Mayans MC 2x06 “Muluc” Review

Mayans MC 2x06 “Muluc” Review

I’m still on a high from last week’s episode! It was my perfect cup of tea! This week’s, though, is an entirely different story. There was some quality Reyes content, but I was still left wanting more from other stories and other characters.  

After dealing with one abduction (arrest) last week, we encounter another actual abduction this week. This time it was El Padrino himself, Marcus Alvarez. Potter’s own mercenaries went after him for information. They tortured him bloody. Long story short on all that? The gang did save him just before the mercs were about to end Marcus’ life. The torture was extremely graphic, like ripping off his fingernails. I was cringing the whole damn time.  

One thing I appreciated was that the Mayans and the Galindo cartel were working together as one unit once again. Miguel was willing to go to any lengths to save this man and that’s what I appreciate about him. If Miguel Galindo cares about you, he’ll do anything to make sure you’re safe from harm. In fact, he even went out into the field with his muscle and the MC. Usually a big boss type, like Galindo, would hide away out of sight so as to not get hurt. Not Miguel.  


While this crew is trying to rescue Marcus, Emily is trying to get to the bottom of the Agra Park deal. Turns out, the Chinese had an inside man and was able to make a last ditch bid and swipe it from under the Galindos’ noses. Emily was very much pissed about this because this is “HER thing”. This is her project for the Galindo family’s clean side of life, as opposed to the cartel life. She found this bit of information out from her old family friend who she was essentially paying for intel a few episodes ago. Together, they put it together that the insider who told the Chinese must’ve been a certain clerk.  

When Emily went to go break the news to Miguel, Miguel was harsh and short with her. She DID just interrupt a meeting trying to make plans to rescue Marcus. Miguel doesn’t want her to get dirty on the cartel side of his life. I don’t think it’s too much to make sure she stays as clean as possible, especially for the sake of their family. However, Emily just has to butt her way in. Well Miguel didn’t like that, so he proceeded to yell for someone to get her out of there to the point where he came across as particularly cruel.  

You know what’s mighty coincidental? EZ is practically always there when Miguel is an ass to Emily. The director always seems to make it a point to show us EZ’s reaction to his former flame interacting with her husband in a less-than-favorable way. That is particularly trendy in the love triangle trope. Y’all know how much I hate love triangles.  

Some time later Emily reaches out to EZ and they meet at Felipe’s butcher shop. She wants EZ to go and intimidate the clerk into confessing what he’s done, regarding the deal with the Chinese. It isn’t worth going to jail over, you know. The thing that pisses me off though is that we only see Emily go to EZ when she needs something. Am I supposed to be seeing ex-lovers reconnecting? All I see is one rich white woman asking a not-rich, non-white ex-con to possibly use force to get someone to confess to a crime. EZ could (and actually did!) find himself in trouble over this, but will Emily even care? She better, or I’ll dislike her even more than I already do.  

Onto my favorite part of the episode, we had some quality content with the Reyes brothers looking out for each other. Obviously, Angel is feeling pretty upset after what happened when he tried to rescue Adelita. EZ took it upon himself to stay with Angel and watch over him. Several times, Angel tells EZ to back off and that he’s not suicidal over it. Dude was clearly pretty wrecked though. You can tell that Angel was definitely glad to have his brother near him. In fact, when the MC and the cartel went to rescue Alvarez from the warehouse he was being kept in, it wasn’t just EZ that was sticking close to Angel. Coco was too. I love how much this club truly cares about each other.  

One other tidbit we got from this episode is that Happy, EZ, and Angel were able to narrow down the suspects of who wanted the Reyes parents murdered to one of the two major cartels at the time. It had to have been either the Galindo cartel (who Jose was leading at the time, while under the fed’s thumb with a bullshit deal), or the La Sonora cartel. (I’ll bet you $10 it was Dita though. I get a huge “If I can’t have him, nobody can” vibe off of her previous relationship with Felipe.)  


The episode ended with the Mayans and cartel killing all the mercs involved with Alvarez’s torture. The question is whether or not Potter knew about their plan; if he told them to torture Marcus or not. We see Potter calling them at the end, only to receive no answer. We know the woman working with Potter had no idea because Miguel confronted her about it and she seemed truthful in not knowing anything about Marcus going missing and whether or not it was Potter’s mercs.  

Also, that clerk that EZ was sent to intimidate? Yeah, they got into a brawl because he wasn’t backing down from EZ’s non-threatening threat. He pulled a gun on EZ and they fought. EZ pushed him away and the clerk ended up shooting himself in the head. It honestly looked like a suicide. If not for the clear signs of a brawl in the home, maybe EZ might get away with this?  Maybe Emily will pull some of her weight and do EZ a favor for once? He wouldn’t have gotten into that mess if it wasn’t for her. I’m just wondering how long this storyline is going to take.  

Some thoughts on the episode:

  • I am ALWAYS here for the gratuitous shots of the Reyes brothers shirtless. Those men work hard and it is very APPRECIATED.  

  • Mental health is so important and I’m glad EZ and the crew are watching out for Angel.  

  • Love* how the Galindos can be loving and hateful to each other all in the span of a 52 minute episode. (*By “love”, I mean “hate”.)

  • We got a Leti mention! First Leti mention all season! Miss our little Cruz! Can’t wait to see her in the episode next week!

  • Bishop looks super confused as to why Happy was in EZ’s trailer with the two Reyes boys. Will they expand on this subtle look? How long will this take?

  • Honestly didn’t even realize Dita wasn’t in this episode until after it ended. Would gladly take the rest of this season this way.  

  • I did miss Adelita BIG TIME though. I’m almost as upset about this as Angel is.  

Sarah’s episode rating: 🐝🐝🐝

Mayans MC airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on FX.

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