Good Trouble 1x07 “Swipe Right” Review

Good Trouble 1x07 “Swipe Right” Review

Is there such thing as “good trouble” after all? Episode 7, “Swipe Right”, proves the series is very aptly named as three of the Coterie women go on semi-blind dates with suitors they’ve picked out for each other.

The signature first flashback is of Mariana laying in bed the morning after a hookup. She reaches over the guy to get her phone off of his bedside table and accidentally wakes him. She leans in for a kiss and just then, his girlfriend walks in. Mariana scrambles out of bed and out of the house, adding a little pep in the step to her walk of shame.

We’re soon clued in that she, Davia and Alice have agreed to set each other up on dates using a dating app, and are all on said dates at the same bar — the bar Malika works at. We cycle through the three dates that all seem awful at first. Mariana’s date is a narcissist, Alice’s is just as overly polite as she is, and Davia’s buys his pants at Costco.

Meanwhile, Malika entertains her two friends at the bar, all while attempting to ignore a cute guy who she claims she swiped right on, but he swiped left. In real life though, he seems to like her, and continues to pursue her throughout the night. While Malika’s friends encourage her to talk to him, she’s stubborn and bitter that she’s suddenly good enough for him. Eventually though, after a lot of smooth talk about romantic comedies, the guy pulls a Love & Basketball move on her, which she totally can’t resist.

Back at the loft, Callie is worried that Gael is distracting her from moving up in her career. She needs to pass the Bar exam so that she can become a real lawyer, and knows that Gael needs to focus on his art as well. The two make a deal to steer clear of each other for the weekend — though that doesn’t go according to plan. The loft is only so small, and the two continue to run into each other. In between sexcapades, Callie takes practice tests. She isn’t able to focus on the task at hand though, and continuously receives failing scores. By the end of the night, she’s able to pass, but not without the realization that she must focus wholeheartedly on her career for the time being. Gael, still juggling between Callie and Bryan, seems conflicted when she expresses that she can no longer see him. While Callie doesn’t want a serious relationship though, Bryan very much does as is revealed through a flashback.

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Back at the bar, the girls’ dates take a turn for the better. Mariana’s is interrupted by a man who’s been eyeing her all night. She ditches her current date for him, not like the guy cares much. However, just as Mariana is getting to know her new fling, he gets a call from his girlfriend. Mariana is disappointed at first, but when the couple invites her back to their place, she goes along with it. A quiet evening of wine and conversation soon turns into a threesome.

Davia and Alice both bring their dates home, Alice far more interested in actually getting to know hers. The woman has invited her to bring her comedy skills to her radio show. And though Alice is still stuck up on her ex, Sumi, she really tries to focus on the woman in front of her. Unfortunately, Sumi shows up at her door explaining through tears that she and her fiance have gotten into a fight and the wedding has been called off. Alice is completely see-through when it comes to her feelings for her ex, so as much as she tries to divert her attention back to her date, it’s Sumi who ends up in her bed at the end of the night. Though the next morning, she’s getting back together with her fiance — much to a heartbroken Alice’s dismay.

Davia meanwhile uses her date to get revenge on her married boyfriend, who lied to her about not being able to make it to LA to see her. When she realizes he’s at a Lakers game with his friends, she makes sure to bring her date home and snap him a picture of them post-coitus. Whatever game he’s playing, she can play better.

The next morning, Mariana wakes up in bed next to one third of the previous night’s threesome, and not realizing there’s rules attached to a menage-a-trois, leans in to kiss the guy. Unfortunately, his girlfriend is not pleased that he’s kissing Mariana so privately, and Mariana is pretty much forcibly ejected from the situation. She doesn’t let it bother her too much though, as all it takes is a little reminder from Davia that a man would never be ashamed of having a threesome to get her feeling her confident self again.

So what actually came of all this action? Not much. Davia’s one night stand is bound to be a one night stand forever, as may be true for Alice as well given her unshakable feelings for her ex. And it’s not like Mariana will be running back to that couple for another threesome any time soon, now that she knows there’s so many strings attached. However, a serious relationship could be on the horizon for Malika. At least I hope so. God, do I hope so. I mean, this is probably the cutest, cheesiest character dynamic we’ve seen on the show thus far, and I’m so here for it.

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And then there’s Callie and Gael, who have been so back and forth when it comes to commitment since they first started hooking up. It seems like they’ve finally made a decision to focus on other aspects of their lives. And though this feels like a real, finite decision, it’s hard to tell with these two. For the sake of Callie’s future, I sure hope they stick to it.

But this still leaves her relationship with Jamie up in the air. He was absent from this episode, despite Gael asking about him, but he seemed in the last episode to want to pursue something real with Callie. So now that she’s focusing on passing the Bar, how will their relationship be affected? I hate to say it, but I don’t think Jamie will be willing to wait around for Callie while she figures things out, since he’s so gung-ho on being serious right now. Maybe he’ll surprise me, but I’m not hopeful for their relationship.

This episode was more fun than anything else, but it was full of women supporting women and some great one-liners, especially from Malika’s badass friends at the bar. These little scenes peppered throughout the episode exuded female empowerment. Seriously, I want more of these girls!

Though not much happened, I think some fun was needed in the midst of all the drama surrounding Callie and Mariana’s professional lives, and the personal lives of just about everyone in the Coterie. I’m sure the gang will get into plenty of trouble next episode, so we can just be relieved that this week’s trouble was good.

Good Trouble airs Tuesdays on Freeform at 8/7c.

Jessica’s episode rating: 🐝🐝🐝🐝

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