'The 100's Top 13 Romantic Moments

'The 100's Top 13 Romantic Moments

In honor of Bellamy Blake (Bob Morley) and Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) of the CW’s The 100 winning the EOnline TV Scoop Sexiest Moment Award (for the second year in a row!), we here at Truth Bee Told Media have decided to compile a list of The 100’s Top 13 (we know how much this show loves that number) sexiest moments. The winners are, in no particular order (drum roll please):

1. Clarke radios Bellamy (4x13 “Praimfaya”)

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Although this pair has (yet) to become canonically romantic in the traditional sense (a kiss or sex scene), it’s hard to deny the chemistry that they share, even in scenes where they aren’t both present. The ending scene in “Praimfaya” shocked us all with the reveal that it had been six years since Clarke has seen her friends, but I think perhaps even more shocking was the moment Clarke pulled out a radio and made a call.

It’s during that call we learn that Clarke has called one Bellamy Blake (confirmed in an interview with Tree Adams) for every day of those six years, and in fact has done so to “stay sane.” Those radio calls work hard to belie the idea that Clarke and Bellamy’s relationship is strictly platonic. I don’t know many people who would call their platonic friend (with no response) for six years straight to keep themselves sane, and I’m betting the rest of you all don’t either.

2. Miller tells Jackson he loves him (5x02 “The Red Queen”)


We all saw the small moments between Nathan Miller (Jarod Joseph) and Eric Jackson (Sachin Sahel) building in Season 4, but it’s nice to have it all out in the open. Miller and Jackson (both minor characters) have earned the hearts of a boatload of viewers for being the only gay couple currently on the show, and it definitely doesn’t hurt that Jarod and Sachin, being close friends offscreen, bring a certain realness to the relationship.

They are comfortable with one another in real life which only enhances what we see on screen, which is why Miller’s “You’re a healer not a fighter, that’s why I love you,” followed by a kiss, felt natural and earned. Although we haven’t seen as much of them as I might have liked this season, it’s good to know that both Miller and Jackson have lives outside of being support characters.

3. Kane and Abby K.I.S.S.I.N.G (3x06 “Bitter Harvest”)

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Marcus Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) and Abby Griffin (Paige Turco) have long had romantic tension. As early as Season 1 we can see the seeds being planted, but they finally bloom into something in this episode. Kane and Abby are talking, Kane feeling (rightfully) weighed down by his decision to force an election when Arkadia was at its most tumultuous, and in an effort to help Kane bear his burden, Abby gives him a short sweet kiss on the cheek. Kane, perhaps a bit flustered, asks what the kiss was for, and Abby (resident hope keeper) replies “Let’s call it hope.”

And so began the seasons-long love affair with the word “hope” for Kabby fans! Kane and Abby are a good reminder that, in a show that deals almost exclusively with the younger cast members, there’s always time for love.

4. The Lovers Whirlwind (2x03 “Reapercussions”)


Jasper Jordan (Devon Bostick) and Maya Vie (Eve Harlow) share one of the most classic romantic tropes in this episode. Even though they are tragically doomed, their young love was so much fun to watch. No moment was as sweet as Maya showing Jasper her favorite painting (William Blake’s The Lovers Whirlwind) and asking: “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” and Jasper looking at Maya when he replies, “Yeah, it is.” It’s sweet and simple and a brief bit of light in the ever-present darkness of the show.

5. Murphy Begs for Emori’s Life (4x08 “God Complex”)


“God Complex” was a hell of an episode. The tension was sky high as the group on Becca’s Island struggle to find a way to survive the oncoming death wave. Emori (Luisa d'Oliveira), who was used to being treated as expendable due to her birth defect, offers up a Grounder who broke into Becca’s mansion for food. Unfortunately, the test fails and he dies and Emori’s deception is discovered. Emori is taken prisoner, to be used as the next test subject and Murphy (Richard Harmon) is locked up with her in an attempt to keep him from freeing her.

When Clarke comes to take Emori away for testing we get Murphy desperately begging “Clarke, please, I love her,” and it’s a shattering moment for the audience and Clarke herself as she is forcibly reminded of her own words to her mother just a few episodes prior (“I loved her, Mom”). This moment is integral in Clarke choosing to inject herself with Luna’s bone marrow, but more importantly, it’s an extremely revealing moment for how deep Emori and Murphy’s feelings are for one another.

6. Clarke Draws Lexa (3x06 “Bitter Harvest”)


We don’t often get to see Clarke have downtime, small peaceful moments for herself, but that’s exactly what we were treated to in the opener for this episode. Clarke and Lexa relax (Lexa trying to catch up on some sleep) and Clarke takes the time to sketch the face of the woman she loves in a position that not many people were privileged to see. Of course, the moment was interrupted by politics (Roan delivering Emerson to Clarke’s feet), but for just a little bit Clarke was allowed to be who she was a girl in love, and it was sweet.

7. Harper and Monty Choose Peace (5x08 “How We Get to Peace”)


Monty Green (Chris Larkin) and Harper McIntyre (Chelsey Reist) have managed to survive one crazy A.I., one nuclear apocalypse and six years in space, so it’s no surprise that they’ve becoming very good at talking out their issues. In this episode, Monty has finally reached his limit. He’s not interested in going to war again, and Harper agrees. Together they decide to stay behind in the bunker when the others march to war and use Monty’s algae to bring the hydrofarm back to life.

