Good Trouble 1x10 “Re-Birthday” Review

Good Trouble 1x10 “Re-Birthday” Review

In Episode 10 of Good Trouble, it’s Davia’s birthday and she’ll cry if she wants to — and make some poor decisions. After all, that’s what your twenties are for, right?

In true Davia fashion, she plans a huge bash revolved around trivia questions about herself. Each answer is a location on a bar crawl, in which the Coterie squad and their mandatory plus ones are split into two teams competing for a mystery prize. Points can be won by getting to the location(s) first and by taking part in various mischievous activities.

Callie and Jamie are bummed to find that they’re not on the same team, and Bryan is equally upset to find that Gael is on Callie’s team. Though Gael has “chosen” him, he still seems threatened by his boyfriend’s past fling and present roommate.

Mariana’s plus one is Raj, who she now seems to have a friend in, despite their awkward encounter a few episodes back that inspired Mariana to create a female support group at work. Alice invites Sumi whom she also has an awkward past with, being that they’re exes, and Sumi still seems to be stringing her along.

Malika brings her boyfriend Isaac, while Davia forbids Dennis from bringing a plus one and also goes by herself, since her married fling Jeff seems to be ignoring her. Little does she know, Dennis told him off when he showed up at the loft looking for Davia.

With the announcing of the first trivia question, the gang is off ordering their cars from “Coche”, an Uber-eque service. When Mariana and Callie get into their team’s car, they find that their driver is none other than Brandon, their older brother. (Side note, shouldn’t your app tell you who your driver is?)

We later find out that Brandon is driving because his successful wife Eliza, Jamie’s sister, wants to support him while he writes music, but Brandon wants to make his own way. Additionally, Eliza is on the road a lot, leaving Brandon lonely and in need of some human interaction.

He confides in Dennis, who’s in the same boat with his own ex-wife. Their divorce has left him high and dry, and though she’s offered to help him out, he’d refused when his pride got in the way. Talking with Dennis seems to help Brandon realize that he has every right to want to make his own money, and he shouldn’t have to hide that from his wife.

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Meanwhile, there’s palpable tension between the love square that is Callie, Jamie, Gael and Bryan. At a gay bar, Davia announces that the players can earn points by kissing someone they’ve never kissed before. When Bryan kisses Callie, it visibly upsets both Jamie and Gael. Jamie confronts Callie asking what they are, and Callie doesn’t really have an answer for him. He tells her that if she wants to be friends with occasional benefits on her terms, he doesn’t want to play that game.

Bryan is upset because although Gael has “chosen him”, he knows that Callie broke up with Gael and is nervous that if she hadn’t, Gael wouldn’t be with him. In a sweet moment back at the loft, Gael promises his boyfriend that he’s with him for a reason and that he doesn’t regret anything that’s happened. Gael and Callie have also agreed to get to know each other as friends. (Yeah, right.)

Alice and her plus one also run into some drama when Sumi leads her on all night. Malika notices and immediately confronts Alice, reminding her that Joey, her blind date a few episodes back, is totally into her. Though Alice is afraid she may not be interested when she finds out Alice still isn’t out to her parents, she takes Malika’s advice and calls her, leaving her various voicemails explaining her situation. Unfortunately, Sumi overhears and seems hurt when Alice mentions she’s completely over her ex. Looks like there’s more drama on the horizon for these two.

When she’s not giving out relationship advice, Malika is forced to confront her own issues with intimacy. Though she’s in a new and drama-free relationship with Isaac, he wants to get to know her better and she’s a closed book. They turn Davia’s trivia themed party into their own game, and when Isaac wins, Malika has to answer a few personal questions. Though she hates talking about her family, letting Isaac in couldn’t have worked out better. It’s clear that this new relationship is built to last.

Mariana and Raj have a relatively fun night, even managing to steal the disco ball hanging from the ceiling at one of the clubs. Though they clearly make a great team, Mariana is leading Raj on big time, and her countless flirtations seem to leave Raj a little disappointed. Regardless, the two decide to give their coworkers something to talk about and post a picture on Instagram, using the ship name they’ve been given in the caption. It’s unclear if their relationship will go anywhere, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t ship them a little bit. For now though, they make great friends.

