Mayans MC 2x01 “Xbalanque” Review

Mayans MC 2x01 “Xbalanque” Review

The Season 2 premiere of Mayans MC rolled right in with grandeur and intrigue. We were able to briefly catch up with a solid majority of our favorite characters and were introduced to the curious dramas that may befall them this season. There seems to be about five different aspects that will be part of the main focus. 

The Mayans, Galindo Cartel, and Los Olvidados are all working together, as per Miguel Galindo and Adelita’s (Louisa Espina) deal to keep the Galindo cartel the number one cartel in Mexico, while also funneling the money earned back into the communities. The Mayans were brought in as advisors on this deal, as well as muscle. However, Lincoln Potter thinks Galindo is working with him to take Los Olvidados down. In fact, Potter is working with mercenaries to take down each and every hideout and ally they can find that “belongs” to the Rebels. According to Potter, it’s going well and they are almost at the final mission. 

The Mayans accompany the mercenaries on this final mission that turns out to be a total fraud because they plant phones and Rebel propaganda to mislead the mercenaries into thinking these people are actually part of Los Olvidados. Who are these people that are actually being killed? I do not have the answer to that. Casualties of war. It’s when one of Adelita’s kids in the group, Mini, gets snatched by one of the mercenaries, that things start to diverge from the plans the MC had. This child faces torture and most definitely death, even if she talks to them about Adelita and the Rebels. 

Well, these big bad biker dudes aren’t going to let that happen. They barge in, guns ablaze, killing all the mercenaries. EZ has the final kill and it’s with a brutal strangulation after the mercenary was about to kill El Padrino, Marcus Alvarez. Mini is saved. Alvarez is saved. They had no casualties.  Los Olvidados lives another day. 

Reyes Family Discourse

EZ Reyes.jpg

We left off with major tensions between EZ and Angel Reyes. Angel, always the odd child out, had felt that their father, Felipe, had always chosen EZ over him and, in this instance, he most definitely did. You see, EZ had always been the golden child. He has the brains to do just about anything. With his record currently expunged by Lincoln Potter, the world is still his oyster. The deal EZ had made with federal agents is what ultimately broke Angel’s heart last season. Angel made the decision to kill Jimenez for Potter so EZ can really leave that life behind and make something for himself. 

Just because Angel had EZ’s best interest at heart, doesn’t mean that a) EZ took what his big brother was offering and b) Angel isn’t still pissed at EZ. The tension is palpable and it has absolutely no place in the MC and their business. By the end of the episode, Bishop forces EZ to talk to Angel and work it out because the vote to patch EZ into the club is coming up and the vote of all the members has to be unanimous. We know Angel doesn’t want EZ in the club. It’s up to EZ to fix things with his brother, so off he goes to find a solution to their mess.  

The solution comes in the form of EZ going to Angel with the identity of the person who killed their mother. I’m guessing he’s hoping that they’ll be able to bring their mother’s murderer to justice (in their own way) together.    

Galindo Family Discourse 

Emily Galindo.jpg

When we’re reunited with our Galindo family, Miguel and Emily appear to be happy. Emily’s been brought into more of the business side of the family. However, it seems Miguel is still keeping some things from her, in regards as to what happens on the south side of the border. While they clearly love each other, there is still tension between them. Something is plaguing Dita, Miguel’s mother. She just seems like an entirely different woman than she was last season. Miguel’s not around too much, so it seems Emily is the one that has to take care of Dita. Dita isn’t happy that Miguel isn’t home with Cristobal and she’s not happy that Emily has taken to being a working mom, instead of devoting her whole life to being a mother. 

Dita makes a comment to Emily while waiting to be taken to an appointment that she feels she’s getting worse. At the end of the episode, Dita takes off a wig and undresses. She is completely covered in burns. Makes me think it could have been from Miguel. He was quite pissed at being lied to last season, but does he have it in him to hurt his own mother? 

Angelita…and Miguel? 

Soooo...Adelita is pregnant, on the verge of giving birth. According to Miguel, she hasn’t told anyone who the father is yet. When Season 1 concluded, Angel and Adelita’s feelings for each other were pretty apparent, but they weren’t actively together. There weren’t any grand declarations of love and devotion. I know the scenes between Angel and Adelita were pretty fire last season, but so were her scenes with Miguel. However, I’m hoping and praying that they didn’t do the do. Adelita cares for Angel. I don’t think Angel could take another heartbreak. 

Unless he’s not heartbroken?  What happened in that time jump?

Happy Happy Not So Joy Joy


Happy Lowman is still hanging around. Turns out, the Sons of Anarchy crew is still dealing guns. Chucky even asks Happy why they’re still in the gun trade, even after Jax wanted them out. All Happy can say is that it’s taking longer than they thought and that “there’s a lot at stake”. Okay.  Whatever THAT means. The start of Season 1 takes place 3 years after the death of Jax Teller. Season 2 starts at least 8 months after THAT, so how much longer is it going to take, Hap? 

While bringing guns to the Mayans, Felipe comes around looking for EZ, to give him a message and not use his phone. However, EZ’s not there, but that gives Happy enough time to recognize him and inquire as to who he is. You see, we know EZ knows that Happy killed his mom. Now Happy knows that not only did he kill the mother of one Mayan, but TWO Mayans. He knows he’s in deep shit now. 

Some thoughts on the episode:

  • I’m still Team Get EZ Away From The Club Life. 

  • I’m hoping and praying that Angel is Adelita’s baby daddy. There’s a supposed love triangle between Miguel, Emily, and EZ. We don’t need another between Miguel, Adelita, and Angel. I get it, Miguel is a desired man, but stop making drama where it absolutely isn’t necessary. 

  • I absolutely adored the shared smiles between Marcus and EZ after EZ saved Marcus’ life. 

  • Potter knows exactly who Felipe Reyes is and he continues to be just as unsettling as ever. 

  • There was a Chibs mention, SO THERE SHOULD BE A CHIBS CAMEO. I’D DIE.  

  • Happy has a paper trail in that mysterious trunk of his of a supposedly random hit from several years ago? That seems pretty sloppy of our guy.  

Mayans MC airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on FX

Sarah’s episode rating: 🐝🐝🐝🐝

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