Mayans MC 1x03 Búho/Muwan Review

Mayans MC 1x03 Búho/Muwan Review

Now that we’re getting into the groove of this season, I’m starting to get a bit more comfortable in my opinions of the storylines and characters. From here on out, I’m going to be brutally honest.  Three episodes out of a ten-episode season is a good place to start forming opinions on characters and story arcs.

Emily knows that her husband isn’t telling her the whole truth about his actions of retaliation in regards to the rebels taking their son. Galindo’s actions have put their child in even greater risk. Galindo’s not talking to her and transparency is the one thing Emily asked for, besides, you know, HER SON. She is clearly frustrated. The rebels released a new video and Emily was determined to go to the location of the marketplace, where it was shot. (That marketplace is where everything seems to happen.)  

Anyways, Emily and Dita go incognito to see if they can find any clues on the whereabouts of the rebels and Cristobal. I don’t know how incognito a very pale, blonde woman can be in Mexico, but I’m not about to go judge a desperate mother. The only reasoning I can find for bringing these two characters across the border is just to have the audience know just how close they are to Los Olvidados. Adelita and her crew at one point are seen walking right past them in the marketplace.  It’s incredibly frustrating to be in this rut so early with a character.

I don’t like Emily. I don’t like how EZ is so hung up on her. I don’t like how she’s constantly wanting information from Miguel and him refusing to give it. I feel like he’s going to snap eventually and it won’t be pretty. Outside of the fact that her own husband isn’t talking to her, I don’t really feel much for her character. I guess I feel like her actions in this episode didn’t really have a reason. She got emotional, broke an expensive phone, and endangered herself and her mother-in-law and she got nowhere. Maybe that was the point? She’s stagnant.


Miguel Galindo, however, seems to be going down a darker path. Being the head of the cartel is dark enough, but Galindo will do anything to make sure the Los Olvidados get what’s coming to them. The cartel enlists a bunch of kids of their own (because Los Olvidados has a bunch of orphans) to be their eyes and ears in and around the marketplace. This was a crew that was selling their own drugs on the cartel’s terf, so Galindo gives them their only option, really. I mean, what are a bunch of kids going to do against a major cartel? Absolutely nothing. Instead, they’ll be the ones that will scope out the rebels. They’ll infiltrate and give word back to Galindo. He indoctrinates them by getting their leader and slicing his hand for some sort of weird “blood oath” or something. I don’t know. It wasn’t very sanitary. To make matters worse, Miguel then put that kid’s blood on his own face. (Nasty!)

The more I see of Miguel Galindo, the more entranced I become by him. He’s doing everything he can to protect what’s his, while also running a major illegal drug organization. The more I get into his character, the more I can’t help but see Jax Teller. Towards the end of Jax Teller’s life, he had become his darkest and we’re kind of seeing that at the beginning of our journey with Miguel instead of the end. I can’t wait to see how dark he can get.  

Speaking of those kids the cartel kind of weirdly adopted, I guess? By the end of the episode, you see one of the girls from Los Olvidados reach out to a boy that was sitting in front of the place in the marketplace where the two bodies from the previous episode were found. She’s invited him to come back with her to Adelita and have him join them. One thing though: he has a cut on his hand. The same kind of cut that Miguel gave the leader of the kids he adopted into the cartel. That kid is going to cause all kinds of trouble for Adelita (and Angel too!).  

angel coco.jpg

I quite enjoyed our Mayan boys having some fun at the casino. Coco had EZ use his smarts to help him win at the blackjack table by counting cards. (Angel made sure his brother got his half of Coco’s winning like the good big brother he is. ) The guys are just hanging out and having drinks, while they wait for the Chinese gang to show up for a meeting.  

