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'The 100' Season 5 Throws it Back

Like most shows, The 100 isn’t exempt from having the occasional throwback to previous seasons. These references can be important for character growth, plot, or simply put in for nostalgia’s sake. The first five episodes of the fifth season of The 100 offer more than a few references to previous seasons, especially the first. A few are subtle and perhaps coincidental, but I’m convinced that certain parallels are anything but.

Life on Mars?

To quote the David Bowie song: “Is there life on Mars?”

As some of you are aware, I am an avid theorist when it comes to The 100. If you’ve followed me on Tumblr you’ve know it for years, and I’m slowly bringing some of those theories over to Twitter as well. I enjoy sitting down and trying to puzzle out exactly how The 100 will make all of it’s various moving pieces (and there are myriad) fit into the big reveal at the end of each season. One of the big questions that everyone seems to have this season is what exactly newcomer Shannon Kook’s character will bring to the table.

The 100 5x05 “Shifting Sands” Review

“Shifting sands” is a phrase used to emphasize the frequently changing nature of something that makes it difficult to understand or contend with. Although this episode features literal shifting sand in the form of sandstorms that happen to be full of shards of glass (nice!), it’s also full of metaphorical shifting sands in terms of characters and relationships.

Interview: Composer Tree Adams Discusses Writing Music for 'The 100'

“For the most part, we’re in this dark, post-apocalyptic brain of Jason Rothenberg.”

That’s how composer Tree Adams describes working on The 100. Since the first moments of Season 3, where we got the initial taste of Adams’ work, his music has become an integral part of the show. We at TBT Media had the chance to interview the composer recently, discussing everything from his composing process to Octavia’s musical evolution to teasers for the upcoming episode, “Shifting Sands.”

Bellamy and Clarke: A Bond that Transcends

In the hollowed-out heart of the last remaining fragment of the spaceship he grew up on, Bellamy Blake sucks oxygen into his battered lungs, wraps his hand around a bottle of liquor that has long been empty, looks down at the firestained Earth, and thinks of the girl who died down there so that he could live, up here.

Thelonious Jaha: The Leader and The Giver

I, like many, had an inkling of an idea that Thelonious Jaha was likely going to die in Season 5 of The 100, thanks to some not very vague tweets from his actor, Isaiah Washington, during the beginning stages of filming, but I still wasn’t prepared to lose him tonight. Jaha has been a very polarizing character for the past five seasons; most people seem to avidly hate him, but I’ve always been a fan and this episode, his final, cemented all the reasons why.