Top 5 Moments of 'American Gods' Season 2

Top 5 Moments of 'American Gods' Season 2

In light of the Season 2 DVD release of American Gods on August 20th and the cast and crew gearing up to start filming Season 3, I decided to revisit some of the best and most memorable moments of the season! Season 2 introduced us to new characters, as well as saying goodbye to others. The season has its ups and downs, but we were left with some pretty quality content overall.  

This article contains spoilers for Season 2 of American Gods.

In no particular order: 

New Media Tentacle Sex???


You read that right  It’s the one scene that has been burned into my memory and no amount of scrubbing will get rid of it. Last season’s stand-out sex scene was the infamous Bilquis man-eating vagina scene. This season’s definitely tops the weirdness scale. New Media, played by Kahyun Kim, and Technical Boy (Bruce Langley) went to Argos to find a way to leave Mr. World and make it on their own. There was fondling and...connecting of tentacles. It’s like New Media was trying to upload what he was seeing, in a way? Like the way you connect a USB to a computer.  Well, his USB was connected to her hard drive, for sure.  

Laura actually did something useful for once and killed him before I was further scarred for life.  

Sam Black Crow Cometh


We are FINALLY introduced to my little queer Sam Black Crow baby. Devery Jacobs brought one of my favorite fictional characters to life with Sam and I want to protect her at all costs. Sam walks into the gas station where a battered Shadow is trying to scam the cashier into giving him more money than what he went in with. She then brings Shadow further on his journey. The interactions between Sam and Shadow were super important because she’s literally only the second human Shadow interacts with, but the first that’s actually not involved with his new, messy life.  She’s his breath of fresh air. Devery and Ricky have some fantastic chemistry and I really hope she comes back for Season 3, even if it’s just one episode.  

Odinson? Odin’s Son.

Episode 6 of Season 2, “Donar The Great”, was where the audience learned a bit more about Wednesday’s past, especially his son, Donar.  Donar followed his father and did all that he had asked of him. When he had tried to do something for himself, like falling in love with a woman and wanting to leave their current life behind to be with each other, conflict had risen between the father and son duo. This episode, we learned that there’s one death a god can’t come back from and that is suicide, the ultimate sacrifice for a god. By then end of the episode, Odin and Donar are at odds and Donar is no longer able to leave with the woman he loves. He leaves his father and that life behind. He turns his back on his father and walks away. Wednesday informs Shadow, who he’s been telling this backstory to, that Donar had killed himself in 1942.    

Shadow, I am your father


Soooo…for those of you that haven’t read the book, this season set up the fact that Wednesday is Shadow’s father. In Episode 2, we got some EXCELLENT Shadow Moon backstory. We saw a young Shadow and his mother move to a new city. She has told Shadow his whole life that his father is not in the picture because he’s dead and she refuses to tell him more than that. When Shadow’s mother gets sick, we see Shadow waiting for her in a waiting room and a mysterious man comes up to Shadow and offers him a gold coin and a trick. We never see his face. Shadow continues to learn coin tricks and other slights of hand.  

It’s in the season finale that Shadow manages to put pieces of the puzzle together and learns that Odin is his father. It’s while Shadow is trying to hide from the cops that he discovers he has powers. He sees his life flash before his eyes and that’s how he manages to come to the conclusion that Odin is his dad and, in my opinion, quite a shitty one.  



Episode 7 of this season was my absolute favorite because Pablo Schrieber absolutely knocked it out of the park! We got so much Mad Sweeney backstory that made you feel ALL THE FEELS for the lonely leprechaun. He was a king once and he had a beautiful young family once. It all came tumbling down for him and other fae folk when Christianity took root.  

At the beginning of Episode 7, Sweeney tells Shadow that there will be a death at the funeral home that night and to not stop it. Sweeney is there to kill Wednesday because he’s completely fed up with being his little errand boy. Shadow also believes that Wednesday will be the death at the house. By the end of the episode, Sweeney and Shadow are brawling. Shadow is doing everything he can to keep Wednesday and his spear safe, because that’s his job. Sweeney confesses to Shadow, as a plea to see reason almost, that he’s the reason Laura is dead (or undead, rather). Wednesday needed Laura out of Shadow’s life and he tasked Sweeney for the job. He also informs Shadow that he had sex with her when they went to New Orleans.  This just lights a whole new fire under Shadow. Sweeney ends up taking the spear to the heart by Shadow’s own hand.  

One of my favorite bittersweet Mad Sweeney moments happened just before he succumbed to his death. He gave a final “fuck you” to Wednesday by taking Odin’s spear and making it vanish. Wednesday needs that spear for the big battle between the old gods and the new gods, so good on Sweeney, honestly. Wednesday is a right jackass who deserves to have a tough time for a bit.  

When all is said and done, there were some fantastic moments this season!  Please comment below with your favorite moments!

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