'The 100' Season 6 Trailer Analysis

'The 100' Season 6 Trailer Analysis

Wow! It’s not often I finish a trailer and have that word tumbling off of my lips, but it seems as if (at least judging by the trailer) The 100 may have actually done what they promised to do and given us a fresh start as we enter into Book II (beginning with Season 6). One of my favorite things to do with any new information this show gives us is overanalyze (as I’m sure most of you The 100 fans can relate to) so read on below for a (pretty much) shot for shot break down of the trailer and some speculation I have for what’s happening.


The opening, with Monty’s voice giving our group the introduction to the planet, might have hit me straight in the feels and I won’t be held accountable for the fact that my eyes watered a bit. The shot of the two suns fading into the initial group that Bellamy and Clarke chose to wake up on Eligius is stunning. I’m excited to see who they’ve chosen (Abby, Zeke (Shaw), Raven, Emori, Murphy and Echo) as the new “Adventure Squad,” to quote Bob Morley (from a Conaggedon 2019 panel). It seems like a good mix of personalities and skills.

There’s a shot of the small exploratory ship flying across the new sky with a mountain range behind them, and even though I know we’re still in Vancouver (The 100’s principal shooting location), the visual is breathtaking:

unnamed (12).png

This note is about two different shots in the trailer. We see Clarke, off right of frame watching a group of people walk away from her, with a voiceover of Bellamy saying “You called me every day for six years, but you left me to die in the fighting pits”, and I admit to some interest in the fact that within Clarke’s line of sight is a literal crossroads. Is that meant to be there or is it just a happy accident? As filmmaking is a very clever craft, I’m inclined to believe it’s option A.

unnamed (13).png

Next, we see Bellamy. It appears as if he’s a part of the group walking away from Clarke, turning to look behind him. Is it possible that the symbolism of the crossroads applies to both Bellamy and Clarke this season? With the theme of the season being “Face Your Demons” I can’t help but wonder what that may bring for both.


There’s still some tension between Raven and Clarke and, although the fandom might not be too happy with me saying this, Raven’s line “Every time that you do something horrible, you say you’re sorry and then you do it again!” rings true. If Clarke is to face her demons, that means she must begin to hold herself accountable for the things that she does. Not every action can be wiped away with an apology — and the people you’re apologizing to aren’t obligated to forgive you — although I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Raven does.


Our first glimpse of Octavia, or rather several glimpses, don’t bode well for the former Red Queen. It appears as if everyone has turned against her and it’s nothing more than she deserves after her abominable behavior in Season 5. She’s alone and bathed in darkness every time we see her in the trailer, proving a stark contrast to the otherwise bright environment we see surrounding our heroes. Is that darkness reflective of Octavia’s own inner struggle or does she not get out of the Eligius ship much this season? The little smile on her face after the screencap below makes me think that one person who might be all too happy fighting her inner demons is going to be the Girl Who Lived Under the Floor.


“Salvation comes from faith and good works,” Zeke (Miles) intones over images of Clarke and Abby hugging before Clarke apparently boards a ship to go…somewhere — perhaps to the ground, following up with “You haven’t done anything yet.” I believe a lot of people think that he’s speaking to Clarke, but I’m not quite sold. Remember me saying that Octavia seems very lonely this season? Perhaps Zeke’s line is for her. Lord knows she’s got a lot of growing to do.

I find myself intrigued by the colors in the next shot. The 100 has always been a dark show, both in themes and in overall lighting so one of the things I was most hopeful for on a planet with not one, but two suns was vibrant colors and they have certainly delivered on that. I’m intrigued by the bright colors of the fields, and the design, the palatial home atop the mountain (and the smaller ones surrounding it), the clever triangular lakes and then the vast emptiness that appears to exist outside of the circle. Nothing is ever as it seems with this show, so I can’t wait for the dark secrets to begin creeping up out of these almost hippie like commune.

unnamed (14).png

When we got our first glimpse of this set (from a BTS picture) there was wild speculation that perhaps there would be a dance and it looks like the fandom got it right on that score, although perhaps it’s not quite the ball some imagined it would be. Clarke looks amazing in this dark blue dress — and maybe it’s the bisexual in me, but I’m living for the purple and blue lights in the background as she steps into a scene that reminds me forcefully of the party being held in the Ark when its inhabitants realized a second apocalypse was nigh.


I’m certain there are drugs involved in this party (convince me otherwise), but even if there aren’t Clarke getting the opportunity to have some down time is one of the things I’m most excited about in this season. She’s gone through — and done — a lot to survive, maybe it’s time she actually gets to reap a few of the rewards of life before she’sonce again forced to make some hard decisions.

Artist Clarke is back (although she never really left) but this time, we get to see her painting with — you guessed it — color!!! All of Clarke’s other drawings have been down in simple sketch with pencil or some other black instrument — because those were the only things available, but Clarke having a great time in a room filled with artwork I assume is her own as she dances before a self portrait is perhaps one of the best things about this entire trailer.