This is what happened. Mayans run Galindo’s heroin for the cartel. Who are they running it to?  The Chinese. What happened in the pilot? Los Olvidados took Galindo’s heroin. To make everybody happy during this meeting, the Mayans take the fall because they were taken off guard. To rectify the situation, they agree to up security on the drug runs and the Chinese will get a bigger cut of the profits. Everyone’s happy. They break out a drink to celebrate. Then, one of the Chinese men gets a gun pulled on him and he’s shot and killed. How did this all happen? They were all ready to celebrate just a minute ago!

Well, before this meeting took place, our lovely Angel had a separate meeting with that very soon-to-be-dead man to discuss selling him the heroin that Los Olvidados had taken from the Galindo cartel in the first episode. Angel is getting into so much stuff because of his alliance with the rebels and I can’t help but be worried. The waters are just going to get more and more muddy from here on out for him. I just don’t want him getting hurt in the process.  

Bishop and Alvarez recognize that the attack from the rebels was with intel from within the club. There’s absolutely no way it wasn’t. This shooting was a way for them to check on their guys and see their reactions. Obviously, they were all pretty taken by surprise. Alvarez is smart, okay? He’s been in the game for a long time. I have no doubt that between him and Bishop, they’re going to find out some of our favorite members were giving the rebels intel and started this whole mess.  


Before everything goes to shit at the end of the episode, we learn a bit more about EZ. While at the casino, he goes to get a beer from the bartender and is then being goaded into an altercation with an off-duty police officer and his crew. EZ doesn’t fall for it. He remains respectful and walks away. The club sees this. After the meeting and before they leave, they tell EZ that he has some unfinished business waiting for him before he can leave the casino and they gesture to the off-duty cop who had disrespected EZ and the club. EZ knows they aren’t going to let him leave until he reacts, so he goes over and punches him.  

When the man informs EZ that he’s a cop, while in a drunken/sleepy haze that only spending hours upon hours in a casino can bring, we’re given a flashback from when EZ shot the cop. EZ is seen chasing after someone and start shooting, but then the cop tells him to put the gun down WITHOUT INFORMING EZ THAT HE WAS A COP, and so EZ turns the gun and shoots him. It wasn’t like he was aiming for him. He had no idea the guy was a cop, until the guy was already laying on the ground and bleeding out. EZ was just a kid. I’m actually really looking forward to seeing more of this flashback story.  We’ve barely scraped the surface.

This episode honestly had its highs and lows for me. I’ve fallen completely in love with most of the characters (except Emily) and the story (except Emily’s). The pacing just gets a bit funny with the different storylines. Everything moves much slower, it seems, for Emily and, often times, Miguel too. Everything moves at lightning fast pace when we’re back with the MC and getting into their shenanigans. I wish there was a way to balance the pacing out because I’m starting to get whiplash, but it’s worth it for moments like at the end of this episode with all the Reyes men.  

The episode concludes with Angel following EZ home to the house he still lives in with their dad, Felipe. Felipe is a fierce father and loves his boys. Just the image of his two sons all snuggled in their respective resting spots, in their blankets, sleeping with their father standing over them makes my heart all warm and fuzzy. You got a sense that Felipe has had his own dark past, but he’ll stop at nothing to protect his sons. Family is everything to these guys.  

Some thoughts:

  • I absolutely loved that the show suggested you call the phone number that was on the screen towards the end. I was a bit hesitant to do so at first, but I caved and dialed. Guess who “picked up”? Well, it was Gemma Teller-Morrow, of course! She was just letting you know that no one would be able to pick up the phone because they’re all dead. I definitely laughed through my tears at that. I thought that was pretty nifty.  

  • I am getting increasingly worried for Angel. His heart is in the right place, but will the club see that if he gets caught?

  • I need more screen time between Angel and Adelita.  

  • Still not an Emily fan. I was really looking forward to her character, especially with EZ, but her character is as interesting as a cardboard box, honestly.  

  • Give me more Coco!! He can crack me up during any scene just by saying his catch phrase, “My bad.”

Mayans MC airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on FX.

Sarah’s episode rating: 🐝🐝🐝

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