iZombie 5x05 "Death Moves Pretty Fast" Review

iZombie 5x05 "Death Moves Pretty Fast" Review

This week’s iZombie proved that the show is capable of juggling its varying tone as well as make some significant plot advancements, making it one of the strongest episodes of the final season so far.

Our victim this week is a wealthy high schooler, Harris, who moonlights as a radio DJ. Having more money than he knows what to do with, he throws an elaborate 80’s themed party at his house. An investment at Bitcoin paid him out so well that he happens to be neighbors with the most untouchable man in New Seattle, Blaine DeBeers. The noise from the party begins to interrupt Blaine’s wooing of Al, and so he threatens Harris. Just a few hours later, the door to Harris’ sauna is screwed shut with him inside, exposing him to severe hyperthermia.

While investigating the crime scene, Clive slips and throws out his back, leaving this case up to Liv and Ravi. “Liv’s an OG Zombie, and I once took a kickboxing class,” Ravi reassures him. Liv turns Harris’ brain into bite size dumplings, and the brain hits just as Ravi is expressing anxiety about Isobel’s obituary. It includes the bit about how Isobel’s brain produced a cure, and Ravi is worried the story is going to go viral. Liv is having none of his moping, and transforms into a goofy Ferris Bueller-ish high schooler.

When Liv and Ravi visit Blaine’s house and question him about Harris’ murder, Al overhears. “They just popped by to see if I committed a murder. We do this every few months,” Blaine shrugs. In order to follow up, Al pays a visit to them in the morgue. Liv rarely has any problems with leaving her leftovers on the counter, but this time, their guest sneaks a bite. Al is still investigating Blaine, and it’s obvious she’s hoping to spark a vision from Harris’ memory to get a scoop on him. She asks Liv and Ravi if Blaine was ever investigated for Mayor Baracus’ murder. When she leaves, Ravi and Liv point fingers at each other, telling each other that they had a hunch Blaine was behind the slaying. Ravi mentions that he’s sick of how Blaine basically has New Seattle in a chokehold. 10,000 zombies all rely on the brains that he smuggles, which gives him a pretty unfair monopoly. It doesn’t help that he’s also a dastardly villain who will never change. Ravi makes a good point that Blaine shouldn’t be above the law, even if he is necessary to the survival of the city.

Their investigation leads them to Harris’ girlfriend, Amy, and Amy’s ex, Jamie. The three were in a complicated zombie-human love triangle, and Harris purchased Amy a zombie cure off the black market so they could be together. When Liv and Ravi go to question the two of them about this, it appears that Jamie lost his memory. It strikes Ravi as odd. “One does not catch dementia. It’s not like a cold. And zombies don’t catch things anyway,” he says.

It turns out that our rebel human groups are getting more and more clever. Dolly Durkins and her crew have robbed graves of Alzheimer patients, and poisoned FG’s brain supply. Even Major is affected. During a meeting with French Inspector Enzo, his vision is blurred and he can barely string two sentences together. Enzo takes advantage of this, and sends water cannons to attack the humans who are barcading the brain supply. It just gives Fillmore Graves even more bad press, and more damage control for Major. Enzo is such a strange character to me. It’s never clear where his motivations lie, or even what’s in it for him. His loyalty to Chase Graves hasn’t gotten him anywhere, and has led him to create some nonsensical allies. When Major gets his senses back, he punishes Enzo for riling up tensions between New Seattle and Fillmore Graves, and sends him to The Box to be frozen. This reveals another problem — the traitor FG zombies who were recruited by Shady Zombie Man were discovered missing, along with 17 other frozen zombies. We still don’t know who he is or what his plan is, but we cut to a shot of a “full Romero zombie.” Is Shady Zombie Man curating an army of them?

How is Malcolm Goodwin such a incredible comedic actor, even when strapped to a backboard?

How is Malcolm Goodwin such a incredible comedic actor, even when strapped to a backboard?

The murder plot wraps up with a hilarious scene of Vampire Steve dressed as Harris to draw out the killer. It turns out to be Harris’ best friend, who was tired of being his sidekick. “I was supposed to be visiting colleges when the wall went up, but instead I’m stuck here,” he says. While the murder and the killer might have been inconsequential overall, Harris’ brain does give Liv a pretty crucial vision — Don E in disguise, delivering the black market cure to Harris and Amy. Lucky for Al, she has the same exact vision — and it gives her the link she needs to connect Blaine to Baracus.

Al confronts Peyton, asking her to comment on a few “housekeeping” issues. She brings up the events of Meet Cute, cites other crimes, and questions their former sexual relationship. “I can’t believe you fell for his whole thing. You couldn’t see through it?” she says to Peyton. Okay Al, very fair question. One we were all asking ourselves a few seasons ago. It was a dark time. But that’s hardly helpful now! Al’s profile of Blaine is explosive, and comes at bad timing. Peyton was about to take a trip to DC to advocate on New Seattle’s behalf, and a story like this makes things a little difficult to defend. I’m not sure how Blaine is going to salvage his reputation, or if Peyton can spin this in front of the politicians she’s meeting with.

Another story going viral? AP picked up the Freylich Syndrome story. Liv walks in on a tearful Ravi who worries that all the Freylich victims are in danger of being targeted, now that everyone is aware of the gold mine in their brains. We see Blaine get distracted from his own profile to click on a news alert about the story — will he try to shoehorn his way into the team to help Ravi create a legitimate cure?

Final thoughts:

  • This episode had so many understated one-liners that had me chuckling the whole episode

  • Having Liv FaceTime Clive in order for her to “break the fourth wall” was such a clever way to directly address the camera without completely throwing out the structure of the show. Also, I loved when Clive was loopy on pain medicine and decided to join in the interrogation.

  • “Anyway, you complete me. See you later.” I love how close Ravi and Major have grown over these last five seasons.

  • Without a doubt, Vampire Steve is the MVP of this episode.

  • “Vive Chase Graves.” “Whatever.” Same, Major.

  • I love it when Ravi shows his soft side! It’s clear that Isobel’s life and death really had an impact on him, and I’m glad to see the ways they are carrying it over into this season.

Haley’s episode rating: 🐝🐝🐝🐝

iZombie airs Thursdays at 9/8c on the CW.

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