I know fandom jokes often about the writers of our favorite shows lurking on Tumblr and Twitter and checking out ideas, but these floating lanterns definitely seem to be a piece ripped right out of a fandom favorite reference: Tangled. There have been lots of comparisons to the film and a certain relationship (that of Bellamy and Clarke) and these lanterns seem to be a small (albeit likely accidental) nod to the fandom at large. I grabbed this shot, however, because it also seems as if we’re getting some inspiration from Wakanda? As the lanterns head up, they bump into an obvious force field, which I suspect is generated by the glowing poles we can see in the background of the Bellamy still above. It makes me wonder just what the people inside the dome are protecting themselves from? Is it the radiation from the binary stars, or is there something more ominous lurking in the woods?


The kids grow up so fast on this show! It seems like just yesterday we were being introduced to new fan favorite Jordan Jasper Green (Shannon Kook) and here he is already out partying it up like a grown-up! To be fair, he’s admittedly 25 (I believe) and physical closeness is perhaps something he’d crave after a lifetime of his parents as his only human interaction.


Seems like everyone on this planet is having a good time, as Jordan’s still above is followed by several shots of couples having a great time, including a pair I don’t recognize. Upon first glimpse it’d be easy to assume this was Clarke and a new character, but neither of these faces are familiar and I wonder at their inclusion in this trailer when they have no other dialogue.

unnamed (15).png

Perhaps, at this point, you all are tired of my “analysis” of characters in romantic situations. But this last one I’ve been waiting for since we first received Zeke’s character description! Raven deserves any bit of happiness she can snatch and to see her happy and cared for in the manner that she deserves with a man who admires, appreciates and matches her intelligence and her need for speed is thrilling for me!

unnamed (16).png

As Clarke speaks of needing a fresh start, we see her standing alone, with the oddly Seussical building behind her. I believe this shot is a continuation of the scene where she stares out onto the crossroads. Does it perhaps mean that Clarke’s fresh start comes with the loss of the friends she’s just found again? Either way — this show is the last bit of “idyllic alien world spa retreat” that we’re treated to in this trailer.


We’re thrown from this into an aerial shot of Clarke running — from or to what is a mystery, but we’re immediately shifted again to a scene of Bellamy looking…not quite right:


Something’s up with this new planet and we found out quickly what it is: “Eclipse-Induced Psychosis”. With a theme of facing your demons, it’s not hard for me to imagine that that’s exactly what our group is going to be doing. As the two suns cross each other, I imagine we’re going to see our group having their fair share of hallucinations (a common symptom of psychosis). The problem is, I suspect, that they’re going to be reliving some of their past experiences as if they were currently happening.


This shot of Jackson stabbing Miller (as Clarke holds him) makes me believe that the hallucinations they experience are going to have actual real-world repercussions. It’s easy to think the psychosis simply makes them fly into a rage, but I’m inclined to believe that they are attacking each other because they believe their friends to be past enemies, whether that be Grounders, Mountain Men or other remembered horrors.

It looks like a certain archer is up to her old tricks as well, and the staging of this shot is so similar to the staging of Echo lining up to shoot Octavia during the Season 3 Conclave that I believe it adds more credence to my idea that the “demons” they’re fighting are going to be ripped right from their own memories. Of course we’ve also heard a lot about the potential for Echo’s backstory this season, so perhaps that’s what we’re getting a glimpse of in the still below.


OK, I love animals — it’s a thing for me, I even work with them for a living — but this many eyed, human-tooth having, drill tongue-possessing snake thing that appears to be getting ready to take a bite out of either Madi or Clarke (this observation is based solely on the fact that veins are black and not blue — although it’s possible that the residents of a binary star system might also have nightblood, especially as it’s the reason Becca initially created the formula) is too much.

unnamed (17).png

There’s a rumor that the movie Annihilation is a heavy influence on this season, so this green shimmery blob, which appears to be producing a human being of some sort, isn’t a surprise to me. Although I am curious as to its origin:


One of the things I’ve been the most excited about in this new season is the introduction of motorcycles (I theorized we’d get them after seeing that Lindsey Morgan was taking lessons) so their inclusion in this trailer — with Clarke appearing to ride one herself — is sending me!!!! I am more than ready to see what types of amazing stunts we’re going to see our faves pull of this season while riding around on, well not Harley’s, but…a pretty fast ride.

unnamed (18).png

Speaking of radiation (we weren’t but let’s pretend we were). The next shot makes me believe that my initial theory that the Wakandan Force Field is being used to keep out the radiation is correct. It also makes me doubt whether anyone else on this planet has nightblood. If they did would there be a need for the radiation proofing at all? Also, hello weird Children of the Corn.

Just when you thought you’d left the Grounders on Earth, it appears they’ve managed to follow us onto a new planet. Although I have no doubt that the group garbed remarkably like the Grounders of yore are simply a faction of the settlers of the new planet who didn’t like the way things were going for them and left. Their fully covered bodies make me believe they live outside of the Wakandan Force Field and thus have created their own radiation suits.

unnamed (19).png

Well…she looks a bit familiar? Not just because we’ve seen her in an earlier portion of the trailer. Although the blonde below is not our Clarke, she certainly has similar coloring, heck she even has the same facial structure. It’s a bit alarming, given that two pieces of work cited as references for this season, The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell and Annihilation both feature doppelgängers and aggressive mimicry. Are we going to see doubles of our familiar faces this year? And how will that affect our group?


