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iZombie 4x13 "And He Shall Be A Good Man" Review

Liv, Major, and Peyton all sit on the seats of power in New Seattle. Between the main human smuggler, the head of the militia, and the acting mayor, they are going to have some serious weight to throw around in Washington. It seems like next season will focus on stabilizing New Seattle while going toe to toe with the U.S. Army. We know that the CW has given iZombie a fifth and final season, and I’m excited to see the adventures of Liv and co wrap up in what is sure to be a fantastic finale!

iZombie 4x12 "You've Got to Hide Your Liv Away" Review

Still reeling from the death of Isobel, Liv and Ravi receive another dose of bad news from Levon: Fillmore Graves will execute the coyote Curtis Lim unless Renegade turns herself in. Ravi and Levon make Liv promise she won’t turn herself in (the way Ravi said “You are too valuable to me, to the city, and to the people who love you” was an unexpectedly sweet moment) but it’s Major who, after hearing the news from a Fillmore Graves soldier, understands that Liv won’t be able to not turn herself in.

The 10 Best Brains on 'iZombie'

One of the things that sets iZombie apart from both other zombie shows and other crime shows is having Liv (and the other zombies) take on the personalities of the brains she eats. As well as adding levity to the show and giving Rose McIver, who plays Liv Moore, the chance to show her acting chops, the brains are often used—especially in Season 1—to teach Liv something about herself. In anticipation of the Season 4 premiere, we decided to compile a list of some of our favorite brains and personalities from the first three seasons of the show!