Meet the Team


Sam Makowski


Sam Makowski is a published author, avid writer, and world traveler from Calgary, Canada. Not only does she enjoy writing, she also enjoys analyzing the writing of others, whether it be movies, books, or TV shows. In particular, she loves deconstructing themes, characters, and story arcs as well as speculating about what's to come.

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April Morris


April Morris is a TV watcher, blog owner, black woman, and mom in the metro-Detroit area. She blogs about her favourite shows and movies and tries to make people aware of media's real-world affect. She's captivated by the way we use media to showcase our ever-evolving views and how we interact with the world, the future of our culture, and strong storytelling. She's also pretty good at using the internet.

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Gina Houp


Gina Houp is from the sweet, sunshiny hills of Knoxville, Tennessee. She grew up loving stories in every form, from Star Wars to fairytales. Now 29, sci-fi and indie movies are her particular favourites, and over the last 10 years she's come to love TV shows as much as or more than movies. Character development and spiritual symbolism are her kryptonite.

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Michaela Martin


Michaela Martin spent the first 10 years of her life in Papua New Guinea, the next 10 in Arizona, and recently moved to New York. She's been writing ever since she learned how and loves talking about her favourite shows, especially when it comes to disability representation. When she's not binge-watching shows or writing, she also enjoys creating art, especially fan art!

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Alyssa Harmon

Owner/Editor in Chief

Alyssa Harmon currently lives in Connecticut, having recently graduated with a Master's Degree in political science from Suffolk University in Boston. When not contemplating our imminent doom at the hands of a president who shall not be named, she enjoys a number of television shows, from The X Files to The Bold Type and anything in between. Her taste in films is equally as varied, with the Harry Potter Series and Les Miserables being two of her favorites. Her extra time is spent reading and traveling, and also waiting in line for coffee because that is essentially 75% of being an adult. 


Nicki Murphy


Nicki Murphy, an Australian expat living in London, spends her time waiting for The 100 to air 6 months later in the UK and absolutely does not pirate it because that would be Bad and Illegal. When Not dodging spoilers like she's in the Matrix (she assumes that's what they do in the Matrix, she hasn't actually watched it) she enjoys watching documentaries on how the food we eat is killing us, attending pop culture conventions, and navigating her web of twitter handles.