Davia’s party ends on a bit of a sour note when she texts Jeff and he immediately calls her, debunking her theory that he’s ignoring her and her birthday. She finds out that Dennis told him off, and when he admits that he punched Jeff and told him Davia deserves better, Davia retaliates by telling Dennis he needs to respect himself too.

The episode ends with everyone sending important texts and making important posts, with Callie asking Jamie for a second chance on his terms, and Dennis telling his wife he does want some money out of their divorce settlement. Meanwhile, Davia is hooking up with Jeff, and just as it strikes midnight and her birthday comes to a close, she realizes she can’t keep pursuing a relationship that’s going nowhere year after year. But in  a turn of events, Jeff reveals that he’s leaving his wife. DUN-DUN-DUN.

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This episode was like all the standout episodes of Good Trouble — packed full with drama. Even Brandon’s cameo was based on relationship troubles with his wife Eliza. It’s almost difficult to keep up with everyone and their plus ones and all the will they/won’t they relationships. Even those who aren’t dating their dates get into their own drama. And of course, alcohol doesn’t exactly help that situation.

So, we have a lot of relationships to dissect. Let’s start with the love square/rectangle/rhombus: Callie, Gael, Jamie and Bryan. For majority of the episode, it was difficult to tell if Gael and Bryan would be together by the end of the night. Going into their conversation back at the loft, I honestly assumed they’d break up and Gael would go straight to Callie and back to their old ways. But the writers know better than to give the audience what they expect. So even though Callie and Jamie hit a bump at the bar, it seems like they’re back on track.

Brandon was also thrown into the mix, and having had a relationship with Callie, I wasn’t sure what kind of role he’d play. But it seems like the Good Trouble creators aren’t ones for fan service, and Brandon and Callie might be a sunken ship at this point. Of course, there’s no telling what will happen in the future, and with his relationship with his wife seemingly on the rocks, anything could happen.

Now onto Mariana and Raj. I was so sure, probably along with every other viewer, that their possible relationship was over before it began when Raj got majorly rejected by her and understandably told off for attempting to kiss his coworker. But Mariana’s flirting is hard to ignore, and Raj’s pining is even harder. This could go one of two ways: either they’ll become an item and confirm their asshole coworkers’ speculations, or Raj will cross the line again and drama will ensue, especially given that he’s helping her out with an anonymous scheme at work. Let’s be real, it’ll probably be the latter. This is exactly why as much as I like Raj, I’m not committed to loving him yet. Like all the other men Mariana works with, he just can’t be trusted.

Meanwhile there’s Alice and Sumi, whose drama is getting old real quick. At this point, I get it. Alice is being strung along by her ex while helping to plan her wedding. It’s been 10 episodes of this though, and I’m ready to see Alice in  a relationship, hopefully with Joey. It felt like they’d get together after Alice was a guest on her show, so this step backwards has me a bit confused and frustrated. Sumi hasn’t developed as a character at all, sans her negative reaction to Alice’s declaration that she’s over her to Joey’s voicemail box, and even Alice seems to be stuck in place. I’d love to see an episode more focused on her getting her sh*t together, and that includes finding some real comedy work and dropping Sumi altogether.

Speaking of dropping people, I can’t be the only one who hopes Davia kicks Jeff to the curb and gets with Dennis. It’s clear that these two care about each other. Their chemistry has been visible since their duet on the roof. So though I won’t be surprised if Davia entertains Jeff for a little bit longer, I really hope she drops the zero and gets with the hero.

The relationship drama in this episode was so entertaining to watch, just like always. It’s nice that Good Trouble provides a balance between the work drama and the relationship drama, never focusing too heavily on one or the other. These characters are juggling their love lives with their professional lives, and proving that both are equally as difficult and equally as important to maintain. I’m hoping that in the near future, we get back to Mariana’s anonymous list and its repercussions, and back to Callie’s trial troubles.

Although they are the true stars of the show, it’s refreshing to get to know the other Coterie members and their diverse stories. In the end, this is what keeps me coming back for more. Minor character development issues aside, everyone in the Coterie has something about them that has me wanting to see what good trouble they get into.

Good Trouble airs Tuesdays on Freeform at 8/7c.

Jessica’s episode rating: 🐝🐝🐝.5

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