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How Streaming Platforms Have Changed the World of TV

Moving to Amazon is the best thing that could happen to The in terms of quality. Amazon is going to throw money at the production of this show, so expect Season 4 to look even better, if that’s possible! Don’t get me wrong, Syfy does an amazing job with the budget and limitations it has for its shows; I can’t wait for Wynonna Earp to come back, for one. At the same time, I feel that networks have got to get with the times and change up the way they do things or they will be left in the dust by all the streaming platforms, with unlimited budgets and risk taking. But the good news is it looks like they are finally learning.

We live in what’s been coined as “The golden age of TV.” And this season of saves is proof as to what makes this such a true statement.

Don't Give Up On Syfy, Guys

I saw the same thing happen when news of The Expanse’s cancellation came out. There was the usual disappointment, sadness, and mourning I’ve come to expect. But there was also a stream of people swearing off Syfy entirely for the infraction, which brings me to the entire point of writing this up:

Don’t give up on Syfy, guys.