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Fear of ‘Moonlighting’: The Consequences of Refusing to Commit

These are just a few examples of something that has become more common in recent years: the idea that love sells, just as well as anticipation does. People turn to TV for stories of hope and comfort, and would rather see themselves reflected in a relationship that is long-lasting and realistic than one with so many twists and turns that you lose sight of which way is up.

Here’s a message to all TV writers: yes, romantic tension is great — even essential — and can suck viewers into your story, but it has an expiry date. Your most passionate viewers will be borne from the potential of a relationship, but they are also the ones you risk turning against you should you waste that potential.

Heroes, Villains, and Humans on Season 5 of ‘The 100’

In many ways, Season 5 of The 100 feels like it’s taken a step back.

After the Season 4 finale launched us six years into the future, there was much excitement and speculation about the avenues this opened up for the show moving forward: There were new antagonists, returning from a deep space mining mission; an Earth ravaged by fire and radiation, aside from one small patch of green; and our main characters scattered, orbiting above the planet in what remained of the Ark, surviving above ground in the last remaining valley, or buried underground in a bunker that’s sealed shut by thousands of tons of rubble.

'The 100' Season 5 Throws it Back

Like most shows, The 100 isn’t exempt from having the occasional throwback to previous seasons. These references can be important for character growth, plot, or simply put in for nostalgia’s sake. The first five episodes of the fifth season of The 100 offer more than a few references to previous seasons, especially the first. A few are subtle and perhaps coincidental, but I’m convinced that certain parallels are anything but.

From Page to Screen, from Child to Adult

Where had Netflix gone wrong? What about this remake of a series I had loved as a kid made it, frankly, at times uncomfortable to watch? It took me until about halfway through the show’s second season, which was released worldwide on March 28, 2018, to realize that the problem possibly wasn’t with the adaptation, but with me.

See, I am no longer the child I was when I read these books, I am an adult; and thus, it is no longer the children I identify with, but the adults.

And the adults on this show are nothing to be proud of.

Life on Mars?

To quote the David Bowie song: “Is there life on Mars?”

As some of you are aware, I am an avid theorist when it comes to The 100. If you’ve followed me on Tumblr you’ve know it for years, and I’m slowly bringing some of those theories over to Twitter as well. I enjoy sitting down and trying to puzzle out exactly how The 100 will make all of it’s various moving pieces (and there are myriad) fit into the big reveal at the end of each season. One of the big questions that everyone seems to have this season is what exactly newcomer Shannon Kook’s character will bring to the table.

An Ode to the Strength of Black Women

What does it say then, that almost every person that T’challa chooses to surround himself with is a woman? More importantly, what does it say then, that these same women eventually save the day (and Wakanda)? T’challa may be the titular hero, but Black Panther does an excellent job of emphasizing a narrative that has been consistent for centuries: that Black women are often the unspoken, unsung heroes.

6 Times The 100 Left Us Reeling

It has been nearly eight months since fans of The CW’s post-apocalyptic drama The 100 were left in emotional turmoil after the twist ending to the show’s fourth season. Last week, the network announced that the show won’t be returning to air its fifth season until April 24, 2018, making this The 100’s longest hiatus to date and undeniably the most painful one for fans to suffer through.