My First Time Watching ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’

My First Time Watching ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’

Welcome to the new ‘First Time Watching’ feature, where our contributors watch classic movies and TV shows and share their thoughts in real time. This week, Sam watches Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

The only frame of reference I have for this movie is the song “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” by Deep Blue Something. (Now it’s stuck in your head, too.) I have no idea what it’s actually about (someone named Tiffany, maybe?). Let’s jump in:

  • Nope, it’s about Tiffany & Co, the jewelry store.

  • Based on a novel? Based on a novel? A novel I haven’t heard of, never mind read? This is upsetting.

  • Is this a meet cute? With the guy who kept buzzing her apartment? (I don’t know either of their names.)

  • This main character is eccentric and carefree and I love her.

  • So it’s not actually about Tiffany at all but more about...the Tiffany state of mind.

  • Her name is actually Golightly. I really thought her neighbour was making fun of her because she made so much noise.

  • Did she...accidentally become part of a drug cartel or something? Or is that not the type of movie this is?

  • Uh oh, cute boy has a girlfriend.

  • Or maybe she’s just a decorator (whatever that is), but Holly is definitely jealous.

  • Nope, she is a girlfriend.

  • Is she going to...break into this guy’s apartment while he’s sleeping? (Yes.)

  • She really doesn’t go lightly at all.

  • “I always heard people in New York never got to know their neighbours.” Yes, well obviously you are the love interest in a film so that rule doesn’t apply to you.

  • “We’re friends, that’s all” as she gets into bed and cuddles with a man she met just that morning. (Where does she get this confidence?)

  • Of course she’s having a nightmare about the brother she just told a sad story about.

  • I’m so confused about who this decorator/girlfriend person is.

  • The true star of this movie is the cat without a name.

  • People in the 60s (?) really knew how to party. (I’m guessing the decade based on the fact that some time has passed since Paul published his book in 1956.)

  • I’m really not a fan of this Mag Wildwood character.

  • This Rusty Trawley guy is weird because he looks like a white YouTube star from the 2010s who somehow found himself in a movie filmed in the 60s.

  • Holly is so naive and sweet and I really love her blue hat.

  • “My friend” Paul is really writing a story like it’s a writing assignment given out in the first grade.

  • Holly can sing! He’s going to fall in love!

  • The plot around Paul keeps getting thicker. Who’s Bill? Why would he be having them watched? Who is this decorator lady?

  • Wait, what? The man following Paul is actually Holly’s husband? Was not expecting that at all.

  • (Still doesn’t explain why Decorator Lady thought that she and Paul were the ones being watched.)

  • Oh my god

  • How old is Holly/Lula Mae? How does she have four children already?

  • All that aside, I really love stories where we find out the main character has completely reinvented themselves sometime in the past and we have to come to terms with the realization that they’re not who we thought they were at the same time as the other characters.

  • Never mind, not her actual children

  • So she left home at 14, which she told Paul the truth about, but she’d actually been leaving behind a husband and four kids. This movie is wild.

  • Seriously, I thought this movie took place at a breakfast cafe somewhere and instead it’s about a woman with a tragic past who’s carrying money and information between a man in prison and a man outside, and a writer and his decorator (?), who for some reason thinks they’re being watched. THERE HAS BEEN NO BREAKFAST.

  • Drunk Holly is adorable.

  • Never mind, now she’s just mean.

  • Her earplugs have tassels on them, how extravagant.

  • Agreeing to marry each other for your money is only one step away from agreeing to marry each other not for your money, just saying, guys.

  • 70 minutes in and we’re finally inside a Tiffany’s!!!

  • (Still no breakfast, though.)

  • This Tiffany’s employee is my new favourite character.

  • I like that Paul takes Holly to a library on their date as something she’s never done and she takes him...stealing.

  • Good thing no one in this building locks their windows.

  • I still don’t know who this Tooley person is but she creeps me out. Does she take advantage of poor men or something? What’s the deal?

  • How did she suddenly end up engaged to the Brazilian man? How much time passed? This is very confusing.

  • Her brother just died, oh no poor Holly.

  • Haven’t mentioned it yet, but the cinematography in this movie is beautiful. The shot where Holly’s lying on her bed while feathers float down around her, and the door opens but no one comes in? Stunning.

  • So...some months later, she’s still with Jose and is, apparently, extremely happy. (There’s still 20 minutes left, that's a recipe for something to go wrong)

  • “You say ‘Will you marry me?’” Paul, you’re not smooth. (He’s pretty smooth.)

  • Ah, I was waiting for her innocent dealings with Sally Tomato to come back around.

  • I like Paul but he’s really got to drop this idea that loving somebody means they belong to you. (“I love you, you belong to me” is just so many levels of….eugh.)

  • To be fair, I think they both have a point in that Holly falsely equates loving someone with being trapped by them, but considering she got married at 14 in order to get out of her childhood home and has been running away from her past ever since, that makes sense.

  • She just kicked No Name to the curb, how dare she?!

  • It’s okay, she found him again.

  • They kiss with Cat squished between them and he looks SO UNHAPPY.

  • What is it with movies putting “breakfast” into the title and then not having a single scene with breakfast? (Looking at you, The Breakfast Club.) Who can I take this up with?

  • I still don’t know who Tooley/the decorator/the creepy woman was.


Final verdict: thoroughly enjoyed the film, even though it was nothing like what I expected (perhaps because of that). Audrey Hepburn is superb, and everything about Holly makes my heart ache.

Cat is the real MVP, though.

Sam’s movie rating: 🐝🐝🐝🐝

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