Mayans MC 2x05 “Xquic” Review

Mayans MC 2x05 “Xquic” Review

My Angelita heart is absolutely SOARING right now, y’all! We really got a whole ass episode of Angel willing to do anything and fight anyone to get Adelita back. My shipper heart can barely contain itself!

Let’s start at the very beginning, shall we?  

Angel and EZ had just rode in from their northern California road trip. Angel had found out that his parents aren’t who he thought they were, especially his father. They’re greeted by Bishop and the gang, who start asking questions about the Swole Boys, the dumb as fuck wannabe biker gangsters. The current issues regarding the wannabe club started because Angel lost his cool, so he’s prepared to take whatever punishment Bishop and the rest of the table deem fit. It’s right when he’s about to head inside to discuss his fate when Felipe pulls into the junkyard in his truck. This is ALSO right when the club finds out that Adelita has been taken by Potter. This literally all just happened in the span of a few seconds. It looks like Angel is going to go yell at his father, but instead he just ends up crying into his father’s arms. Poor, sweet Angel; heartbroken on all fronts.  

It’s decided that Angel and EZ aren’t going to confront their father just yet. They want to get Adelita back first. Angel being the father of Adelita’s baby is still being kept a secret because Adelita wanted them all safe first, so Angel’s angst is certainly about to reach a breaking point. He doesn’t care what he has to do, he has to be there when they rescue her.  

angelita (2).jpg

He’s not the only one who’s upset about Adelita being taken by Potter and the mercenaries. Miguel Galindo is pretty upset, himself. He’s also got to be feeling pretty guilty too. He was with Adelita and they had no idea they were being tracked. Adelita saved all their asses. Emily reads into the way Miguel seems to be processing everything like he’s in love with her. Miguel proceeds to deny it, while also sounding completely in love with Adelita at the same exact time. He says he’s just envious of the power and admiration Adelita has, but it could possibly be more than that. I mean, if I was presented with a choice between Adelita and Emily, I’d fall in love with Adelita a million times over too. (Not to diss Emily, because she’s had some strong moments going for. I just prefer Adelita all the time always.)  

To try and get Adelita out of harm’s way, the MC, Galindo and his cartel, and Los Olvidados are pulling out all the stops. They’re working together to find the hideout south of the border the mercs took Adelita to. They know it’ll be too late to try and help her once she’s taken north of the border, so time is of the essence! It’s an all hands on deck type situation, especially to Angel. At one point, tensions are so high between Angel and Bishop that Angel slips and says that Adelita’s baby is his baby. He’s the father. It all makes sense to the whole crew now; why Angel was so desperate to be there every step of the way and not do lackey (prospect) jobs. The crew seems to be pretty happy for him and are even more determined to bring Adelita home.  

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The whole crew had managed to find the hideout and were camping out across the street. Potter and the mercs had planned to send decoy cars out of the safehouse in case they were being watched. Each car had a pregnant woman with a bag over their heads to conceal their identity.  This leads to a pretty brief mix up where they follow the wrong car for a while. Thankfully, EZ has that perfect memory of his and recalls there being one more car. The Mayans figure out the best route to head them off before they cross the border and off they go!  

An exciting car chase later, though, ends in a pretty heartbreaking situation for Angel. Adelita tells Angel to leave her behind; that her arrest is what’s best for everyone and for the Mexican communities Los Olvidados is helping. This woman is about to give birth any day now and she’s putting the good of others before herself, like damn. Angel, is obviously distraught. He loves Adelita and their unborn child. He’s gone through emotional hell and back for them, but ultimately, he does as Adelita says. The club leaves the scene and leaves Adelita behind for Potter and his officers to catch up to them.  

Where will they go from there? Who knows?  

This was definitely Clayton’s best episode! It’s been an absolute joy to see him bring this wonderful character to life! He perfectly showcased Angel’s angst and despair at his love and unborn child being in danger. Clayton does a marvelous job of showcasing so many different emotions in any given scene. His humor and raw emotion? Perfection. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for Angel Reyes, honestly.  

Some thoughts on the episode:

  • Seeing Adelita in the cage at the beginning of the episode through me into a fit of rage at this current administration. This show is so politically relevant.  

  • Angel’s in love with Adelita. Miguel’s in love with Adelita. I’m in love with Adelita.  

  • I absolutely adored the scene between the Reyes family on the back of Felipe’s truck. They still have so many issues to work out, but they are family first. Their love for each other is what makes them stronger. I’m rooting for this family unit!

  • So Emily knows about Felipe and Dita’s supposed history. She knows Felipe worked for Jose Galindo as Dita’s protection. This time she wants him to be Dita’s emotional protection. I honestly don’t care. I hope Dita dies by the season’s end.  

  • EZ is going to be an UNCLE. Is he pissed that Angel didn’t tell him? I mean, the rest of the MC, I understand and EZ probably does too, but what about him?

  • So where’s Leti? You know, Coco’s daughter? She was heavily featured last season, so where is she now?  

Sarah’s episode rating: 🐝🐝🐝🐝

Mayans MC airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on FX.

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