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Heroes, Villains, and Humans on Season 5 of ‘The 100’

In many ways, Season 5 of The 100 feels like it’s taken a step back.

After the Season 4 finale launched us six years into the future, there was much excitement and speculation about the avenues this opened up for the show moving forward: There were new antagonists, returning from a deep space mining mission; an Earth ravaged by fire and radiation, aside from one small patch of green; and our main characters scattered, orbiting above the planet in what remained of the Ark, surviving above ground in the last remaining valley, or buried underground in a bunker that’s sealed shut by thousands of tons of rubble.

Bellamy and Clarke: A Bond that Transcends

In the hollowed-out heart of the last remaining fragment of the spaceship he grew up on, Bellamy Blake sucks oxygen into his battered lungs, wraps his hand around a bottle of liquor that has long been empty, looks down at the firestained Earth, and thinks of the girl who died down there so that he could live, up here.

15 Things We’re Excited For in ‘The 100’ Season 5

It's been nearly 11 months since the Season 4 finale of The 100 aired, leaving fans of the show waiting in anticipation to see what would happen next. Throughout hiatus, and especially over the last couple of weeks, promotional material has been dropped in the form of conventions, interviews, trailers, promotional images, and screeners, giving us a better idea of what to expect out of the new season. 

With only 5 days remaining until the Season 5 premiere, here are 15 things we're most excited for.