Octavia was anybody else, he probably would’ve beaten her to it. It’s what would’ve been best. Best for Madi. Best for them. Best for everyone. Take out the big threat and then live in peace.

Once we get one of those little half smiles they do, Octavia and Miller rush in to arrest Clarke. She plans to execute her. She tells Bellamy that if he had anything to do with this, it’d be best if he didn’t bring it up because then there would be enough people to face off in the ring. While Clarke is being hauled away to face her doom, she makes Bellamy promise to look after Madi, and, of course, he obliges. Clarke really thinks she’s going to die. Bellamy really thinks Octavia is going to kill her. You can see a resolve building in him.  


This brings me to the best scene of the episode for me. Octavia and her kru are having dinner and saying their communion-like prayer before eating when Bellamy enters the room. The room clears out so it’s just Octavia and Bellamy. Several things happen in this scene: Octavia equates the love Bellamy has for Echo with his love for Clarke; Bellamy starts to reminisce about their childhood and how they had to share rations; and Octavia has Bellamy say their dumb cult-like prayer and takes a bite. When she eats what he hands back to her, she starts choking and not feeling well.

Bellamy laced the food with Monty’s algae! Bellamy has FINALLY put someone ELSE whom he loves above his sister, who has been nothing but horrible to him throughout the entire length of this series. Pretty sure you could hear me cheering from miles away. Bellamy comforts Octavia as she falls into the coma that was heavily foreshadowed throughout the episode. He tells her that when she wakes up, they’ll be at peace in the valley. “My sister.  My responsibility” takes on a whole new meaning and it’s definitely for the greater good.

Kane and Diyoza's Plan for Peace


Kane and Diyoza shared some absolutely fantastic scenes this episode! I absolutely love their dynamic. You can really see how they want peace for ALL the people. Diyoza is more than willing to share the valley, as long as Wonkru cooperates. I love her. Don’t you just love her? She was introduced as a villain this season, but honestly? She’s just not villainous. Her people have villainous tendencies, but Charmaine Diyoza is as clear and level-headed as they come. However, she still has her people to think about before all the others. She actually kind of reminds of one King Roan kom Azgeda. (RIP)  

Last episode, Murphy and Emori had knocked out and tied up McCreary. This episode, we see Team Memori try and trade him for Raven with Diyoza over the radio. Diyoza, however, isn’t enthusiastic about having McCrazy, I mean McCreary, back in the camp, and honestly? Same. He’s violent, unstable, and is definitely working on a way to overthrow Diyoza and claim the valley for his people and his people alone. I wouldn’t want him around either, but nice try to Murphy and Emori! With McCreary still missing from the camp, all of Eligius should remain loyal to Diyoza. (As they should, she’s amazing.)   

I guess I spoke too soon, though. Diyoza IS, after all, supplying Abby’s drug habit. Kane and Diyoza might be allies through this mess, but Kane is still rightfully pissed about this. Abby is working tirelessly on a cure for this chronic lung disease the inmates have with her patient, Vinson. She figures out that sound waves seem to dissolve abscesses in the lungs. To cure everyone, though, she’d need more power and Vinson figures that if they took power from the sonic drills, it should be enough. They need help from an engineer — and Abby just so happens to know of one in camp: Raven Reyes.

After betraying Shaw in the last episode, Echo thinks they should go one step further and kill him, since he’s the only pilot Eligius has. Raven absolutely refuses. She’s still feeling guilty for being the reason why their inside man is now on the outs with his people and is in harm’s way. In fact, she even makes sure to let Shaw know that Echo has plans to kill him.  


A short bit later, Vinson retrieves Raven from the church and Raven and Abby are reunited. Raven wonders why she hasn’t seen her since they got there because she’s seen Kane and knows they defected. Raven is in disbelief that they would defect from the bunker people because of Octavia and her actions. Raven remembers a very different Octavia, so I’ll buy that, even if I don’t agree with it. Abby’s been hard at work and needs Raven’s help, but Raven believes they should just let the Eligius crew die, since they are torturing their friends and allies. The only reason Raven agrees to help Abby is because she believes Diyoza is threatening Abby (when she’s really just supplying her drug addiction).

The next time we see Murphy, McCreary has woken up and Emori has briefly disappeared. Murphy informs McCreary that he offered to give him back to Diyoza if she released Raven and Diyoza declined. This clearly hits McCreary kind of hard and I almost feel bad for the guy. Almost. Nobody likes to not be wanted. McCreary offers Murphy a different deal: if they make it look like Murphy is McCreary’s prisoner, he could get Murphy into the valley and in to save Raven. I don’t know about you all, but I don’t trust him. He hasn’t given us a reason to trust him.  

