Iron Fist Season 2 Review

Iron Fist Season 2 Review

Season 1 of Iron Fist was a chore to get through, and not even a chore that you could get done with quickly.

Of course, there were some good moments as the season went on, and it had some decent plot drama but compared to the rest of the Marvel Netflix series, it was big letdown.

Fortunately, there was an improvement in Defenders which had Danny fighting better and finally teaming up with other powered people. When the trailer dropped for Iron Fist Season 2, it looked much, much better than Season 1.

Of course, the writing could always use improvement, and there were moments it felt repetitive, but thankfully, this season the good outweighed the bad. The acting, the story, and especially the fighting choreography was a vast upgrade, which made watching this season so much more fun than last season.

Danny realizing that the Fist consumes him in an unhealthy way, and realizing that for right now, he shouldn’t have it, made sense to me. I honestly think that, interestingly, Danny Rand and Jessica Jones are arguably in the healthiest places at the end of their respective second seasons, whereas Luke Cage and Matt Murdock definitely need help and possibly a course correction.


Colleen’s hesitation towards fighting in general, as well as getting the Fist, was also earned. She had taught students that ended up going down a dark path.

This season, we see her reach out to young people and try her best to help. It leads to the death of one of them, but it doesn’t dampen her desire or actions. Getting more glimpses and insights into her own past before becoming brainwashed by Bacudo and the Hand was wonderful. I definitely would’ve wanted to see flashbacks. I hope we get them, and I hope that we eventually meet her mother and more of her family.

Her getting the Iron Fist ( a white one), was unexpected and yet welcome. I can’t wait to see more from Colleen as the Iron Fist. I do believe that in time, she and Danny will grow as individual people, and become stronger as a couple.

Joy is dealing with the fallout of last season in her own way: Cold, calculating, but in the end realizing the heavy cost of teaming up with someone like Davos. And it costs her, but she’s learned some hard lessons that I think will stick with her.

Davos stealing the Iron Fist and slowly going off the rails was acted so well. He showed that even after getting what he thought he deserved, it led to so much unnecessary death. And now? He is without powers and forced to, yet again, face life without the Fist he’s so wanted all his life.

Seeing more flashbacks of him and Danny was necessary to show how far they’ve come together, and how they broke apart, and seeing more of Davos’ family and their expectations of him was both insightful and heartbreaking. Maybe he will find resolution and healing in the future.


Ward is facing his own demons, and sometimes failing, but it’s a realistic depiction of pain and addiction, and trying to create something new. Tom Pelphry is the best actor on this show. Ward’s journey has been quite a ride; from last season’s arc with his father and being in the depths of his addictions, to this season where he still has his addiction and pain, but is trying his best to deal with it and move on.

Ward and Danny teaming up as the true brothers they are (in direct contrast and parallel to Danny’s complicated relationship with Davos) was a fitting end for them this season.

Misty Knight teaming up with Colleen again is always fun to watch  as was seeing her interact with Danny and with Ward, whom she had never met.

Alice Eve’s character was a surprise. I believed her to be villain, then a captive, and then quickly realized that though she can be deadly, she also battles her own mental state and turned out to be a compelling antagonist.

Overall, Season 2 of Iron Fist was a great season, with good character development and a huge step up from where it started. Iron Fist is finally coming into its own, and it’s fantastic to witness.

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