It’s what they both deserve as Monty and Harper are two of the characters who have arguably lost the most. It’s good that Harper supports Monty’s decision, and even tells him that they’ll show the others how to live. Hopefully we actually get to see that come to fruition for these two.

8. Octavia Bargains for Lincoln's Life (2x02 “Inclement Weather”)


Lincoln was, in many ways, Octavia’s stabilizer. Without him, we’ve seen her sink deeper and deeper into the darkness, but before his death we got to see just how far she was willing to go for him. When Lincoln doesn’t return for her (Nyko comes back instead), and Octavia discovers that he is being punished for aiding the delinquents, Octavia realizes that Lincoln will die without intervention. She tries to get Nyko to help her, but he refuses, advising her to run.

Instead, Octavia knocks Nyko out and takes him hostage, bartering for Lincoln’s freedom in exchange for the life of Tondc’s only healer. Octavia’s stance is successful and Lincoln is returned to her, just in time to be taken by reapers, and it’s one of the first of many instances where we are shown just how far people will go for love.

9. Home Is Where (4x12 “The Chosen”)


”The heart is” is how that old saying goes, and Murphy and Emori are a representation of that for sure. Emori, who has never had a home before, having been cast out of hers, tells Murphy “It felt good to be safe. I never felt that way before. Like I had a home.” Murphy is quick to reassure her, letting her know that “Your home is with me, okay?” and it’s a beautiful moment for the two of them. This moment happens after they’re informed that there’s no place in the bunker for Emori, so if they leave and come back Emori will be left to die in Praimfaya. Murphy’s statement is a reminder for Emori that no matter what happens, they will be together.

10. Clarke and Lexa Say Goodbye (3x07 “Thirteen”)


In what is arguably the most romantic sex scene the show has given us thus far, Clarke and Lexa, knowing that the moments they’re spending together now might be their last, are slow and unhurried in this scene. The lighting is soft and hazy (almost dreamlike) and they even take the time afterwards to talk a bit, with Clarke trying to dig deeper into Lexa’s history. Both of these characters are often battle-ready and emotionally closed off, so the fact that they felt comfortable enough with each other to relax to the degree they did in this scene was beautiful. It was good to see the two of them having time to just exist in the moment (and even enjoy a round two). Knowing what comes next does make the moment a tad bittersweet but the time they carved out for one another was special.

11. Zeke Protects Raven (5x08 “How We Get to Peace”)


If you were unaware, Raven Reyes (Lindsey Morgan) and Miles (Zeke) Shaw (Jordan Bolger) are going to be a thing. They’re building to romance in much the same fast-paced way as almost every other ship on this show has, and in 5x08 we were treated to one of my favorite romantic tropes: Person #1 places self physically in front of Person #2 in an attempt to keep them safe.

When Vinson (a serial killer with cannibalistic tendencies) comes to get Raven, Zeke’s immediate reaction is to throw his arm out in front of Raven, keeping her from moving forward and keeping Vinson from coming any closer. He doesn’t move his arm until Raven says she’s going to be OK and later, when she returns crying, Zeke makes sure to come over and sit with her, asking what Vinson did (he was clearly about to go have some words with the man) and offering her an ear to listen and comfort when she breaks down. There’s obviously (even more) angst coming for the pair, but I love it so keep it coming!

12. Kane Saves Abby’s Life (4x12 “The Chosen”)


Once more, this show gives us evidence of just how far people are willing to go for love when Abby chooses death over living in the bunker for five years and Kane decides he’s having none of it. Although he explicitly goes against her wishes, he does so for the best reason. He can’t imagine living without her and he knows that she’ll never agree to stay in the bunker without being forced to. Kane’s love for her gives Abby a chance to live to see another day and, even though she’s made some questionable choices in those six years, there’s still hope that she’ll turn that around (see what I did there — hope?)

13. If I’m on That List (4x03 “The Four Horsemen”)


In yet another moment featuring their undeniable connection, we’re closing this list with Bellamy and Clarke in 4x03. Clarke’s dealing with a lot this episode, struggling to narrow down the group of 500 or so Arkadians to just 100 people who will be saved when the death wave comes. Although Bellamy had previously said he had no plans to be inside the Ark when the death wave hit, Clarke looks over at him sleeping in the Chancellor’s office and doesn’t hesitate to write his name on the list, number 99.

When Bellamy wakes up and sees his own name on the list he refuses to stay unless she places her own name under his. When Clarke struggles with the task, literally breaking down into tears, Bellamy takes the pen from her and writes her name on the sheet himself, looking into her eyes the entire time.

It’s a bold declaration, a way of saying, “I will not live without you”, and one that the show chose to echo again in “How We Get to Peace”, with Bellamy choosing Clarke (and humanity’s safety — because Octavia is a present danger to everyone) over his sister. These two are going somewhere special, that’s for sure.


And there you have it: these are my favorite romantic moments on the show, but of course we all have our own. Feel free to comment with your own and who knows, maybe we’ll feature them in our next list! Thanks for reading.

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