American Gods 2x03 “Muninn” Review

American Gods 2x03 “Muninn” Review

What an episode! Quite a bit happened this episode and I’m left only a little confused. We were finally introduced to Sam Blackcrow and New Media! Laura and Sweeney went their separate ways. Mr. Wednesday is both astounding and confusing as all hell. Shadow finally found a human connection.  

In the last episode, the train that Shadow, Laura, and Mad Sweeney were on had collided with Wednesday’s car. This episode picks up right where we left off. Laura is literally in pieces with Wednesday and Sweeney carrying pieces of her to the car. She refuses to leave unless they find Shadow, who is severely beaten and is feeling pretty disoriented after being tortured by Mr. Town. Mr. Wednesday spouts something about Shadow having to find his own way to where they’re going as opposed to, you know, just taking him themselves. I didn’t really understand this part. I can’t stand seeing Shadow Moon in pain and being left behind. It makes no sense for them to leave Shadow. I suppose Wednesday always has a reason for doing the things he does.  

My daughter, Sam Blackcrow (Devery Jacobs), has finally graced us with her presence. She’s the only human that Shadow has been able to make a connection with since this whole journey began and I think it’s a very important thing to remember. It started off with Shadow feeling all beat up and stumbles his way into a gas station and tries to work his charms into not paying a cent for anything. Sam adds to the scam in exchange for free gas for herself. From there, she offers him a ride. It’s refreshing to see Shadow interacting with another human. Although, it’s quite amusing that he actually has to ask her if she’s human.  


Mr. Wednesday and Mad Sweeney have taken Laura to see Mr. Ibis (Demore Barnes) in order to get sewn back together. Ibis gives Laura’s body about a week until even stitches won’t even keep her decaying body together. Desperate to keep her together, Wednesday and Sweeney both convince her to go with them. Mr. Wednesday is going to track down Argos, an all-seeing god, who could be the key to “recharging” Laura’s corpse. (I say just let her rot.) Meanwhile, Sweeney is looking to go to New Orleans.  

Well, Laura actually parts ways with Mad Sweeney. Despite her hatred for Mr. Wednesday, she agrees to follow him. While Laura and Sweeney are antagonistic in a funny way, I’d say that Laura is quite petulant in her antagonism with Wednesday. She honestly sounds like an annoying, bratty teenager with all her “You don’t know mes”. Mr. Wednesday is a difficult god. He does things the roundabout way. However, he’s been around a long time. He can get the job done. I think it’d do Laura well to remember that, especially if she doesn’t want to fall apart quite so easily.  

Anyways, in order to catch up with Argos, Mr. Wednesday and Laura have to travel to the past and revisit all the old Argos’? Argos in his former forms? Each exit requires a sacrifice. Each past form they visit, we get kind of the same back-and-forth between these two. Mr. Wednesday and his “Shadow doesn’t love this Laura, he loves the old Laura” and Laura and her “You might know my story, but you don’t know me.” While Mr. Wednesday is actually quite entertaining, all I hear are the parents of the Peanut Gallery from Charlie Brown whenever Laura opens her mouth.  

Media also returns as New Media (Kahyun Kim)! New Media is an upgrade. Where Media was all the old stars, New Media is very up-to-date with pop culture. I’m kind of loving all the emoji faces and bright colors. She’s spunky and she’s got flair. Her presence also seems to be a bother to Technical Boy, who, as you recall, has been tasked to retrieve her. As New Media puts it, New Media and Technical Boy are a bit “redundant”, but that doesn’t make me love them any less.  

So Technical Boy and New Media are trying to break away from Mr. World. They go to Argos because of his connections. That would be the very same Argos that Mr. Wednesday and Laura are looking for. The scene that happens next is definitely the weirdest thing I have ever seen in my life, but I couldn’t look away. Basically, this ugly, blind, pasty Argos has these technical tentacles. They are what keep him connected to the world and how he sees everything. Technical Boy isn’t having much luck at trying to get Argos to sever ties with Mr. World and join them, but New Media changes that. She starts fondling a tentacle and then a tentacle connects with, uh, her vagina. There’s no other way to say it. It appears to be technical tentacle quasi-sex. This scene certainly blows the human-eating vagina out of the waters on the weirdness scale for me.  

wednesday laura argos.jpg

While New Media and Argos are...having relations, Mr. Wednesday and Laura have finally caught up. Mr. Wednesday informs Laura that if she kills Argos, she’ll be able to absorb Argos’ power and it’ll recharge her body for a bit. They have another back-and-forth on whether or not she should actually trust him, but can she afford to not trust him at this point? Laura sneaks into the room where Argos, New Media, and Technical Boy are. Tech Boy sees her and knows what she’s about to do, but he doesn’t stop her. Laura kills Argos. Technical Boy asks if that was Mr. Wednesday’s play. If Mr. World finds out, he’ll probably say Mr. Wednesday beat them there or something. He’ll probably play ignorant. It is a war, afterall.  

After Laura recharges, Mr. Wednesday leaves her behind. He refuses to have Laura come with him. Thank goodness for that. Mr. Wednesday winds up back at the funeral home where Mr. Ibis resides. Sam’s truck pulls up and that’s where Sam and Shadow part ways, at least for now. Shadow’s had enough of being left behind. He wants answers and Mr. Wednesday continues to refuse to give him any. Wednesday does give Shadow an out: If he wakes up tomorrow still feeling all beat up and awful, he can take the car and leave, if he so chooses.  

I have a feeling that Shadow’s journey with Mr. Wednesday ain’t done yet.   

Some thoughts on the episode:

  • I would probably kill for Sam Blackcrow.

  • I would also die for her.  

  • I actually like New Media a lot more than Media so far. I can tell the relationship between New Media and Technical Boy is going to be something like Laura and Mad Sweeney and I’m here for it.  

  • Sweeney’s luck is certainly something, isn’t it? Has me in stitches each episode!  

  • If Laura could just listen for once, that’d be pretty great.  

  • Sam + Shadow = Bros for Life

  • Hope Sweeney has fun with that bus full of radical Christians!  

American Gods airs on Sundays at 8/7c on Starz.

Sarah’s episode rating: 🐝🐝🐝🐝

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