Mayans MC 2x03 “Camazotz” Review

Mayans MC 2x03 “Camazotz” Review

The Mayans have all come together in Northern Cali to avenge the killing of their brother in the last episode. As you’ll recall, a Mayan by the name of Medina was killed when he walked in on those two racist detectives partaking in illegal substances while also filming a drug-addicted young woman who was being forced to perform oral sex on one of them. The cops were spooked and one of them shot at Medina, killing him instantly. Bishop wants the Stockton charter to hold off on acting out. He, instead, wants his Santo Padre chapter to take the lead on this one. 

Hope, the unfortunate drug addict, was able to get the cop’s phone in the aftermath. She brought it to the club. The club is going to use the phone to draw the responsible cop out from wherever it is he’s hiding and get their revenge. Hope is to be their bait. The cops know she has the phone, but they don’t know the club has her. The plan is for Hope to message the cop and bring them to a different location, but things don’t go to plan when the partner of the intended cop shows up, instead. They take the fight to cop’s mother’s house, which leads to Coco shooting the cop’s mother for nearly choking Hope to death, and then the whole club has the cop dangling from a tree and proceeds to shoot firing-squad-style until he’s well past dead.      


We catch up with Mini, who appears to be having trouble sleeping. She wakes up to the sound of a woman moaning and groaning. This little girl thinks it could be Adelita in pain and goes to investigate. She’s in for a huge shock when it’s actually a man performing oral sex on a prostitute. Adelita and Mini are currently staying in a brothel that’s protected by Alvarez and the club, so, yeah. Lock those doors, people! There are little eyes and ears hanging around the place. Anyways, the man ends up making an unfavorable remark once he sees the scars on Mini’s face. Adelita steps in and makes the man apologize to Mini. 

Poor little Mini is definitely dealing with a lot emotionally this season. Her facial scars make her feel like an “other”, when all she wants to feel is beautiful like Adelita. This leads to a tender scene between Alvarez and Mini. Marcus tells Mini that her scars are her story, essentially. He has scars of his own; they all do. Mini’s scars don’t make her a mouse, they make her a lion. She is fierce, like Marcus and Adelita, and others should be intimidated by her because of her power. Marcus is like a wise grandfather figure here and I love this for them. 

Emily is determined to get to the bottom of the Agra Park bid. The mayor’s “betrayal” of having the bidding open to more than the Galindos is fresh. To get more intel, Emily wants to help out an old family friend. In the end, she believes they’ll be helping each other. But what she’s really doing is giving money for intel. Just last week Emily wanted Miguel to keep the shady business out of their legitimate business, but if Emily is the one doing the shady business, it’s okay? I see how it is. 


Potter makes a return to the Galindo estate and collects Miguel for a four hour trip on the southern side of the border.  What he shows Miguel is that he knows Adelita and her influence is as strong as ever. Potter also shows him a young Mexican politician that is gaining support from the farming community. Potter wants Miguel to “bloody her up”, not just dirty her up and make her unfavorable to the people who are following her. 

Before leaving, Miguel and Emily had just had a little spat over Emily wanting to give her old friend money in exchange for information. When Dita tried to get her grandson, whom Emily had been holding, out of the situation, Emily snapped at her and told her not to touch her baby. Cristobal is her grandson. This leaves me to wonder if whatever happened to Dita in the time jump, involved Cristobal as well. Anyways, Dita encloses herself in her room and calls Felipe. This encounter leads to use finding out that there was, in fact, a love affair between Dita and Felipe and this opens up all kinds of doors now. 

I am over love triangles, as you all know. However, they seem inevitable in fiction. Dita and Ignacio, as Felipe was once called, had an affair when Dita’s relationship with Jose Galindo was fizzling out. This could end up showing that Miguel maybe isn’t a Galindo. He could be Angel and EZ’s older half-brother. We don’t know when exactly this all happened and when trying to figure out the timeline, my brain is getting all confused. I need Kurt Sutter and Elgin James to give me a direct timeline. 

It’s time that we start learning about what happened during that eight month time jump. I know we’re only three episodes into the season, but we’re flying blind! We need more information! We need to know who the father of Adelita’s child is. (If it isn’t Angel, I will RAGE.) We need to know about Dita and potentially Cristobal, apparently. There’s just so much information missing and we need those flashbacks in order to understand and move forward.  

When justice is settled, club-style, Angel reminds Bishop that Angel and EZ still have business in Stockton and they’ll remain up there for another day or two. At the end of the episode, we’re taken to Happy’s house. His dog is going nuts inside. When Happy turns the lights on, our favorite Reyes brothers are there, having waited for him. Next week we’ll FINALLY see the face-off between Happy and the Reyes brothers. 

 Some thoughts on the episode:

  • I think it’s time we got Mini and Adelita out of the brothel. 

  • Grandpa Marcus Alvarez is my favorite Marcus Alvarez. 

  • Coco’s “my bad” keeps this show light in some of its darkest moments and I appreciate that. 

  • I’m definitely not feeling the storyline of Dita and Felipe having had an affair. 

  • Happy named his dog after Opie! *Cue myself crying to sleep.*

Sarah’s episode rating: 3bees

Mayans MC airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on FX.

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