I have no idea who this guy is, but he appears to be being chased by at least one familiar face? The person behind him with longer black hair reminds me a lot of Octavia. And, although I believe we’re meant to see the people who live in the wooded areas as villains, something tells me it’s the more civilized group we’re going to be need to pay attention to:


There are several scenes of what appear to be people preparing for battle (a task not unfamiliar to our main characters) before we happen upon a scene of J.R. Bourne’s as yet unnamed character, speaking to someone who appears to have hair very similar to Clarke’s (short and blonde — keep your eyes peeled, it’s not the last time in the trailer this happens):

unnamed (20).png

He tells that person: “They will burn this world down, just like their last one.” Not soon after we have a scene of Clarke saying, “We can change.” There’s an idea that Clarke is speaking to J.R., but I don’t believe so, the pronouns are wrong. It doesn’t make sense for J.R. to tell Clarke “They will burn this world down” when she’s a part of the “they” (if he were speaking to Clarke the terminology would be “You or you all (or something similar) will burn this world down”, nor would it make sense for Clarke to respond with “we”. I think this is a misdirect and I believe that J.R. is speaking to Clarke’s doppelgänger.

Again — a reference to The Sparrow is incoming — in the book there are two distinct species, the Runa and the Jana’ata. The Runa are a peaceful group and when the humans who travel to the new planet from Earth first meet them, they introduce them to several human ideas (including agriculture). The Jana’ata also appear to be peaceful initially (although they have planned city and order), but — after the introduction of human agriculture to the Runa causes a baby boom, the Jana’ata are revealed as the villains they are: The Jana’ata breed the Runa to satisfy themselves. The Runa have an absence of rights and freedom but don’t seem aware of this because the Jana’ata are master manipulators. Ironically the Jana’ata are also huge on honor and justice and believe themselves to be saviors of the Runa. They are all about balance. They choose when the Runa can breed and how many offspring they are allowed in order to control the population and prevent an uprising. They use their ability to mimic the Runa to maintain this order.

Back to The 100: I expect that whatever this group of people are on the new planet, J.R. is planning to use a doppelgänger of Clarke to infiltrate the group and either get them to leave or cause other harm.  This next still is horrific and I apologize, but it clearly looks as if Clarke is fighting someone who looks a lot like her-or at least has the same haircut and as the blood that sprays out of the inflicted wound is red, we can guarantee whoever it is, at least the right Clarke is winning.


We’ve also got some “hot” choking action (blame the fandom, not me), where we witness Bellamy coming up behind J.R. and wrapping something around his throat as Murphy and Clarke watch on and although Murphy seems a bit concerned, Clarke doesn’t.


There’s also this very odd image of Clarke holding Madi’s head between her hands with black blood speckled on her face and arms before she drops her head casually. Is this Clarke’s doppelgänger at work or is the scene more innocent than it looks?


Another of my favorite moments in the trailer is the callback to the iconic moment Clarke realizes she’s in Mt. Weather in the Season 1 finale with a voiceover saying “If I could, I’d go back and do things differently, but I can’t. None of us can.” And I’m once again brought back to the theme of the season. If they’re facing their demons this season and that includes facing all the things that still haunt them from previous seasons (and we know the irradiation of Mt. Weather is huge for Clarke), is it possible that we’ll also get to see them make different choices? What actions might have been changed? What lives might have been saved? What words spoken? And — is Clarke going to be the only one taking the walk down memory lane or will we get to see the others go with her?


We see quite a few chains in this trailer, including Madi, Echo and Emori. I believe that, after their first experience with “Eclipse-Induced Psychosis” and the things it makes them do, our group get the idea to chain themselves down to prevent themselves from hurting each other again:


Madi’s been having visions of a Commander who scares her, thanks to the Flame, and it appears that she will have the opportunity to confront that Commander at some point, over a game of chess (didn’t know that was a thing Grounders knew how to play). It’s not a season of The 100 if there’s no torture, and this season it looks like poor Madi is getting the short end of the stick. It’s not surprising that the group on the new planet would be intrigued by the idea of the Flame and perhaps this is an attempt to remove it from her.


It looks like Octavia is still going to be battling herself (which makes sense) this season, perhaps working to overcome all of the harm she inflicted on herself and her people as the Red Queen. Sometimes you are your worst enemy.


The trailer ends with J.R. revealing the name of the new planet. It’s “Sanctum”, but something tells me that nothing about this place will prove to be a sanctuary for our battle-weary group.


The 100 returns to The CW Tuesday April 30th, 2019 at 9/8c after The Flash and I don’t know about you, but I’m excited. If you have some time feel free to write up your favorite parts of the trailer as well as any theories you may have in the comments below! Thanks for reading.

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