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Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x22 “Jake & Amy” Review

“Life is unpredictable. Not everything is in our control. But as long as we’re with the right people, we can handle anything.”

Spoken first by Amy to Jake at their wedding, and later by Holt to the squad, this sentiment perfectly encapsulates what this show is about (as well as being general good advice for real life). Every crazy thing the squad has gone through, they’ve gotten through together.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x21 "White Whale" Review

With Jake and Amy’s wedding now only a week away, there’s still a 3” binder full of tasks for them to complete — but Jake is on his own to get them all done in time, since Rosa and Amy’s arch nemesis, a criminal named Sergio Mindar who disappeared on them seven years ago, has finally resurfaced. While Amy and Rosa hunt their White Whale down, Jake enlists Terry’s help with his wedding tasks and Holt’s own rival, Olivia Crawford, informs him that they’ve both fallen behind in the race for commissioner and need to team up to take down the frontrunner.