Mayans MC 1x02 “Escorpion/Dzec” Review

Mayans MC 1x02 “Escorpion/Dzec” Review

Well! You can tell Kurt Sutter is certainly going to extremes with this new show and I am beyond intrigued. There were several highlighted moments in this episode that really drew me in and held my attention. There were also small moments I wasn’t too crazy about, but those were few and far between. The first few episodes of a new series is all about introducing new characters and the paths they’ll be going on, so I’m content to just wait it out a few more episodes.  

This week’s episode picked right up where we left off. Los Olvidados had been sent by Adelita to follow Emily, who was in a car with her son and two people that work for the Galindo family.  The rebels, which consisted of at least one child in this operation, had killed the man who had been driving the car. Then they took Emily’s infant son out of her arms and drove off, leaving Emily behind in the dust.  

I was getting some major flashbacks from when Jax’s son, Abel, was kidnapped in Sons of Anarchy, and that made me think that maybe Miguel Galindo is meant to be paralleling Jax Teller, instead of EZ Reyes? If you’re familiar with the two shows, one would assume that EZ is the “new Jax” or whatever, but EZ isn’t in a high position within the club, like Jax was and had been born and bred to be. He’s starting fresh at the bottom and he’s actually an informant for the FBI to help bring down the cartel. However, what makes me think Miguel is actually the “new Jax” is that the Galindo Cartel is the family business. Miguel took over from his father. Jax was known as the “Prince of Charming” because his father helped found the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club, so that is, in a way, HIS family business.  

Something else that makes me think Miguel is the new Jax is that Emily is the new Tara (Jax’s wife). His family has secrets that he’s kept separate from Emily for her own safety and the safety of their son. However, since the rebels have taken their son, Emily wants nothing but the truth from that moment on and Miguel agrees. He then continues with keeping Emily out of the loop for the rest of the episode and if that isn’t the most Jax and Tara thing I’ve ever heard, I don’t know what is.  

miguel and emily.jpeg

Emily goes to EZ at the end of the episode to ensure that whatever he finds out about the rebels and the situation with her son, he’ll tell her because she sure isn’t going to be getting much from her own husband. This scene was kind of stilted for me. These two people once cared about each other so much and that all went south when EZ went to prison and wanted to distance Emily from himself. She’s now married to the guy EZ’s club works for. It’s awkward, for sure. The MC knows that situation, but I’m not sure if Miguel does. Like I mentioned at the beginning of this article, it’s still early in the series and the writers were still figuring out what works with which characters.  (These two characters don’t work for me and that’s just my opinion.)

Some major turmoil for Miguel this episode is about whether or not he should retaliate. There has been obvious tension between the cartel and the rebels because the rebels want to bring down the cartel. Los Olvidados release a video, in which they are burning the Galindo’s heroin. The plan has been made clear, especially to Emily once she sees the video: The rebels took their son as insurance that Galindo would stop trying to go after the rebels. If Miguel retaliates, it could put his son even more directly into harm’s way. Obviously, Miguel doesn’t want any more harm to come to his son and his family, so he agrees not to do anything drastic.  

However, there are people within the Galindo camp that think he should retaliate. Miguel’s mother, Dita (Ada Maris), and adviser, José, inform Galindo that his own brother (who died as a baby), was actually killed by a rival cartel and not from pneumonia, as he grew up thinking. Now you all know how I think the Galindos are paralleling the Teller family, so naturally I think Dita is like Gemma (Jax’s mother and the queen of the SoA MC). Cristóbal, who Miguel’s son is actually named after, was used as a bargaining chip and, because the Galindo cartel would not bend to the other cartel and, well, you can probably put two and two together.  


Essentially, Dita gave up her own son for the cartel. (That is the one startling difference between Dita Galindo and Gemma Teller: Gemma Teller would NEVER risk her her children or grandchildren the way Dita has.) This conversation and revelation is meant to propel Miguel to make the first move against Los Olvidados and also kind of sacrifice his son, which is beyond fucked up. Obviously Miguel is distraught by the very thought of giving up his only son, but there needs to be retaliation before Los Olvidados makes another move.  

Miguel has hired the MC to find the rebels who took his baby. While searching for any intel on who took Miguel’s son, the club and cartel discover a vendor whose truck music can be heard in the video the rebels made. The vendor admits to having seen children around the fire the night the rebels burned the cartel’s drugs, but that he had no idea who took the baby.  

Now, because this show is the Sons of Anarchy sister show, you know it’s going to be gruesome and gritty. The cartel throws boiling hot grease on this man, covering him in burns and causing him unsurmountable levels of pain. To spare the vendor’s young son the same fate, Bishop convinces Miguel to hold off until they find out what has happened to the getaway car. Thanks to EZ’s photographic memory, they find the station wagon that was used as the getaway car. It’s been deduced that a second getaway car was used to get them across the border once they discover the wagon was abandoned. It’s just become a whole lot harder to find the boy.  

The Mayans (Angel, EZ, and Coco) meet up with Adelita on the other side of the border to find out if the baby is okay, because they had no idea that the rebels were going to kidnap him. There was absolutely no communication there. Angel informs Adelita that EZ and Emily have a history.  Adelita asks if he’s still in love with her and Angel’s response is, “More in love than I am with you, mi dulce?” Adelita says that they shouldn’t complicate things with that.

When the club tells Miguel that the getaway car was found abandoned, the cartel ends up doing one of the most horrendous things I’ve seen come from this creator. Not only do they end up gruesomely killing a witness that had seen Los Olvidados film their video, they killed his child too.  That’s right. They killed an actual kid. Burned both of them right up and then left them right in the middle of Merchant’s Square across the border, right where Los Olvidados would find them. The Mayans and the Adelita and company stumbled across them once they heard screams break out in the square. It was a gruesome sight. (I knew Sutter could be sick, but barbequed child is something else all together.)


One character I was definitely the most intrigued by was Coco (Richard Cabral). We see the club looking for a drug dealer by the name of Louie. The drug dealer has a deal with the Mayans where they receive 12% of the profits. After finally tracking him down, Louie apologizes to Coco for filming his younger (underage) sister in a few of his adult videos for his website and that he had no idea she was 16 until he saw her ID, something he didn’t think to check until well afterwards. (These people, man.) Coco, like any big brother, is incredibly upset by this and the club ends up renegotiating the profits up to 24% for the club for his pain.  

One thing though: Coco has two sisters, he mentions, but they’re both older than he is and have “beards thicker than Gilly’s”. Later in the episode, however, Coco check’s Louie’s website and is visibly jarred by the appearance of the girl who was supposedly his younger sister, which leads us to believe that not only does he know her, but there is a strong connection there. This episode ends with Coco prowling the streets in a car, looking for a prostitute. He picks one up and we learn it’s his mother and they have to talk. (About the girl on the website? All signs point to yes!)

Some thoughts:

  • Coco gives the best advice to children.  

  • I am ENTIRELY HERE FOR whatever is going on between Angel and Adelita.

  • I am beyond in love with this show actually showcasing the reality of this cast of characters being bilingual. I love that I have to read subtitles for more than half the episode because foreign languages were never my thing. I admire the hell out of people that can speak two or more languages.  

  • I’m really not feeling Emily. I’ll give her one more episode.  

  • CHUCKIE!! Another SoA alum has crossed over!! I’ve missed that weirdo.

  • I both hate and love that I’m constantly drawing parallels between Mayans MC and Sons of Anarchy. I want this show to stand on its own two feet, dang it! (And it is! I just can’t wait for more each week!)

Mayans MC airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on FX.  

Sarah’s episode rating: 🐝🐝🐝🐝

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