Good Trouble 1x06 “Imposter” Review

Good Trouble 1x06 “Imposter” Review

If you’re not watching Good Trouble by now, you’re seriously missing out.

Episode 6, “Imposter,” starts off with Mariana at a costume party thrown by Speckulate. Coworker Raj apologizes for a series of events we’ve yet to learn about, and the dynamic between the two characters seems strangely different.

Through our usual flashbacks, we get the whole story. Mariana is feeling particularly left out by her all-male team lately, and even her female work friend Casey doesn’t entertain her frustrations. Mariana perhaps feels like she has no one, so when Raj asks her to help out with some coding issues he’s having on their latest program, she invites him to work on it at her place.

What’s an innocent and professional invitation translates in Raj’s mind to an opportunity to make a move on Mariana. Raj comes over that night and after Mariana helps him with his code, in what may be the most cringey scene of the show thus far, he leans in for a kiss. Mariana is rightfully taken aback, and though Raj leaves promptly after, it doesn’t exactly fix what he did.

Meanwhile, Callie decides she must tell Judge Wilson about her living situation, given that she’s positive Ben knows about Malika and will try to take her down. Callie imagines herself getting taken off the case and then fired, but her knowledge of Judge Wilson’s son seems to save her. When she tells Ben that she’s still on the case, the disappointment and vengeance are palpable.

Callie goes to Jamie for advice on how to move forward, given that the Judge is hiding something bigger than she perhaps originally thought. Jamie says he’ll snoop a little bit and find out exactly what the juicy secret is. Callie and Jamie also help out Gael’s sister, who is transgender and wants to change her name. However, she has a felony and can’t afford to hire a lawyer. Through flashbacks, we also see that she has been discriminated against while at work.

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Though Jamie is happy to help, he leaves the loft with an important question for Callie: What is her relationship with Gael? Callie assures him they’re not exclusive, and the two share a kiss — which Gael sees. And let’s just say, he doesn’t look too pleased. Will Gael reconsider his promiscuous ways to pursue a relationship with Callie? Or is he too late? After all, Jamie has been giving Callie his undivided attention and offering to take her out to dinner, something that Gael has failed to do.

Things are also getting complicated in the loft for Davia and Dennis, who have a bit of a rift when he calls her out for sleeping with a married man. We later find out that Dennis cheated on his ex-wife and regrets it. Though Davia now understands why she shouldn’t be sleeping with a married man, despite how much she may dislike his wife, she still agrees to see him when he comes back to LA.

Meanwhile, at Speckulate, CEO Evan Speck stops by Mariana’s office to ask if she had fun at the party. Though awkward, Evan is warm to Mariana, something she isn’t used to, especially as of late. Evan leaves when their short conversation is interrupted by Raj, who attempts to apologize for trying to kiss Mariana, citing it as having misread the situation. Mariana tells him it’s okay, but changes her mind after a beat. In a powerful speech, she tells Raj that his actions were inappropriate, and that him kissing her after asking for help made it seem like he was lying about needing her at all. Thankfully, Raj says nothing in response and leaves. Mariana decides to create a female “fight club” for the women of Speckulate.

This episode does an amazing job at making intersectional voices heard. Jazmin, a trangender woman of color, and Mariana, a woman of color in a male-dominated field, both make it clear that they will not be victims. Jazmin, who has dealt with consistent discrimination in the workplace and elsewhere, shows the viewers (and her brother) why her inability to keep a job is about more than her being aggressive. She is standing up for herself, and Gael has the privilege as a cisgender man to not need to do that.

Similarly, Mariana emphasizes that if a man is nice to her, that doesn’t mean she will or should sleep with him. Furthermore, she has no interest in sucking face with her coworker, as this undermines her actual work.

Even Callie makes strides in this episode as a powerful woman who is able to keep her position at the law firm by being upfront and honest with the judge, and not cowering like Ben wants her to. Even though she is the newest clerk, she knows she has as much of a right to be there as Ben and Rebecca do. They’ve both had the privilege to attend ivy league schools, but Callie is just as smart as them.

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The entire show and this episode in particular highlight privilege beautifully. Mariana and Callie are two young women who have been through the foster care system and didn’t have a lot of economic resources growing up. They had to work two times as hard in many areas of their lives to get just as far as everyone around them. It’s amazing to see these two ladies provide some amazing representation for young women everywhere, especially the ones who can relate to their upbringings.

So where is this episode lacking? For starters, I’m already bored by the love triangle between Callie, Jamie and Gael. Maybe I’m in the minority here, but it feels obvious that Callie should be with Jamie, given he’s emotionally available. Sure, Gael and Callie have a great physical connection and have even had a few deep conversations here and there, but there’s no denying the fact that he just isn’t ready for a relationship. And maybe Callie isn’t either, seeing as she’s so busy with work, but she seems to want just a little bit more than Gael is giving.

I’m also getting  a little bit confused by Evan’s character. It feels as if his relationship with Mariana has been slowly building, but into what I’m not sure. Will he put her in charge of a big project or take on one of her ideas? I’m becoming impatient, and I’m not sure how to translate these small awkward exchanges between them.

Overall, I think the episode was extremely entertaining and shed light on issues that women face everyday perfectly. I particularly loved the line from Casey to Mariana, “Women don’t get to make mistakes.” I feel like so many women can relate to this. This kind of dialogue is what makes me such a huge fan of this show, and so excited to keep watching. The strong female characters really make Good Trouble what it is, and provide a super refreshing take on feminism. It really shows that the writer’s room is full of badass women.

Good Trouble airs Tuesdays on Freeform at 8/7c.

Jessica's episode rating: 🐝🐝🐝🐝

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