Another one of my favorite scenes between Diyoza and Kane is when they’re in the middle of the valley, making plans for a peaceful future between their people. She reveals she’s pregnant to him. (She’s been pregnant for 100 years and 5 months! That baby is older than Kane and she hasn’t even been BORN yet.) Diyoza reveals her fears of raising a child “in a world like this,” but Kane gives her hope. “Hope. That’s a good name.” The kind of peaceful living that they’re imagining sounds unbelievably nice....and so not like the show we’ve come to know. One can only hope they can reach their dreams.  

One scene I had an issue with is Abby shocking Raven, both literally and figuratively. Raven finishes working on the sonic blast sound wave...thing and goes to let Abby know. Not going to lie, I thought Abby was dead for a second. She looked like a corpse. Raven discovers her painkiller addiction. One thing we learn early on in the series with Raven is that her mother had an alcohol problem — she’d trade Raven’s rations for alcohol — and Raven knows firsthand about addictions. I can’t even imagine how it must’ve felt to discover the second mother figure in your life has also got an addiction problem. She feels betrayed and lied to. The only reason Raven worked on the sonic blast...thing was because she thought Diyoza was threatening physical harm to Abby. Nope. She was threatening to cut her off. Raven, in a fit of rightful rage, turns to destroy the machinery. Abby uses Raven’s shock collar against her to subdue her.  


I’m going to preface this by saying that I don’t know the first thing about addiction. I don’t know it firsthand. I’ve never personally known someone with any kind of addiction like that, the kind that causes harm to your body and the kind that causes you to hurt your loved ones. Raven clearly loves Abby so much and that’s why she’s feeling so hurt. I understand that an addiction has you eternally craving these things.  

However, the second you hurt someone you care about, my understanding goes out the window.  What Abby did was wrong. She chose the pills over Kane in the last episode and she chose the pills over Raven’s physical well-being this episode. She needs help, but who will be there to help her if she keeps hurting those she cares about? I want to see Abby pull through, of course, but I don’t know if I can forgive her for pressing that button on Raven. Abby’s been through a lot, but so has Raven. Raven knows pain firsthand and she’s never found herself with a drug problem. (Everyone’s different, I know. No need to tell me.)

Raven ends up back in the church with the defectors. She’s miserable after what happened with Abby. She clearly blames Diyoza, so she tells Echo to go ahead with planning to kill Shaw. Then, she actually sits down and chats with him about the pain she’s currently feeling and if he’s ever felt that way. He has and, in that moment, these two are there for each other. A bittersweet moment for this viewer, right here.  

All in all, this was a great episode. I found it really engaging. At one point, I actually had to get up and walk around my coffee table a couple of times to take the edge off. This was all about what these characters thought it would take to make peace. Clarke and Bellamy with Cooper, Monty with the algae, Kane and Diyoza with a peaceful Wonkru surrender, Murphy and Emori with trading McCreary for Raven, Echo and Raven with Shaw, and finally Bellamy betraying Octavia at the end. Everything these people do, they do for their people all in the name of a better, peaceful tomorrow.  

My favorite episodes are usually when Bellamy and Clarke are working together. They are best when they are together, whether it’s the Season 1 versions of themselves or the Season 5 versions of themselves. I’m also loving how dark Octavia has been getting. She’s finally the villain I’ve been waiting for. I really feel like this has been the plan for her character for several seasons. She’s been progressively getting more and more dark and violent, it was only a matter of time. After a six year time jump was a perfect time to execute this.   

Some Episode Notes:

  • Raven and Abby had a more touching reunion than Abby had with her own daughter and I’m only a little bit bitter.  

  • Bellamy and Clarke, while I’m thrilled they’re back to being a team, are a bit stiff with each other.  I’ve been waiting for the dam to break with these two and I honestly thought it was going to be this episode. Only a little sad it wasn’t.

  • Harper and Monty go HARD with the kisses. A love so fierce.

  • Octavia needs to get the heck away from Madi.  

  • If Raven and Shaw don’t have their happily ever after be each other, THEN WHAT WAS THE POINT???? Raven deserves happiness and his name is Miles Ezekiel “Zeke” Shaw.

  • I was getting some SERIOUS Jasper vibes from Monty this episode. Just as Jasper was, Monty is tired of the cycle. Tired of the killing. Tired of war.  

  • Bellamy LOVES Clarke.

The 100 returns on Tuesday, July 10th at 8/7c on The CW.  

Sarah’s episode rating: 🐝🐝🐝🐝

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