Good Trouble 1x08 “Byte Club” Review

Good Trouble 1x08 “Byte Club” Review

Good Trouble blessed us this week with another Adams-Foster family member cameo, this time from Jesus. Mariana’s twin brother stops by the loft and catches up on all the drama — or at least most of it.

During his stay, Jesus accompanies Mariana to work, where she’s busy trying to create a more women-friendly culture. Though her female fight club or, “Byte Club” as she’s named it, is awkward at first, it doesn’t take long for the women of Speckulate to realize that they need to help each other if they want to make waves.

Mariana is finally able to voice an idea during a meeting, thanks to various advice from other women in the club. However, she realizes this isn’t as big of a win as she originally thought when Jesus easily lands a contracting job building tiny houses for a man Dennis introduces him to once.

She decides to create an anonymous list of salaries of some of the women and men at the company in hopes that this will raise the issue of unequal pay for doing the same work. When she goes to Raj for help, it appears he may turn her in to Human Resources. But in a relieving turn of events, the head of HR, Angela, demands Mariana’s team to listen to her and include her in projects.

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Meanwhile, Callie and Rebecca bond over their similar experiences with sexual assault. Callie learns that Rebecca was assaulted by her previous judge, Judge Handelman, who now has a new female clerk. Callie worries for the woman’s safety and urges Rebecca to speak out about her experiences with the judge, but Rebecca knows that if she does, she will be ruining the reputation of her grandfather who knew what happened and got her a new position with Judge Wilson. Frustrated, Callie decides to tell Judge Wilson about Handelman in the hopes that she will prevent his new clerk from being assaulted like Rebecca was. Unfortunately, this is right before Rebecca asks Callie not to tell anyone.

It’s not all work no play though, as things get steamy for Callie this episode when she runs into Jamie at a networking event. Now that Gael and Bryan are officially exclusive, there’s nothing holding Callie back from Jamie. The two make out in a bar bathroom just before he’s interrupted to meet with a client. It’s a brief encounter, but promising nonetheless.

Jesus also gets some action while in LA — with Rebecca. The two hit it off without much conversation about their personal lives clearly, because she and Callie are both shocked to see each other in the loft, where Jesus was just hugging his siblings goodbye.

This is definitely going to get interesting.

It was so nice to see Noah Centineo in the role of Jesus for the first time since the Fosters ended last June. It’s clear that something has been missing from Mariana’s life, and although she has Callie, I think she needed her twin brother to make her feel better about her work drama — especially since he’s not in the same situation as her or Callie, just entering the corporate workforce after graduating from college.

It was also great to see Jesus bringing up his head injury that’s been affecting him since high school. It was a nice callback to the original show, but also helpful for the audience to see that Jesus is still the same person and still carries those same struggles he did years ago in the Fosters’ timeline. Jesus is able to relate to the challenges that Mariana is facing, reminding her that though he may be treated differently as a man in the professional world, he also wasn’t able to get an education like she and Callie were due to his injury, and this often makes him compare himself to his sisters.

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On another note, I’m so glad that Mariana’s “Byte Club” group is working full force now to make some positive and much needed change happen at Speckulate. Last episode, we took a break from the girls’ work lives. Now though, playtime is over for Mariana, and she’s ready to do what she must to ensure Speckulate treats all its employees equally. That way, she won’t be lying when she says she loves the culture there.

The way all the women at the company are supporting each other and giving each other ideas for how to deal with the sexism they face every day is so uplifting and I think it’s something any woman can watch and feel inspired by. This show isn’t messing around when it comes to female empowerment, and neither is Mariana.

Also, can I just say that I’m so excited for Callie and Jamie? Gael is officially committed to someone else which means Callie and Jamie can pursue each other (when they’re ready). Jamie understands Callie’s work life and her as a person in general, it seems like, and I can’t wait for them to hook up again. He may have been flirting with Rebecca at the bar, but it’s clear he only has eyes for Callie (something Gael can’t relate to).

The first season of Good Trouble is more than halfway over now, and I find myself both wanting all of the episodes now, and not wanting the season to end. Every storyline in this show is so juicy without overshining another one. How do they do it? I can’t wait to see what Mariana and Callie get up to next week, especially now that Rebecca has literally been inside the loft. There’s bound to be some secrets revealed, and we already know that the characters in this show have loose lips.

Good Trouble airs Tuesdays on Freeform at 8/7c.

Jessica’s episode rating: 🐝🐝🐝🐝

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