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5 Hopes for Raven Reyes in Season 5 of 'The 100'

I started watching The 100 in 2014, and was immediately captivated by the unpredictable plot and the flawed characters. I have loved Raven Reyes since her first scene in 1x02; I was enamored by her strength, intelligence, and quick wit. She has gone through so many trials and tribulations and has always overcome them. In the dawn before Season 5, I have several hopes for her character in the season to come.  

A Celebration of Female Characters

In celebration of International Women’s Day, the team at Truth Bee Told compiled a list of some of our favourite female characters to grace our pages and screens. The women on this list (which is by no means exhaustive, as we limited it to five picks per person) are smart, strong, vulnerable, capable, emotional, caring, determined, nerdy, and full of heart; and each and every one of them are inspirations in their own way.