Mayans MC 2x02 “Xaman-Ek” Review

Mayans MC 2x02 “Xaman-Ek” Review

Episode 2, “Xaman-Ek”, gave us all the quality Reyes Brothers content we could ever desire. These boys are working through their drama and it’s everything I want for them!

The episode continues from where we left off with them in the season premiere. EZ had just informed Angel that Happy Lowman is the man who killed their mother. This is absolute dangerous territory for these brothers, seeing as how the Mayans MC and SAMCRO have a friendly alliance. EZ isn’t going to let this go and Angel will stand by his brother. The plan is to leave town under the guise of EZ needing to work out some parole paperwork in Stockton. EZ tells Bishop he wants to use the trip to work things out with Angel, so Bishop allows the little field trip. Meanwhile, what the brothers are ACTUALLY going to be doing is hopefully talking things through with Happy. If they act out any sort of revenge, that would put the friendship between the two  MCs in jeopardy, but if they don’t the Reyes brothers will continue to be in anguish over their mother’s murder. 

 Before Angel and EZ leave town, Angel stops in to see Adelita, who is in hiding with the MC on the northern side of the border. The rest of Los Olvidados is on the southern side of the border, along with the mercenaries who want to see that whole organization die out. Angel has never been softer than when he interacts with Adelita and their unborn baby. There’s a sweet back and forth about the gender and Angel is rubbing Adelita’s belly (P.S. Carla Baratta was actually pregnant during the filming of this season! She gave birth to a beautiful baby boy not too long ago! Congrats, Carla!). Angel wants to be able to tell his family that he’s about to have a kid, but Adelita wants to keep it on the down-low, until they’re all safe. If this is really because Angel isn’t the father, I’ll be SO PISSED. 


Los Olvidados is getting ready to move locations. The MC is across the border to help. Turns out Mini, the little girl Adelita is the closest to, runs away. This is the longest they’ve ever been apart and, after the events of the last episode regarding Mini, she feels guilty. She’s on the run on the southern side of the border and she has the club and the mercenaries looking for her. It’s through this search that the mercenaries begin to suspect that the MC maybe isn’t loyal to the “deal” struck between Galindo and Lincoln Potter. This invites more eyes onto the club. In the end, Mini ends up finding the club. She seems to be particularly fond of Coco.  

Taking a break from the MC, we catch up with the Galindo family. Emily and Miguel are trying to be more present for Dita. With Emily trying to pull in a deal with the Santo Padre mayor for Miguel’s legit business, things get messy. Miguel was in the waiting room at Dita’s plastic surgeon’s office when he receives a distressed call from Emily. Miguel leaves Nestor behind to wait for Dita, while Miguel is off to problem solve. Well, when Dita’s appointment is over, she isn’t too pleased that her own family isn’t waiting for; that Miguel left AGAIN. She takes off through the back door. 

She finds her way to Felipe Reyes’ butcher shop. As Jose Galindo’s wife, she knows who Felipe once was. He used to be Ignacio. He’s no longer that person. These two clearly have a history, but what kind of history? Felipe was very much in love with his wife, so was Dita an older flame? We know he worked with the elder Galindo and was in his inner circle. Emily confirms, once Felipe brings Dita home to the Galindo compound, that Dita doesn’t know about Emily’s history with EZ. This is a mystery I’m going to need to learn more about sooner rather than later. 


I’m also really curious to know what brought about this sudden change in Dita. What happened in that 8 month time jump that would cause her to act completely different? She was poised and present. Now, her family treats her like an invalid and she has these horrifying burn marks covering the back of her body. She wears a wig to hide the scars. Once the wig is on, she’s essentially playing a part; as if nothing is wrong, except everything is wrong and the audience isn’t getting the whole story. How long are they going to make us wait on this one?

Getting back to those Reyes boys, EZ and Angel run into these two white biker gang posers, who try to act all tough. Their cuts say “Swole Boys”, so...yeah. That’s all you need to know to judge them. All it takes is Angel pulling his gun on them to get them to back off and leave them alone. The brothers continue with their little road trip and decide to stop at an arcade to kill some time. This is the wholesome bonding brotherly content I had been waiting for. Angel, being the big brother, is an exceedingly classy winner over his little brother. In this roadside arcade, they don’t have a care in the world.

Naturally, something has to disrupt that peace. The camera focuses on this skinny white girl who had been eyeing them the whole time. She gets on the phone and you just KNOW she’s snitching about their whereabouts to somebody. A whole hoard of those “Swole Boys” show up and surround them. It’s 2 against 20. I like the Reyes brothers’ odds though, especially because Angel and EZ grab the golf clubs they had been playing with and start whooping ass. It’s when Angel and EZ get to their bikes, that Angel fires warning shots from his gun and they get away. 

They make it to the Mayans charter in Northern California by dark. They’re greeted by friends and also some white scumbag racists, spouting Trump bullshit you hear all over the news these days. The charter ignores them and encourages EZ to do the same. They’re visiting friends and are there to have a good time. The racists leave for the time being, but we see them committing a terribly gross, lude act with a young woman. In fact, it’s definitely sexual assault. One of the Mayans goes to pee and stumbles upon them. One of the racists has a gun and shoots at the Mayan, killing him.  They run off as the Mayans get to the scene and find their fallen comrade. The episode ends with the club fleeing the scene, as the cops will, no doubt, arrive shortly, and the Reyes brothers presenting as a united front. 

I’m beyond thrilled that EZ and Angel got to spend some time together and are currently building bridges, but that was almost too easy? I know Angel wants a better relationship for the sake of his unborn child and I know EZ wants a better relationship because Angel and Felipe are all he has, besides the club, and he needs them. I just know there has to be more drama right around the corner for these two, but honestly? I’ll take it because this episode was just so fun to watch.   


Some thoughts on the episode:



  • Angel was just SO SOFT in that scene with Adelita. If Angel isn’t that baby’s father, I WILL RIOT.

  • I loved the subtle dig Angel (the writers/producers) gave to SoA fanatics about how just because you watch a tv show, ride a motorcycle, and wear a vest doesn’t make you part of a motorcycle club.

  • I love how politically relevant this show is. 

  • I’m kind of bored with the Dita/Miguel/Emily storyline. I’m hoping we get answers soon and can move forward from there.

Sarah’s Episode Rating: 🐝🐝🐝🐝

Mayans MC airs on Tuesdays at 10/9c on FX.

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