Mayans MC 2x04 “Lahun Chan” Review

Mayans MC 2x04 “Lahun Chan” Review

Guys!! We finally got some answers!! I’m so pleased! Episode 4 of Season 2 was a pretty strong episode and that’s mostly because we got some freaking answers!!

Let’s chat about what those Reyes boys were getting up to. Episode 3 ended with the boys in Happy’s house, ready for a showdown. They had immediately tied up Happy and started demanding answers. Well, Happy’s a rock. He is unmovable...or so we thought. Happy’s one weakness is his dog. Once Angel and EZ realize that, they use it to their advantage. (Thankfully, no animals were harmed! It was just a threat that I doubt either guy would follow through on, the fuckin softies.) Anyways, we learn that when Happy went Nomad during his time on Sons of Anarchy, he was a gun for hire.  

Before Happy left the Nomad charter and settled in with the Charming crew, he fucked up a job. It was the death of Mama Reyes that ultimately sent Happy to live the small town life. You see, Happy was supposed to kill BOTH Mama and Papa Reyes, but she was the only one in the butcher shop when he went for the kill. He doesn’t know for sure who ultimately ordered the hit, but he does know it was one of the Mexican cartels, even possibly the Galindo cartel. The night EZ killed that cop and ultimately saw Happy’s face, Happy actually thought EZ was a cartel member sent to kill him for not executing the job properly.  

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to see where this story lines up in the Sons of Anarchy timeline.  It’s been bothering me since the twist was revealed in the Season 1 finale. One major thing I can cross off my list now!  


While Angel and EZ are going back and forth on torturing Happy for answers, and it did take them all day, it seems, we see the brothers have their heart-to-hearts. Angel learns that EZ was keeping MORE intel from him, this time about their own father and who he used to be. It’s all right there in the paperwork Happy has when the hit was ordered, but all EZ does is further confirm that intel with what he learned from stuff he found in a locked box in their own home last season.  

Over with the Galindos, Emily and Miguel are keeping a closer eye on Dita when she goes to her appointments. By that I mean, their security is keeping a closer eye on Dita because her only family members are too preoccupied with business. She’s been scheduled to see a therapist, but she’s not at all interested in seeing a shrink. She bribes the good doctor to say she was at the appointment and to continue to say she goes to all her appointments and then she goes and meets Felipe on the roof and out of sight.  

We learn what happened to Dita in the time jump. The fire that got the Galindo homestead is ultimately what hurt Dita, except she believed that fire was there for HER. It was just a regular southern California wildfire. The area had been told to evacuate, but Dita just...didn’t. When Miguel’s security went to find her, she hid. A young firefighter ended up finding her and getting her out, but not before she badly burned.  

There’s also more learned about the affair between Felipe and Dita. Dita actually admits that she believes Miguel is Felipe’s son and, therefore, Angel and EZ’s half-brother. She never did an actual DNA test to find out for sure if Miguel was Jose Galindo’s son, so I’m wondering if that’s something that could possibly be done. I’m on the side of science, here, not gut feelings when it comes to paternity. Dita assures Felipe that no one will ever know.  

Can you even begin to imagine what could happen with the cartel side of things if they realize that Miguel isn’t the true heir? I imagine it’d be one huge clusterfuck.  


Emily is there when they pick up Dita after her “appointment” and she notices Felipe’s truck parked close by. When the two women get back home, Dita is preoccupied with her grandson, so Emily quietly hunts for anything to explain Dita’s behavior and relationship with Felipe. She finds a picture of Dita, Jose, and Felipe from decades ago. Now Emily knows that their history runs deep.  

Meanwhile, Miguel has taken Adelita south of the border in order to see how they can protect their investment in Palomo, the woman the farmers (and Los Olvidados) have put their faith and support behind to make Mexico better. What they don’t know is that mercenaries Potter is working with to track down Adelita have stuck a GPS tracking device under all the vehicles Galindo and the Mayans use when they’re south of the border. Shortly after Adelita and Miguel reach their destination, they see the mercenaries closing in on them. Adelita comes up with a plan that Miguel found Adelita and was preparing to take her back to Potter. Adelita ends up being arrested and carted away by the mercs. Miguel is in distress. *I* am in distress. Angel is going to freaking LOSE his MIND when he finds out.  

I mean, holy hell.  


Some thoughts on the episode:

  • Opie is a good doggo who has never done anything wrong in his whole life.  

  • Happy loves ONE THING and that is RIGHTFULLY his dog.  

  • I love how Angel and EZ can be at each other’s throats one second and then can actually work their shit out logically once they get that pent-up aggression out of the way.  

  • I don’t like Emily, but when Dita called her a white devil, I wanted to FIGHT. Dita, YOU are a devil.  

  • Adelita and Miguel’s awkward car ride has left me feeling all kinds of confused. These guys have awesome chemistry, but I REALLY don’t want Miguel to be the father of Adelita’s baby.  

  • I hate love triangles.  

Sarah’s episode rating: 🐝🐝🐝🐝 

Mayans MC airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on FX

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